9 Best Gas Garage Heaters for 2021

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When you spend a lot of time in your garage, you’re going to want to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Regardless of the season, a space that isn’t comfortable isn’t one that you are going to want to use or spend time in. Therefore, if you live in a seasonal climate with colder winters, you are probably looking for the best heating solution. A gas garage heater could be the ideal solution, as these heaters are energy-efficient and come in multiple sizes so that you can get the capacity that you need for your space. If you’re interested in gas heaters, we’ve done the hard work of comparing the best gas garage heaters available on the market today. In the chart below, you’ll see a comparison of the products we reviewed. Below that, there is an in-depth review of each heater to help you make the best buying decision.

The Best Gas Garage Heaters

 NameCoverage (Sq. Ft.)Heating CapacityGas Fuel Source
Mr. Heater F260560 Big Maxx2,000 80,000 BTUs
Natural gas, liquid propane conversion kit included
Comfort Zone CZ2201,000 5,000 watts240-volt electricCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx1,25050,000 BTUsNatural gasCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Modine HD45AS01111,000 40,0000 BTUsNatural gasCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Mr. Heater F272200625
25,000 BTUs
Natural gas, radiant heatNo products found.
Dyna-Glo GBF30DTDG-41,00030,000 BTUsDual-fuel technology accepts natural gas and liquid propaneCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Mr. Heater F2997411,000
30,000 BTUs
Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD1,00060,000 BTUsLiquid propaneNo products found.
Heatstar By Enerco F125444500-60025,000 BTUsNatural gas, radiant heatCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Mr. Heater F260560 Big Maxx MHU80NG Natural Gas Unit Heater

This massive 80,000 BTU heater features a ½ inch gas connection and easy access to AC terminals and the thermostat from the outside. It also has a powered exhaust that can be vented horizontally or vertically, and it is versatile enough for any heating needs. This heater installs on the ceiling and includes a built-in fan to pull in cool air and force warm air out of the unit.

The Mr. Heater F260560 Big Maxx Natural Gas Heater also includes its own natural gas conversion kit so that you can convert to liquid propane if you prefer. The thermostat is sold separately, but both items are easy to install and integrate to create the comfortable garage space that you desire. With a durable spark ignition, you can ensure the heater will always kick on as it should.

This gas heater also comes with a three-year warranty on parts and burners, along with a 10-year warranty against heat exchanger defects. Whether you are buying it for the reliability of the Mr. Heater name or its versatile features and functions, this is easily one of the leading gas garage heaters on the market today.


  • Includes self-diagnostic control module
  • Extensive warranties on essential parts and defects
  • Low-profile design ideal for low ceilings


  • 2,000 square foot coverage might be too much
  • Some users report being delivered non-working models

Comfort Zone CZ220 Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater with Dual Knob Controls

The Comfort Zone CZ220 is another ceiling mount heater that delivers powerful performance in a compact size. This forced air heater includes dual controls and although it runs on electricity, it is still worthy of making our list of the best garage heaters. The model includes everything that you need for installation and features steel construction for premium durability and targeted heating.

This heater makes adjusting the temperature easy and there’s even a safety switch built in to shut the unit off immediately in the event of overheating. There is an indicator light that informs you when the device is powered on, and the hard-wired installation ensures that all wires are safely stored away and protected from potential damage.

This heater can stand up to the elements, even in poorly insulated spaces, and will still provide years of reliable use no matter what the outdoor temperatures are like. Plus, there are plenty of louvers to adjust the airflow direction. This unit can even be installed at an angle for more precise heat flow. While many companies are going digital, Comfort Zone sticks to the traditional with this heater, offering a standard manual control that guarantees that you get the right setting for your space.


  • Space-saving design mounts tightly to the ceiling
  • Can be mounted at an angle
  • Can heat larger garages and warehouse spaces


  • Not gas-powered
  • Requires hardwired installation

Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MHU50NG Natural Gas Unit Heater

For those who like the Big Maxx family, but don’t need the size of the first model on the list, the F260550 is a slightly smaller choice. This model comes in at 50,000 BTUs and can heat spaces of 1,250 square feet. It also features the versatile exhaust that can be mounted for vertical or horizontal use, along with angled mounting brackets so that you can just install the heater and start using it right away.

Along with the heating unit, this model includes a conversion kit for natural gas to propane conversion for those who would rather use liquid propane for fuel. An eight-foot clearance is required for installation, but the low profile makes this fairly easy to accomplish. This model has easy user controls and makes it easy to access everything that you need from the outside, as well.

Mr. Heater always has warranties available on its products, and this model is no exception. The Big Maxx 50,000 BTU heater includes a three-year warranty on burners and parts, along with a 10-year warranty on defects in the heat exchanger. For those who don’t mind spending a little more time heating a larger space, or who just might need a smaller unit, this model delivers.


  • Optional vertical or horizontal exhaust mount
  • Impressive warranties on various components
  • Includes conversion kit


  • Some buyers report difficulty of installation

Modine HD45AS0111 Natural Gas Hot Dawg Garage Heater

The Modine HD45AS0111 garage heater is one of the more efficient models on the list. This heater offers 80% efficiency with 45,000 BTUs of heating power and quiet operation for any space. It is tested and certified for use in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. It also features a low-profile construction and neutral color so that it blends into any environment.

This heater is ready to go out of the package, including its own field wiring connections and easy-access knockouts that make it simple to get to your gas and electric hookups. The small-diameter pipe included for venting can be mounted on the roof or a side wall, offering versatility for your installation. Plus, the exhaust is powered to ensure premium functioning and removal of bad air from your space.

The thermostat and controls are easy to use, as you would expect, and this unit only requires 115 volts of electricity for operation. For simplicity in design and superiority in features, this may be just the garage heater that you are looking for. You can mount it to the ceiling or install it on a shelf, giving you plenty of options for heating your space.


  • Energy-efficient model is more affordable
  • Low profile design fits almost any space
  • From a leader in thermal management


  • Doesn’t include propane conversion kit like some models
  • Some customers report warranty issues

Mr. Heater F272200 MH25NG 25,000-BTU Natural-Gas Radiant Heater

More efficient heating is yours with the Mr. Heater 25,000 BTU Natural Gas Radiant Heater. This workshop heater is designed to heat up to 625 square feet of space and ensures that objects are warmed directly rather than just adding warm air to the space. There is a mounting bracket included and the heater comes fully assembled, meaning you can install it and be using it in no time at all.

For those who appreciate visual aids, this heater also includes a helpful how-to video. It’s fairly simple to install anyway, but the video adds a little extra clarity. The unit will hook up to an existing natural gas line and is made from non-corrosive materials to ensure longevity and durability. A one-year limited warranty is also offered.

This quiet, odorless heater includes a built-in thermostat for total control and requires no electricity to operated. It is wall-mounted and capable of heating an average one- or two-car garage with ease. There is a safety shutoff that will automatically shut off the heater in the event of overheating or other dangers. This heater is AGA-certified and includes installation brackets, as well.


  • No electricity required so you’re only paying for gas
  • AGA-certified
  • Includes thermostat for easy control


  • Doesn’t use a blower to spread heat throughout the space
  • No igniter for pilot light, requires manual lighting
No products found.

Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU Blue Flame Thermostatic Garage Vent Free Wall Heater

The Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU Blue Flame wall heater is a great piece to add to any space. Not only does it provide sufficient heating for a 2.5 car garage, but it also features a cool blue flame effect to add a touch of style and give the look of a real fire. This ventless wall heater is black all over for a sleek look and the low-profile design ensures that it fits into any space.

There is no electricity required for this heater, making it a reliable choice for power outages. The thermostat is controlled automatically by the heater and existing room temperature. You can heat up to 1,000 square feet with this wall-mounted heater. Plus, the blue flame technology isn’t just for looks—it helps with convection of the air in the same way a central heating system would.

This unit has one more unique feature—dual fuel technology. It can be used with either natural gas or liquid propane with no conversions or adjustments required. This makes it among the first of its kind and many people who want to have the option will choose it for this feature alone. However, there are a lot of other great features to appreciate about this heater, as well.


  • Ideal for emergency backup since no electricity is required
  • Battery-assisted igniter makes it easy to ignite
  • Safety shutoff and oxygen depletion sensor


  • Wall heater fan sold separately

Mr. Heater Vent-Free 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Garage Heater

If you are looking for a wall heater that’s stylish and still going to pack plenty of substance, the Mr. Heater Vent-Free gas heater in 30,000 BTU capacity has what you need. This model sets the industry standard for reliability and dependability and is created with innovative heating technology. Enjoy the unmatched performance and efficient operation from a simple wall unit that is anything but basic.

This model comes with the premium quality and customer service that you expect from Mr. Heater, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be making a good investment. The one drawback to this wall heater is that the blower must be purchased separately, but other than that it seems to hit the mark in every way possible. This heater does require power for the optional blower, which has a five-foot power cord for reasonable installation options.

This heater may appear small, but it is powerful enough to heat a two-car garage or slightly larger space comfortably in no time at all and hold a consistent temperature. It can even work effectively in less insulated spaces, although it is more efficient if your garage is insulated and sealed. The natural gas supply is easy to connect to existing lines and the quiet operation will ensure that you don’t even notice that it’s on.


  • Low-profile wall-mount design
  • Dependable quality from Mr. Heater, a leader in portable heating
  • Vent-free design


  • Some customers report incorrect product information

Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD 60,000 BTU Liquid Propane Forced Air Heater

The Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD is a powerful forced air heater that’s great for commercial use in construction sites and on various jobs, as well as for use in shops, warehouses, and other locations where powerful heat is needed and hard installation isn’t desired or possible. This portable heater can be moved around as needed and includes plenty of hose to connect to the gas supply.

Enjoy heating up to 1,000 square feet with this powerful heater, which offers an adjustable base for angled heating and shutoff protection to increase the safety of the unit. This model is also CSA-listed and comes with a one-hand electric ignition. It can be used indoors or outdoors and includes a one-year limited warranty on various parts and defects that may occur. It offers efficient operation with liquid propane, as well.

This forced air heater is preferred for its portable design, but it is not recommended for use in high-traffic areas or busy spaces where it could become a hazard. It weighs just over 16 pounds, making it easy to transport. For those who need a more versatile option than the many mounted heaters on this list, the Dyna-Glo liquid propane heater might be exactly what you need.


  • Adjustable base
  • Easy-lift handle and built-in wrapping cord ensure easy transport
  • Includes regulator and 10-foot hose


  • The freestanding design could create a fire hazard or trip risk
No products found.

Heatstar By Enerco F125444 Radiant Overhead Garage Heater

The Heatstar by Enerco overhead heater is a great choice for those who want efficient heating for a typical 2.5-car garage. This 25,000 BTU unit uses radiant heat as opposed to forced air, which creates a more efficient heat and more powerful direct source of heat than a fan or blower might. The entire piece is built from durable, non-corrosive materials and there are no moving parts to service.

This model is designed to work with natural gas, but it can also be converted to propane with a kit that is purchased separately. This model is ideal for a variety of garages, barns, workshops, and other spaces that require powerful heating that is also efficient. It offers clean and odorless operation and is quick and easy to install.

This unit is supposed to be installed at an angle for best results and includes a flue that should be slightly elevated or horizontal to get the best operational results and avoid any issues. The heater offers a direct radiant heat that ensures better temperature control and less wasted heat that’s just being pushed around in the air. It is one of the most affordable models on the list, but it is worth a look for those who want something simple, but effective.


  • Radiant heat ensures ideal temperatures exactly where you want them
  • No electricity needed, thanks to thermostatic controls
  • CSA-certified
  • 40-lb. Propane tank capacity


  • Requires additional wires to setup thermostat for control

Your Guide to Buying the Best Gas Garage Heaters

Now that you’ve had a chance to look at the reviews of the best garage heaters on the market that include a gas fuel source, you should take the time to learn which features are most important to look for when you are shopping. Below, you’ll find the most important factors that should be on your shopping list when you’re in the market for gas garage heaters.

Fuel Source: Natural Gas vs. Liquid Propane

Currently, the gas heaters on the market are capable of being fueled by liquid propane or natural gas. Some feature dual-technology so that you can use either or come with a conversion kit if you would rather convert your system to one fuel source or another. How do you know whether natural gas or propane is the right choice though? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Natural Gas

Natural gas rates are determined by the price per cubic foot, but historically it seems to be the cheaper option when compared to propane, which is costed by the gallon. This fuel source only has about half the BTU rating of propane, however, so it may be less efficient overall in the long run. Natural gas does get automatically delivered through gas lines, but it also limits you to where you can install certain appliances, including garage heaters.


Propane may be a slight bit more expensive than natural gas in some places, but it offers a cleaner-burning fuel source. You can also save some money by combining multiple appliances and units that use propane. Then, you’ll always guarantee that you have fuel on hand because you need it for everything, and you will be able to buy larger quantities of propane and enjoy double the BTU rating of natural gas for more efficient heating.

Heater Size

To get the right heater for your garage, you’ll need one that can heat the entire space comfortably and effortlessly. However, you also don’t want to buy something too powerful that’s going to overheat the space. That’s why knowing a few things about the size of the heater can make a big impact. In terms of size, you need to understand three basic areas:

  • Dimensions, so that you know you have the space to install the heater
  • Square footage of the coverage area
  • BTU output or capacity

Knowing what you need in terms of these three elements of size will make shopping for the perfect heater easier than ever. If you need a heater that is more energy-efficient, you’ll want to find one that uses fewer BTUs to cover more square footage. If you look at the table at the top of this guide, you’ll see how some 30,000 BTU models cover as much space as some 60,000 BTU models, for example. These are just some things to consider in terms of choosing the best garage heater size for your needs.

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Installation Type

Garage heaters are available in various installation options. In addition to the fuel source and size of the heater, you’ll also want to consider where and how you want it installed.

Ceiling-Mounted: Some heaters come with a ceiling mount option and will feature some type of blower system that points downward and helps distribute the air. These are typically larger units that would take up too much floor space or that you just prefer to have out of the way.

Wall-Mounted: A lot of the heaters on this list are wall-mounted units. This makes them easy to access and gives you a simple installation that you can probably handle on your own. They typically include some type of heating element and an optional blower to help distribute the heat. These can be found in various fuel sources and sizes, as well.

Freestanding: Finally, there are some gas heaters for your garage that are going to be freestanding units. That means that they won’t need to be installed. You’ll just need to set it up, add fuel, and you’ll be ready to go. These heaters can be a trip hazard if you do a lot of moving around in your garage, so be sure to consider that.

Another thing to consider with installation and operation is whether you want a system that uses no electricity. This can be ideal for use as an emergency heat source in the event of a power outage, and many models include thermostatic features that eliminate the need for electronic thermostats or ignition switches. It isn’t essential, but it’s a great benefit to have.

Ultimately, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to which heater is best. However, knowing your options will make it easier to decide which gas garage heater will be right for your needs. One of the biggest considerations will be the type of installation that you choose for your new heater.

The Benefits of Gas Garage Heaters

Choosing a gas heater for your garage comes with many advantages. Namely, you’ll have a much more efficient fuel source to work with. Whether you choose propane or natural gas, either is generally less expensive than electricity in the long run. Of course, beyond the efficiency of the system, you’ll also find perks like:

  • Gas-only heaters that require no electricity are ideal for emergency backup
  • These units can often work with propane instead of natural gas, offering more versatility
  • They don’t take up a lot of space and still provide you with reasonable heat output
    These heaters can connect to existing gas lines, which means no extra installation is required
  • Natural gas burns cleaner and leaves less of a carbon footprint than electricity
  • Gas heaters offer a more permanent solution for those who want to install a long-term heating appliance
  • You can find radiant heat and forced air systems that allow different types of targeted heating to ensure optimal efficiency for your heating needs
  • Gas systems are better made to handle the harsh conditions of outbuildings and detached garages that may be susceptible to the elements

These are just a handful of the benefits of choosing gas garage heaters for your space. Think about what type of heating solutions work best for your needs and review all the information in this guide to help you choose what is going to be best. If you’re sold on the benefits, find the best gas garage heaters right away and never spend another cold day in the garage.

Total Climate Control is Yours

With all these capable heaters in various sizes, it should be easy for you to find what you need when it comes to your new garage heating solution. It can be a challenge to heat your garage space appropriately, but with these gas heaters, it’s easier than you think. Although they’re a bit more expensive than other heaters initially, they are cheap to operate so they will cost you much less in the long run. Whether you choose one of the models on this list or use this information to find another model, you’ll be on your way to the best gas garage heater in no time.

From this list, the clear winner is our first pick, the Mr. Heater F260560 Big Maxx MHU80NG Natural Gas Unit Heater. We like this heater because it includes easy access to all the terminals and the thermostat, as well as optional horizontal or vertical venting. With an 80,000 BTU capacity, it’s enough to heat garages up to 2,000 square feet, even with poor insulation or sealing. Plus, it includes the gas-to-propane conversion kit for total universal compatibility.

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