11 Best Electric Weed Eaters of 2022

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best electric weed eater

The term weed eater can be confusing because the equipment doesn’t really take in the weeds and other materials. Instead, it pulverizes them and cuts them low to the ground. Often, this can be enough to destroy unwanted weeds or growth, or just tidy up the landscape. And just as you’ll find almost any modern landscaping equipment in gas and battery powered options, so too will you find both gas and electric weed eaters. In this article, we’ll focus exclusively on the best electric weed eaters for 2019.

It is more difficult than many imagine when it comes time to narrow down the options and choose the an electric weed eater. After all, there are many different features that the various models provide. After all, they come in various sizes, strengths and designs, and some are ideal for those with only limited lawns while others could be used for professional work. Some are amazingly easy to use and others less so. Our goal is to first introduce you to the best rated and most popular options on the market.

Then, we will go over all that you need to know and consider when making your choice on a weed eater.

In the list below, you will see many familiar name brands, as well as a few lesser known manufacturers. All of the weed eaters, however, will be full of features and functions that ensure the best results, whether you are new to lawncare or an expert. Let’s look at the top electric weed eaters and then what is important to consider when narrowing down the options.

The Best Electric Weed Eater for 2022

 NameHead TypeWeight 
Black+Decker Lste525Easyfeed6.3 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Greenworks 12-Inch 40v Cordless String TrimmerAuto-Feed Head9.2 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Dewalt Dcst970x1 FlexvoltBump Feed12 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Worx WG184Inline-Feed Mechanism6.5 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Makita XRU02ZBump Feed6.9 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Black+Decker Lst136Auto-Feed Head7.8 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Ego Power+ Cordless Powerload String TrimmerPowerload Head13 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Worx Wg154Auto-Feed Head6 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Remington RM2700 Ranchero 18-Inch Gas Powered String TrimmerBump Feed9.9 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Poulan Pro Ppb40tBump Feed9.7 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Craftsman Cmesta900Auto-Feed Head6.8 lbs.CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


Part of the Black+Decker 20v MAX line of lithium-ion powered tools, this is called an “easy feed” trimmer and edger for its ability to switch into a lawn edger by adjusting the head position. It stands out for more than just this flexibility, though since it also has many other unique features.

These include the EasyFeed tech that sends out more line with the press of a button on the handle. Cutting a 12” swath it is also very flexible whether working in a tight spot or a more open area. This rates as one of the very top electric weed eaters because it also has an adjustable height and handle that makes it comfortable for a user of any height as well as for any purpose.

The PowerDrive transmission also uses the engine’s torque when needed to power through more difficult tasks. Users can also select from two speeds to opt for more power or for a longer run time on the battery.

It is designed with a textured soft grip handle that enables optimal comfort whether wearing gloves or going bare handed.


  • Remarkably adaptable to many tasks
  • Adjustable power consumption
  • Torque boost to help with difficult work


  • Some complaints about battery life
  • EasyFeed has been known to jam

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer 2101602

This Greenworks model 2101601 is also powered by a battery that works with a full line of tools. Considered one of the largest, the 40v battery offers twice the power and can handle up to ½ of an acre of work on a single charge (roughly one hour of work).

With its 12” cutting path, it is flexible enough for big or small jobs, and at 15 pounds, the unit is easy to handle. The automatic line feed is a low maintenance way of keeping the machine up and running and this model has been ergonomically designed with the weight balanced fully from end to end.

It rates at the top of the list for its variable speed trigger that allows blasts of power when needed, and yet this is a quiet running weed eater. The rotating head also makes it easier to customize the work, even achieving some tasks similar to edging.


  • Big batter and powerful motor get the work done
  • Rotating head for adaptability
  • Lightweight and well designed


  • Some complaints that battery is tough to remove
  • Limited guard coverage


For those who are in need of lots of power, this is likely to be the electric weed eater for you. With its 60v lithium ion battery that works with the different DeWalt Flex Volt equipment, it promises a lot of time on the job. The brushless motor backs this up and operates at optimal efficiency while ensuring longer motor life.

This model has a larger 15” cutting swath that can tackle big jobs easily, and with a variable speed trigger it allows for a great deal more control over the results as well as the run time.

Quieter than equally powerful machines, it starts and stops with the click of the trigger. Ergonomically designed and reasonably lightweight, it reduces stress on the shoulders, neck, back and arms and yet can tackle heavier duty tasks and work. In fact, it is gear driven to ensure users can power through even dense growth or coverage.


  • Powerful gear driven functions
  • Brushless motor for maximum efficiency
  • 15” cutting swath


  • Bump feed can be annoying
  • Some complaints about battery life

Worx WG184

One of the many machines in the Worx power share line of tools and gear, this one uses dual 20v batteries to deliver impressive power. Like other options in this list of the best weed eaters for 2019, this model also switches from an inline trimmer to a wheeled edger with a few clicks and changes.

It is similar to a gas-powered model for its variable speed trigger and is able to work for up to an hour or tackle have of an acre of non-stop work. It uses a command feed spool system that operates like an auto feed, but which operates with a few clicks on the handle – blending the best of bump and auto solutions.

This model features a straight shaft with accessory wheel for storage and is ergonomically designed and light in total weight for optimal control and ease of use.


  • Part of the brand’s power sharing system of tools
  • Long lasting charge
  • Converts to edger easily


  • Some complaints about edger
  • String control switch requires a bit of a learning curve

Makita XRU02Z

This is part of the Makita brand’s line of 18v lithium-ion powered tools and equipment. It uses their proprietary motor offering 7800 RPM for optimal cutting. The ergonomically designed shaft telescopes to adjust to height or the task a hand and a pivoting head ensures optimal control in even delicate maneuvers. It features a 10.25” cutting swath for maximum control.

At only six pounds, this weed eater is perfect for those worried about arm or shoulder fatigue. The battery lasts for around 30 minutes of non-stop use and includes the brand’s Star Protection computer controls that ensure the battery will not overload or overheat, or even discharge too quickly.

This features an easy to load head that requires bump feeding, and the handle is also adjustable to a user’s height. Controls at the handle make it easy to operate and keeps weight balanced at all times.


  • Well designed and easy to use
  • Adjustable shaft and handle
  • Powerful motor


  • Some complaints about bump feed
  • May fade with loss of battery charge


The Black+Decker LST136 is known for its innovative PowerDrive transmission that knows when to send more power to the cutting end and when to back off. It is part of the brand’s 40V Max system, meaning the battery is interchangeable with an array of other tools.

The battery delivers a very long run time, and manual PowerCommand controls allow the operator to choose when to favor power and when to favor runtime.

This features an adjustable head that converts with a quick turn from a trimmer to an edger and the auto feed head makes it easy to get the work done in any format. A 13” cutting swath ensures optimal function, and this machine is noted for its easy to replace spools.


  • Part of the trusted 40V MAX system
  • Adapts to trimmer mode with one gesture
  • Flexible power controls


  • Some issues with the auto feed releasing too much string
  • Lags towards end of battery life

EGO Power+ Cordless Powerload String Trimmer

This model takes its name from the powerful brushless motor that allows it to operate for much longer periods of time than other, similar models. With manually controlled speeds, it enables users to power through even difficult materials.

This model is unique for its Powerload Head that enables users to load the line, push a button on the handle and get to work. It features a dual strand and is a 15 inch swath. The large shield ensures no kick up or debris issues, and the adjustable shaft enable this to be used by people of all heights.

A carbon fiber shaft, it is able to support any position, and the nicely balanced head and controls reduce instances of fatigue.


  • Wide swath gets a lot of work done
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Single button line feed


  • Battery and charger sold separately


This brand is noted for its weed eaters, and this model rates as one of the best weed eaters for 2019 because it is such a flexible option. With a cutting swath of ten to twelve inches, and as part of the PowerShare line of 20V lithium ion powered machines, it is a real money saver.

It also converts from a weed eater to an edger in just a few seconds and will adapt to a wider cut or an extended run time based on user’s preferences. The ergonomic design includes a straight shaft and fixed handle with nicely balanced bars for comfort at any angle.

The automatic feed uses a single line and the head rotates for optimal performance. Light in total weight at only six pounds, it can still do a lot of work on a single charge.


  • Flexible performance options
  • Part of the PowerShare line that saves a consumer money
  • Reliably long charge


  • Some complaints about the handle
  • May experience lag at end of battery life

Remington RM2700 Ranchero 18-Inch Gas Powered String Trimmer

This electric weed eaters is perfect for professionals thanks to its powerful ten amp motor, 18” cutting path and attachments.

Users will appreciate the simple electric start that features cord lock feature that holds electrical cords out of the way and enables uninterrupted use. This model also has a quick connect coupler that enables the machine to be converted into a number of other tools, including a leaf blower, hedge trimmer, edger, rototiller and more.

A dual line, bump feed head gets the work done quickly, and the entire unit is designed with ergonomics and comfort in mine. It features cushion and over-molded grips on the handles, as well as an extra handle for more support when extending and reaching.

Though it is powerful it is also quieter than any gas model and benefits from a constant power supply.


  • Corded to eliminate lag from batteries
  • Powerful 10 amp motor
  • Compatible with a long line of attachable tools


  • Bump feed
  • Two-part shaft may not satisfy all buyers

Poulan Pro PPB40T

A feature-rich weed eater, this model has all kinds of innovations and tech. It features a dual exit bump feed head with the brand’s trademark “Tap n Go” tech that makes line replacement a breeze. It has a 14” cutting path to allow for even delicate work, and its brushless motor can power through anything.

It is a quiet machine and relies on the 40v battery for long-lasting performance. It features a push button start and is ergonomically designed with an adjustable shaft, controls at the handle/head, and a lighter weight.

Attachment capable, it can also be turned into a long list of other gear, including an edger, rototiller, blower, trimmer and much more.


  • Powerful and efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Full of innovations


  • Charge suitable to smaller yards
  • Adjustable shaft may flex


One of the most noted names in equipment, this trimmer offers up a 13 inch cutting path that is maintained from the single line auto feed head. It converts with a single twist to an edger and can run for hours on a standard electrical supply.

Ergonomically designed, it features an adjustable shaft, large handles and easy single press controls that start and adjust the speed of the line. Simple to use and lightweight, it is ideal for small yards and garden work.


  • Adapts to an edger easily
  • No worries about batteries
  • Ergonomic and easy to use


  • May not be powerful enough for some
  • Corded, which some users dislike

Choosing a Electric String Trimmer

Now that you are familiar with electric weed eaters, and you understand some of the more relevant features they offer, it is time take a deeper look at those basic factors. These are the various “pros and cons” mentioned in the reviews and you definitely want to know about them as you begin shopping around for a quality electric weed eater for your home or property.

Know about Weed Eater Heads and Lines

Most weed eaters use string or line to do all of the chopping. The lines spin at high speeds and when they come into contact with plants, it is the line that mows them down. There are, as you have seen, a few ways that the lines are managed by the weed eater. These include:

  • Bump Feed – As the name implies, you will just knock the head gently on the ground and it releases a length of line. Since lines break off in small pieces as they are worn down, you have to bump it to release more, and will have to change out the empty spools periodically – some far more often than others.
  • Auto Feed – This uses a similar design as the bump feed heads but does not ask much of you apart from replacing the spool or line once it has run out.
  • Fixed – This uses a different type of line that doesn’t snap off or wear out so easily, and which will need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Other – There are some proprietary designs mentioned in the reviews above and they are hybrids of all types of heads, though they work the same by using lines to do the cutting.

Of course, the type of head is not the only issue. You also have to consider if the weed eater uses a single or double line. Does it have an easy mechanism for re-filling it with new line. And even more importantly, what is the width that the line clears in a single sweep. Average widths are around 13.5 to 14”, but if you have tight spaces, you may want to look at smaller cutting path models.

Know about Batteries and Power Supplies

Electric weed eaters use batteries or electrical cables to get the job done. This means that there will be a need to charge the batteries and monitor their overall health or wrangle an extension cord. Some battery-powered machines use higher voltage batteries that can work for greater periods of time and others have very weak batteries that can manage only a short period of use before wearing out. The corded options may have handy cord locks that eliminate any risks of tripping, but others don’t.

best electric string trimmer

With battery powered options, you always want to get the most out of a single charge, but you’ll have to consider the amount of work you’ll ask the weed eater before making your choice. For example, a short front walkway and a few areas of trimming won’t demand a high-powered battery. A large lawn with lots of beds and trimming, on the other hand, calls for a bigger amount of energy.

If you are worried about the risks of energy loss or lag, go with the corded models.

Know about Ergonomics

If you have no history with the use of weed eaters it may come as a surprise to learn that even some of the great electric weed eaters put a great deal of strain on the user’s arms and shoulders. That is why it is important to choose a model that is tall and long enough, properly balanced in terms of weight and layout and even with an angled or straight staff based on your needs.

As a simple illustration of this, let’s say you need to use the weed eater you can find to work beneath the shrubs at the front of your home. A long and straight shaft may be the ideal design for you, however, if you are very tall and will be using the weed eater for more general work, a curved shaft is a wiser choice. Even better is the weed eater with adjustable settings.

Weight is also part of the ergonomics of the good electric weed eater. Many machines are top heavy and tiring to use. You want to find one that has balanced weight as well as a weight that won’t tire you out simply because it is higher than normal. Imagine holding out a ten pound bag of flour around a foot or two in front of you…that can get tiring, and so you want to consider weight as part of the overall equation.

All the Rest

There are not many extras in the world of electric weed eaters, but we would recommend you pay attention to the following issues:

  • Warranty
  • Switchable heads (such as those that can turn into edgers)
  • Battery systems that work within a platform of yard equipment (saving money on multiple battery and charger purchases)
  • Customer support
  • Ability to get or make repairs
  • Capable of accepting add-ons and attachments

Each of these are as relevant as the other factors above and should be part of your decision making process.

In Conclusion

We’ve now gone over all that you need to know to choose your electric weed eater for your home or property. As we said, start with the question of “what will I do with this machine?”. If you will do that light trimming, almost any of these options will suffice. If you are going for the gusto and aiming to do a lot more with a single unit, think about the attachment-capable models.

Also make power consumption a major factor if you hate waiting around for batteries to charge in the middle of your day of gardening. You can always buy spare batteries and keep a couple of fuel cells charged and ready.

You should also go online to compare and explore each of the options. Our explaining that something is ergonomically designed is one thing, but only you can tell if you like the looks of handle the placement of controls, and so on.

Lastly, if you have a way of actually holding the garden tool for your needs before you buy it, do so. Now is the beginning of garden season and the perfect time to test out a few weed eaters and find the one that will help you enjoy the easiest year of upkeep possible.

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