Top 10 Best Dual Showerheads for 2020

best dual shower head

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Showering is an important part of everyone’s day, whether you jump in and get wet in the morning before work or later in the day after everything else is done. However, having the ideal dual showerhead can make a huge difference in the shower. Installing a dual showerhead can offer a lot more flexibility than sticking with a single showerhead.

If you tend to shower with an infant or toddler or you enjoy a shower with a partner, having two showerheads makes everything a touch easier. The handheld head will also make it simpler to maneuver the showerhead to reach certain parts of the body. This can also be helpful when you are washing up your favorite furry friend.

With dual showerheads, you get a greater amount of coverage and can spray lots of water to cut down on the length of your showers. This can save you time when you need to get out of the house courtesy of the high flow rate and water pressure.

The only wrinkle in the plan of getting a 2in1 showerhead is that there are tons of them on the market and choosing one can be challenging. That’s why we wanted to share the best of the best and what sets them apart from the other options on the market. We’ll share their special features so you can make a decision about whether they are appropriate for your needs.

We’ll also look at what things to consider when choosing a dual showerhead. This will help you choose a showerhead, even if the ones listed here don’t meet your needs.

Best Dual Shower Head for 2020

 NameSpray OptionsSize 
Delta Faucet In2ition Dual Hand Held Showerhead 58467-SS45 x 7 x 5 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Moen 26112 Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead66 x 7 x 13.6 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Delta 75588RB In2ition Dual Hand Held Rain Showerhead57.4 x 7 x 13.9 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Moen 26100SRN Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead65.6 x 3.8 x 9.5 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
American Standard 9035254.002 Spectra+ Duo Showerhead410.6 x 9.5 x 3.6 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Ana Bath High-Pressure Large Spray Dual Combo Showerhead57.8 x 6.3 x 13.1 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Haoxin Double Showerhead with Showerhead Shut-Off Valve and Shower Arm511.8 x 8.9 x 5.3 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Delta Faucet HydroRain Rain Showerhead 58580-PK74 x 7.9 x 14 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Waterpik High-Pressure Hand-Held Wand and Rain Showerhead Combo67 x 7 x 12 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Kohler Artifacts Showerhead with Handheld Combo K-76472-CP15 x 6 x 25.4 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Delta Faucet In2ition Dual Hand Held Showerhead 58467-SS

The Delta Faucet In2ition 58467-SS is a two-in-one shower combination that offers a three-way diverter. Essentially, that means there is a rain shower with an embedded hand shower for versatility purposes. You can right use the handheld showerhead, the rain shower head, or use both if you need them at the same time. It has all the features you could want, which warrants its placing on our list.

This showerhead offers five different functions including slow massage, regular massage, fast massage, full-body spray, and full spray with massage. It also has a high flow rate at 2.5 GPM so you can be sure you get clean quickly and efficiently when using the device.

Another great feature with this showerhead is the pause feature, which can be used to reduce the water flow while you soap up or shampoo your hair. The water continues to flow but at a lower rate, so you conserve water when it matters the most. It also has rubber spray holes so you can easily clean off lime and calcium build up after a shower.

Installation of this showerhead is simple, and it comes with everything you need when you make a purchase. You get the showerhead but also have access to a 72-inch hose, a holder bracket, and a hand shower.


● Covered by the Delta limited lifetime finish and faucet warranty
● Offers the flexibility of a hand shower with several spray settings to choose from
● Features a pause function that can be used when soaping up or shampooing


● Fittings are made of an inexpensive and soft plastic

Moen 26112 Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead

The 26112 Engage Magnetix by Moan is a versatile showerhead with a design that looks great in the bathroom. It has a chrome or a nickel finish, depending on preference, that is very reflective for a mirror-like look that fits in anywhere. The design itself is fairly traditional for a handheld showerhead so it will look great even as time passes.

What sets this showerhead apart is that it has a magnetic base on the end. This means you can easily use the showerhead as a handheld device, or you can place it back into the base to use as a traditional showerhead instead. There’s no screwing needed since the magnet keeps everything safe and secure.

This showerhead has several different shower settings to choose from, so you get the versatility that you desire. The main setting is a wide spray that offers a combination of pressure and coverage for the potential to enjoy a quick and efficient shower. Those who prefer a massaging sensation will likely enjoy the narrow spray, which also cleans very well.

The hose with this showerhead is made of a kink-free metal that offers flexibility and reach. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry that the showerhead is going to fall apart after a few months of usage.


● Features a ton of different features at a reasonable price
● Lightweight yet durable and is simple to install to the shower
● Offers a total of six functions for a versatile showering experience


● Nickel chrome finished plastic doesn’t stand up well to wear and tear

Delta 75588RB In2ition Dual Hand Held Rain Showerhead

One of the issues with many showerheads is that while they offer convenience and superior cleaning power, they also tend to be large and bulky. This can be a great thing for someone with a large bathroom who wants to get clean quickly and easily, but it doesn’t always work well in a small shower where the showerhead is going to stand out.

Those looking for a space-saving option will find an In2ition shower head is a fantastic option. Whether you have a tiny shower or a large one, this showerhead has a sleek design and will integrate well into your bathroom. It can add a dose of style to the room and is practical for anyone who needs a shower.

This showerhead has a handheld portion that can snap into the main unit. That means both can be used at once if you want a rainfall shower, or you can separate the two for other purposes. Snapping the handheld in and out is simple and easy while the parts are durable enough that you don’t have to worry about breakage.

This showerhead is largely created for relaxation and massage. There are five spray settings with three of them being massage options. There is also a pause feature you can use while soaping up to save water.


● Offers multiple stylish finishes and a sleek 2in1 design
● Features a long handheld hose for extra convenience
● Has many different water massage settings and allows the use of both heads at once


● Hose couplings may not be as durable as the rest of the showerhead

Moen 26100SRN Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead

Whether you want a serious rinse for cleaning out your bathtub of you are looking for a relaxing rain shower after a long day at work, the Moen 26100SRN Engage is an excellent choice to fit your needs. The shower head offers six different settings so you can personalize your shower by simply pressing a button.

Another perk with this showerhead is that it has a magnetic docking system which makes it simple to reattach the head. The release is easy, and you can snap it right back into place once you are done. This makes the process easy and keeps the showerhead kept up when it isn’t in use, so the bathroom looks organized at all times.

With this showerhead, the system makes it dock facing forward at all times. This is a great feature since it prevents splashes happening outside of the shower. On top of that, the showerhead has a metal hose that won’t kink up, so you get extra flexibility and reach when using it.

The settings available on this showerhead include soothing massage, wide coverage mode, relaxing massage, downpour, massage, and rinse. That means you can get the application and intensity you want, even if that changes from one shower to the next.


● Comes in either a brushed nickel or chrome color that fits any bathroom
● Offers a magnetic base for easy detachment of the handheld showerhead
● Features several different shower settings for variety and flexibility


● May not offer the desired water pressure level for some individuals

American Standard 9035254.002 Spectra+ Duo Showerhead

This dual shower head from American Standard comes in two versions, one of which offers 1.8 gallons of water a minute and the other of which can output up to 2.5 gallons of water every minute. It has a two-in-one design with a hand shower and a wide showerhead for a combination option.

This device comes with an aqua toggle that makes it simple to changes out the spray you use for the hand showerhead. It also features a docking system that securely holds the showerhead using magnets when you aren’t showering. Another great feature is the divert paddle, which lets you switch between spray heads on the fly.

With four spray functions, there is sure to be one that meets your needs. Power wash offers a wide and powerful spray that is exceptional for cleaning the shower, while massage has a pulsating spray that is great for relaxation. Sensitive is a fine spray that is gentle and soft on the skin while drench is a soaking spray to cover the entire body.

This showerhead has a pressure compensating flow control device which means you get a consistent flow over a wide pressure range. Between this and the spray patterns, it’s sure to fit the needs of everyone in the house.


● Features a two-in-one design with a hand shower and showerhead combination
● Offers four-function showerhead with various spray patterns for different situations
● Comes with a secure dock that holds the showerhead with a magnet


● Mainly made of plastic components so may not last as long as desired

Ana Bath High-Pressure Large Spray Dual Combo Showerhead

Most of the time, a dual showerhead offers a better cleaning experience but at the expense of using a huge amount of water. Since many people prefer a high-pressure shower to feel clean, it can lead to high water bills, especially when using two showerheads instead of a single one.

Thankfully, this dual combo from Ana Bath is an exception to the rule. It has a flow rate 2.3 gallons a minute, which is lower than many other showerheads. That means you use less water even if you have both heads going at the highest intensity. This can mean a slight reduction to the pressure but not enough that it causes an issue.

Each of the heads is five inches, which means they work for both massage and rainfall settings. Each of them has five different options to be versatile and has a plastic faceplate to prevent the build-up of lime or calcium as you shower over and over. The other parts of the showerhead are made of polished stainless steel for lack of corrosion.

This is an easy to install shower hose so you shouldn’t need a plumber to handle it. It works on any standard shower arm and can be done on your own. It even comes with sealant tape so there’s no need to purchase that separately.


● Features anti-clog nozzles that are simple to clean of mineral deposits
● Offers a large and wide spray face along with an ergonomic handle for a spa experience
● Includes five different spray patterns and a brass ballpoint for durability


● Made of mainly plastic so may not be as long-lasting as other models on the market

Haoxin Double Showerhead with Showerhead Shut-Off Valve and Shower Arm

This double showerhead with a shut-off valve and shower arm can hold up to two showerheads in a fixed position. You can choose to have both showerheads running at the exact same time or you can use them one at a time. This is a great choice for couples who shower together or someone who likes a double dose of moisture when showering.

This is an angle adjustable showerhead that offers five different functions. That means you can choose the option that best fits your needs every time you step into the shower. Not only that, but the showerhead is made of engineering-grade ABS for longevity and quality. It also has simple cleaning nozzles, so you don’t need to spend ages on maintenance.

The oil-rubbed bronze finish on the showerhead makes it look elegant in any environment. It has a retro style that may appeal to those who aren’t huge fans of a modern look. The shower also offers a rainfall spa experience that is super relaxing and may make you want to stay in the shower for ages.

The package you get when ordering this showerhead comes with a double outlet manifold, showerhead, shut off valves, a shower arm, pipe tape, and flange. That gives you everything you will need to get the new showerhead installed and ready to go.


● Features five settings for your preferred shower experience each time
● Composed of engineering-grade brass for both longevity and quality
● Offers an oil-rubbed bronze finish for a tasteful, retro style to fit any bathroom


● Some may not like the fixed nature of both showerheads with this option

Delta Faucet HydroRain Rain Showerhead 58580-PK

This showerhead from Delta offers a two-in-one rain can and showerhead combination option. The dual showerhead lets you use an ultrawide, pivoting showerhead on its own or use it with the fixed showerhead when needed. The head also has a drenching rainfall choice when using both heads together with a powerful spray.

There are seven different shower settings to choose from when showering using this showerhead. The rain can offers a rain spray as well as a pause setting, full-body spray, shampoo rinsing spray, massaging spray, and a full body spray with massage. Those who prefer can use the fixed head on its own or with the rain can for more water at one time.

Each of the Delta showerheads has a selection of Touch-Clean spray holes for easy cleaning. These holes make it easy to wipe off and clean lime and calcium build-up using a fingertip. There is no real need to use a chemical cleanser or soaking. That means less maintenance is required to keep things nice and clean.

Another perk of this showerhead is that it comes with a lifetime limited warranty so you can have peace of mind that the showerhead will work well for years to come. This is a great thing to have for an inexpensive and high-quality showerhead.


● Offers a two-in-one showerhead with ultrawide rain shower
● Includes a total of seven shower sprays ranging from massage to rinse and body spray
● Easy to clean spray holes are easy and quick to clean up in moments


● Spray pressure may drop quite a bit when using both showerheads at once

Waterpik High-Pressure Hand-Held Wand and Rain Showerhead Combo

This high-pressure wand and showerhead combination from Waterpik consists of a body wand as well as a rain shower head so you can nurture both your hair and body when taking a shower. The shower want is contoured for use to create healthy hair from the roots to the tips. It has a power comb spray that offers scalp massage, excellent rinsing, and relief from muscle tension.

This product has a six-inch rain showerhead and four different modes to choose from while in use. Two of the most popular are the pulsating shower massage mode and the soothing rainfall option. The size of the showerhead offers great coverage so you can get super clean without spending extra time in the shower.

The body wand has three different spray options that are built to be soothing as well as powerful. This helps promote health from head to toe during and after use. You can experience a spa experience without even leaving your home.

When it comes to installation, Waterpik makes it simple for anyone. The device installs easily onto any standard shower arm in only a few minutes. It also comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


● Features a rain shower head along with a handheld shower wand for all showering needs
● Shower want can be used for scalp massage and deep cleaning
● The large six-inch showerhead has four modes to choose from


● Is largely made of an inexpensive plastic that may not last as long as wanted

Kohler Artifacts Showerhead with Handheld Combo K-76472-CP

When you want a well-constructed showerhead that offers all the bells and whistles, the Kohler Artifacts is a solid choice for any bathroom. It comes with a hand shower as well as a showerhead along with a 60-inch metal hose and a shower column. It uses a Katalyst air-induction system to maximize the amount of water in order to ensure an even, powerful flow anytime you use the shower.

There is an optimized spray face for the showerhead that has new nozzle geometry which is built to offer a focused coverage of large droplets of water. This helps increase cleaning and hair rinsing performance while preventing water wasting through over spraying. The inclusion of a MasterClean spray face helps resist the buildup of hard water and makes it simple and easy to clean after a shower.

This showerhead has a translucent nozzle color that offers great aesthetics in your bathroom. It has a 2.0 gallons per minute capacity which is plenty for a powerful spray without worrying about using up too much water. It also uses special technology to ensure installing it is simple and quick.

A slide bar bracket makes it easy to adjust the angle and height of your hand shower so the perfect shower. There is also a diverter found at the base of the column which makes it easy to swap between the showerhead and the hand shower. It is made of metal for durability and longevity.


● Comes with a showerhead, hand shower, shower column, and long metal hose
● Translucent shower nozzle color offers better aesthetics with any finish choice
● Spray face is optimized for focused coverage with large water droplets


● May not offer as high of water flow as some individuals prefer

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Double Showerhead

There are lots of things to consider when it comes time to choose an excellent dual shower head for your bathroom. There are different types of showerheads on the market to choose between. Even after you know which type is right for you, you also need to consider the features of the showerhead and how those things will benefit you.

Types of Dual Showerheads

There are two major types of dual showerheads to choose from on the market today. If you are looking to update your showerhead, either of the two may fit your needs. However, understanding the differences will help ensure you get the one that best works with your lifestyle and needs.

Fixed Double Showerhead – With this option, there are two showerheads that are attached to the same mount. These might be placed horizontally, one above the other, or side by side. These showerheads can be adjusted to an angle in order to get the coverage you want.

Handheld Dual Showerhead – When choosing this option, there are two showerheads, but one can be removed and used in a handheld manner. This is a comfortable option for rinsing your body or hair in the shower. Many of these models have a longer hose so you can clean out the shower or tub after a shower is over. It can also be used to get to hard to reach body parts without as much work.

Settings on Dual Showerheads

Showering keeps you nice and clean while also offering a chance to relax each day. However, different people enjoy having specific settings to melt stress or relax each day. For example, if you have an achy body, the pain can be eased by using a shower with a massage or rainfall mode.

Some of the basic functions with these showerheads include rain, mist, massage, power rain, economy rain, rain/massage, rain/aeration, and more. If the shower isn’t meeting your needs, you can easily switch the settings for a more relaxing time.

Type of Functionality with a Dual Showerhead

Now that we have style and settings out of the way, the next thing to consider is what you will be using the showerhead for. Are there specific features you want for the best showering experience? The truth is that there are all sorts of options to choose from based on your needs.

Some people might want a simple dual showerhead with a handheld option, while others may want to have a variety of spray patterns. Once you know what you are looking for, it will be much easier to home in on the showerhead that meets your needs.

Type and Size of the Showering Hose

In many cases, the hose you receive will be durable but flexible and give you the option of changing the height of the showerhead as well as what direction water flows in. Many shower hoses on the market are made of stainless steel, but there are also inexpensive plastic models, too. You should be certain a hose is included and consider the material it is made from.

Keep in mind that a stainless steel hose is going to last a much longer time than a plastic hose will. If you want an investment that will last, a stainless steel hose is the way to go. You should also be certain that you invest in a hose that is long enough for your needs.

Installation Method with Your Dual Showerhead

In most cases, a showerhead can easily be installed. It might require simply unscrewing your old showerhead before you screw in the new one. Every package with a showerhead will have an installation guide that explains the process in easy steps.

If you get a showerhead without a guide and you aren’t sure you can handle the process on your own, a professional plumber can take care of it for you. Nearly every showerhead you could choose will be built to fit on a standard shower arm.


Adding a dual showerhead to your bathroom can upgrade your bathing experience, but it’s also important to be sure the showerhead you choose is the right one for you. The showerheads above are the top options on the market and will meet the needs of most people. If not, you can use the information we provided to find a showerhead that does everything you want it to do. Good luck and enjoy the new showering experience!

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