Top 9 Best Freestanding Tubs of 2021

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best freestanding tubs

The look, style, and feature-set of your bathtub can have a huge effect on how functional and aesthetically pleasing your bathroom is. The best freestanding tubs will integrate easily into the space, so it’s important to consider choosing the tub that fits your bathroom and your needs at the same time. There are many types of freestanding bathtubs with various options, so the one that is right for you might be different than the perfect tub for another person.

While bathroom fixtures are a necessity, that doesn’t mean that the design means nothing. Now that we live in a world with so many options, there is no limit to the versatility you can enjoy. Stand-alone bathtubs have a design that allows you to position them in any way you like in your bathroom. This gives you more choices when designing a bathroom that shows off your style.

However, based on the huge amounts of options now available, it isn’t always easy to determine which bathtubs are a great value and which aren’t going to meet your needs. We’ve put together a table and list of the nine best tubs on the market for those who want to go with a freestanding model. You can learn more about what makes these tubs better than the alternatives.

We’ve also compiled information about the top things to consider when choosing one of these tubs so you can be sure that one you choose is right for you. There may be things you aren’t aware to look for that can make or break a purchase. So, take a look at those things and then decide if the tub of your dreams offers what you need from it.

The Best Freestanding Tub

Woodbridge 59-Inch Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub59 x 29.5 x 23.25 InchesAcrylic, resin, and fiberglassCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Woodbridge 57-Inch BTA-1504 Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub67 x 31.75 x 23 InchesAcrylic, resin, and fiberglassCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
FerdY 67-Inch Curve Edge Freestanding Soaking Bathtub67 x 29 x 29 InchesAcrylic and fiberglassCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Woodbridge 54-Inch BTA-1507 Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub54 x 28.38 x 28.38 InchesAcrylic, resin, and fiberglassCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Woodbridge 67-Inch BTA-1504 Acrylic Freestanding Soaking Tub67 x 31.75 x 23 InchesAcrylic, resin, and fiberglassCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
FerdY 55-Inch Small Classic Oval Shape Freestanding Soaking Acrylic Bathtub55 x 30 x 25.2 Inches7.8 x 6.3 x 13.1 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Empava 59-Inch EMPV-59FT1505 Stand Alone Acrylic Soaking Spa Tub59 x 31.5 x 22.83 InchesAcrylic and fiberglassCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Bath Master 59-Inch T03 Freestanding Acrylic Soaking Tub59 x 29.5 x 22.8 InchesAcrylic, fiberglass, and resinCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
FerdY 59-Inch Gracefully Shaped Freestanding Soaking Bathtub59 x 30 x 23 InchesAcrylic and fiberglassCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Woodbridge 59-Inch BTA-1514 Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub

This acrylic freestanding soaking tub comes from Woodbridge and measures 59 x 29.5 x 22.8 inches in size. This makes it large enough for a bigger individual while retaining an elegant design that will appeal to smaller family members. The water depth can reach up to 14.5 inches to the overflow, which is more than enough for most people. The 55-gallon capacity lets you soak your whole body while you bathe.

This is a durable bathtub with plenty of insulation to keep the water at the temperature you prefer. There is a stainless-steel bracket on the bottom of the tub which lets it handle up to 1,000 pounds at a time. With the gentle bottom slope and the deep and wide design, anyone can find a comfortable position to enjoy their bath. The drain also has a push pop-up design so you can easily and quickly drain the water after you leave the bathtub.

This model has adjustable legs that are hidden for a great look and the ability to level the product without much trouble. It also has a flexible tube drain that you can install with your existing plumbing. This tub is scratch and stain-resistant for easy maintenance and cleaning. It also comes with a one-year warranty after purchase.


● Offers 55-gallon capacity with over 23 inches of depth for a deep bath experience
● Created with a luxury, chic style including sloping lines for the curves of your body
● Easy to clean with scratch and stain-resistant surface and a high gloss


● The drain and extra accessories are made of an inexpensive plastic material

Woodbridge 57-Inch BTA-1504 Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub

As you can guess from the first two tubs being from Woodbridge, this is a company that offers high-quality tubs at a reasonable price. This freestanding bathtub is a bit smaller than the first one we showcased but can hold up to 60 gallons of water and accommodate up to 1,000 pounds. It is 67 inches long, 23 inches deep, and almost 32 inches wide. The bathtub is made out of durable acrylic and reinforced using resin and fiberglass.

Those looking for an aesthetically pleasing bathtub will likely enjoy the chic, luxury style of this tub. It has a size that is large enough for most but small enough to fit into most spaces without any problems. It has sloping lines to match the curves of your body for a very comfortable bath. Beyond that, the tub is both stain and scratch-resistant with a high gloss. It can be kept looking just as good as new for years on end.

There is a stainless-steel bracket on the bottom of this tub and a double-walled reinforced design to keep water hot for longer. It can easily accommodate up to two people who are bathing together. It comes with a drain and pipe system which is simple to install.


● Offers a large capacity of 60 gallons with a 23-inch deep soaking tub
● Created of durable materials including acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and resin
● Reinforced with a stainless-steel bracket that can accommodate up to 1,000 pounds


● Many of the parts are made of molded plastic that isn’t high quality

FerdY 67-Inch Curve Edge Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

Another of the top manufacturers of freestanding tubs is FerdY, which offers this 67-inch model. It has an oval shape that is sure to look great in most bathrooms. The design is ergonomic and supports you even when stretching out for a long soak in hot water. It has graceful lines that will look great in many bathroom styles. This tub has 14 inches of soaking depth and offers lumbar support for additional comfort.

The classic overflow design lets you soak deep into the tub. It also has a simple toe-tap drain with a gloss cover. This tub is created of white acrylic and is reinforced with fiberglass, making this a durable freestanding tub option. The finish resists cracking, is non-toxic, and durable which makes it easy to clean for a long life. It also resists most household chemicals so clean up is a breeze.

As far as installation goes, FerdY makes it easy by offering you an instruction booklet that tells you every step you need to take. The tub also comes with adjustable leveling feet to stabilize the tub along with two drainpipes, plastic drain connectors, and an anti-sliding gasket to prevent leakage of water.


● Offers a simplistic but luxurious design with an oval shape and curved lines
● Made of acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement for durability that will last
● Comes with an illustrated guide with step-by-step instructions


● The tapered design may make it too small for some bathrooms

Woodbridge 54-Inch BTA-1507 Acrylic Freestanding Contemporary Soaking Tub

This soaking tub from Woodbridge measures 54 x 38 3/8 x 28 7/8 inches in size and can hold up to 55 gallons of water without a problem. It has a beautiful contemporary style and offers the functionality you want in a freestanding tub. This bathtub has a white acrylic construction with a double-walled design for warmth and insulation that lasts. The push pop-up drain and integrated overflow are brushed nickel and come pre-installed on the tub.

This tub comes with an ergonomic design that is ideal for long periods spent soaking in comfortable, hot water. It conforms to the curves of a body for the best possible bathing experience. It is also made of stain-resistant materials, so maintenance and cleaning are simple. It resists all sorts of cosmetic products and household cleaners to offer a long life while continuing to look great.

When you order this freestanding bathtub, you also get a fully illustrated guide that explains how to install it. Woodbridge also has an excellent support team that can be reached through email, phone call, or fax if you have questions or concerns. All in all, this is a fantastic tub that should last for many years in any bathroom.


● Features a durable acrylic build with resin and fiberglass reinforcement
● The large but affordable tub will fit into most bathrooms without any issues
● Offers a stain and scratch-resistant finish to keep it looking great for years


● May not be as deep as some customers would like it to be

Woodbridge 67-Inch BTA-1504 Acrylic Freestanding Soaking Tub

As with all Woodbridge freestanding bathtubs, this one comes with a detailed, illustrated instruction manual that explains the entire installation process. The company also offers USA based customer service through various venues in case of any problems. This particular bathtub is 67 inches long with a depth of 23 inches and a width of nearly 32 inches. It can hold up to 60 gallons of water and is deep enough for a great soak.

With this tub, you get a premium construction with high gloss white acrylic and reinforcement through resin and fiberglass. The bathtub has a luxury style and is designed to be comfortable while in use with curves to accommodate the human body. The tub is also simple and easy to clean and will resist scratching and staining. That means you can use most cleaning chemicals or cosmetics in and around the tub without worry.

The construction of this tub along with the stainless-steel bracket on the bottom means it can up to 1,000 pounds. It also has a double-walled design that holds in the heat from your warm or hot bathwater longer than other freestanding bathtubs. It is large enough to accommodate up to two people bathing at the same time. The package also comes with an overflow device and a drain, so you don’t need to purchase these things separately.


● Offers a large soaking tub with up to 15 inches of water depth when bathing
● Created with a quality acrylic construction with fiberglass reinforcement for extra strength
● Includes a brushed nickel integrated overflow and push pop-up drain that are pre-installed


● Hoses and accessories may not be as high-quality as the bathtub itself

FerdY 55-Inch Small Classic Oval Shape Freestanding Soaking Acrylic Bathtub

Those looking for a container, classic, elegant freestanding tub can’t do much better than this tub from FerdY. It has the potential for an immersive and deep soak with lumbar support. It is made of a cast resin material with hand-finished details. The resin is easy to clean and lightweight while featuring a high-gloss finish. This is a 55-inch long tub with 15 inches of soaking depth.

This white acrylic tub has a slotted overflow for better deep soaking. It also has a toe-tap drain with a gloss cover. This is an environmentally friendly material that is non-toxic, durable, and resistant to cracking. The material can resist cosmetics and many household chemicals. This ensures a tub that stays clean and bright even after many uses over time.

This is an easy to install tub that comes with detailed instructions. There are adjustable leveling feet included to keep the bathtub stabilized and secured in the bathroom. It also comes with both brass and plastic drainpipes as well as plastic drain connectors and an anti-sliding gasket. This helps prevent water leaks and offers the option to use the tub with any sort of floor drain.


● Made of a cast resin material with hand-finished detail for a great aesthetic
● Offers a large 15-inch soaking depth and 55-inch length to spread out and soak
● Comes with a manual including step-by-step installation instructions


● Some users have experienced issues with leaking drains and malfunctioning overflows

Empava 59-Inch EMPV-59FT1505 Stand Alone Acrylic Soaking Spa Tub

This freestanding tub from Empava is made in the United States and comes with a five-year warranty for peace of mind. It is created from a glossy white acrylic with a contemporary design to fit into any bathroom’s style. This tub can be paired with any tub filler you like based on your needs. It will match most décor, whether modern or classic, and create a focal point in your bathroom.

This is an ergonomically designed bathtub that will fit into most spaces. It is made from a glossy white acrylic that is reinforced using fiberglass to offer long lasting durability. The tub comes with an overflow and drain, but you will need to purchase a tub filler separately. The bathtub has dimensions of about 60 x 31.5 x 23 inches and can hold up to 53 gallons of water for great soaking.

This is one of the most comfortable tubs on the market, but it also happens to look great in any space. The inclusion of a modern design and ergonomic features integrates into a tub that everyone in the house will enjoy.


● Can be used with any tub filler based on the bathroom style you prefer
● Features an ergonomic design that will fit into most bathrooms
● Comes with chrome overflow and drain for no extra cost


● May be a bit too small for some individuals or larger bathrooms

Bath Master 59-Inch T03 Freestanding Acrylic Soaking Tub

Bath Master offers this 59-inch soaking tub with a chrome overflow and drain. The dimensions of the product are 59 x 29.5 x 22.8 inches and it can hold up to 52 gallons of water during a bath. This bathtub has an anti-leak design and features a chrome pop-up drain. The overflow system has a special design to prevent water running over the tub so you can unwind and relax without worries.

This tub is made from glossy white acrylic and is reinforced using resin and fiberglass for a study and durable product. It has double-walled insulation to keep the water warm as long as you want to soak. The bottom has a stainless-steel bracket to offer a capacity of up to 990 pounds. The bathtub also has a one-year warranty on plumbing parts as well as a five-year warranty on structural and surface components.

When purchasing this package, you get the freestanding bathtub along with an instruction manual. The drain and chrome overflow are included and installed for you. There is an anti-sliding waste hose that meets the requirements of all different types of floor drains. It comes shipped in a solid carton to ensure safe delivery.


● Offers a 52-gallon tub capacity with an anti-leak design and pop-up brass drain
● Comes with a five-year structural and surface warranty and a one-year warranty on parts
● Easy to install no matter where you want to place it in your bathroom


● The size of the tub may be too large for some bathroom spaces

FerdY 59-Inch Gracefully Shaped Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

This FerdY 59-inch freestanding soaking bathtub has elegant curves that are designed to cradle the body while bathing. It is made from a cast resin material and includes hand-finished details. The glossy resin weights very little and is simple to clean with a beautiful finish. This tub is 59 inches long and has a 15-inch soaking depth. There is also lumbar support for additional comfort while bathing.

There is an integrated slotted overflow that makes soaking easy along with a toe-tap drain that offers a gloss cover. The white acrylic material used to create this freestanding tub is high gloss, non-toxic, and resistant to cracking. It resists most cosmetics and household chemicals for a long life after installation. You can expect it to look great even years into the future.

This product comes with an instruction manual that explains all the steps required to get it ready for use. It comes with adjustable leveling feet, so it is stable and secure on the floor. It also comes with two drainpipes, an anti-sliding gasket, and plastic drain connectors.


● Comes with adjustable leveling feet to stabilize the tub on the bathroom floor
● Made from a long-lasting white acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
● Has a 15-inch soaking depth and offers extra lumbar support for comfort


● Some have experienced issues with the drain stopper holding in water properly

Benefits Offered by the Most Comfortable Freestanding Tub

There are freestanding tubs in all sizes and styles, which means there is likely to be one that meets your needs while looking great in your bathroom space. However, if you aren’t sure whether this kind of tub is right for you, we wanted to share a few benefits you can expect if you pull the trigger and order one for yourself.

Makes Your Bathroom Look Better

Simply purchasing and installing a freestanding tub can provide a major boost to the look of your bathroom. This is important since the room is one of the most crucial to have a great design in. It’s hard to relax and unwind in the bath if the environment doesn’t fit your tastes. The elegant design of a freestanding model works well for a vintage or modern bathroom design.

All you have to do is purchase the fixture you like and place it wherever you want it. It can be a beautiful focal point when you step into the room as well as offering a relaxing feel.

Flexible Placement Options

The old-school type of freestanding bathtub needed to be placed against the wall, but this is no longer the case. A modern freestanding tub can be placed in any area of the room that you like. It can be in a corner, right by the window, in the middle of the room, or anywhere else that works for your taste. Just keep in mind that the plumbing can cost more for this kind of tub since it has more flexible placement options.

Makes Your Bathroom Feel More Spacious

The final major benefit of choosing a freestanding tub is that is can make your bathroom feel larger than it ever has in the past. It doesn’t matter if you have a model with adjustable feet or one that sits on the ground, the result is going to be the same. The area below and around the tub will seem larger. This can be a huge benefit for those with smaller bathrooms who want to open things up a little bit.

What to Consider When Choosing a Self-Standing Tub

When choosing a freestanding bathtub, you get something that handles the necessity of bathing while also being stylish at the same time. When placed in the middle of the bathroom, the curves of the tub offer a fantastic focal point. While this kind of tub used to be extremely expensive, that isn’t the case today. The prices of these tubs have dropped but plumbing for this kind of tub can be a bit more expensive.

free standing tub

You also should be aware that while some of these tubs also include a shower, that isn’t always the case. Those who want to take a shower on occasion without having a different fixture for it will need to make sure the tub they choose has that functionality. In either case, this can be the perfect fit for a modern bathroom and soothing bath time after a long day at work.

Are you questioning whether freestanding tubs work as well as traditional bathtubs? The truth is that the answer is subjective and varies between users. Most people choosing this sort of bathtub want a more sophisticated space and don’t mind minor changes to bring that into fruition. However, this kind of tub can stand out more since it’s typically found in the middle of the room.

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Type of Bathtub Construction

If you’re making huge changes to your home, the last thing you want to deal with is purchasing fixtures that fall apart after a short period of time or do not have the high-quality construction that makes them last. When it comes to a freestanding bathtub, this is especially important. You don’t want to install one tub just to find out that you need a different one a year or two down the line.

Taking into account a durable and quality construction means you get a brand-new tub that will last for years. Look at the materials when you decide to choose a tub for your home bathroom.

Use of an Adjustable Base

When you want to spend money on a bathtub that lasts, stability is something you need to consider. You and your family members will be bathing in the freestanding tub, so you want it to be stable enough to avoid wobbling when it is in use. The best way to ensure increased stability is by looking for a tub that includes an adjustable base.

Depth of the Bathing Well

When you imagine taking a dip in a freestanding bathtub, you probably think about a bathing well that is deep enough that your entire body can be inside of the warm, comfortable water. In order to enjoy this experience, you are going to want to take time to find a model with a deep bathing well. Many of the top models on the market offer this feature, but it never hurts to be sure.

Overall Size of the Bathtub

It’s important to take time to measure your bathroom before choosing a tub. You also want to make sure you leave room for any other furniture that you plan to add to the room as time goes on. This will give you an idea of how much room you have for the bathtub. Another tip is being sure there is room for the bathroom door to open and close when the bathtub is installed.

You also want to think about how the tub will be moved into the house, especially if you have stairs. Measures your halls and stairways to be sure you can get the bathtub where you want it to be.

Accessories You May Require

Many freestanding bathtubs come with a selection of accessories that can make them even more functional and exciting to use. Some of the most important that you may want include a faucet, a showerhead, a drain, and an overflow system. Check what extras come with the tub you may order to decide if it offers the needed bells and whistles for a great bath time.


If you have the room in your bathroom to accommodate a freestanding bathtub, it could be a fantastic investment to make. These tubs will add value to your home while creating a more relaxing bathroom environment. As you can see, there are many freestanding baths to choose from and they offer extra benefits that aren’t found in typical bathtubs. Make sure you consider your options and choose the tub that best fits your home and lifestyle!

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