Top 12 Best Infrared Heaters for 2020

best infared heater

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Finding the right heating solutions can be difficult. There are a number of different options on the market and depending on the space that you are trying to heat, some types of heating options might be better suited than others will be. One of the options that have become quite popular in recent years is infrared heating. As the name suggests, these heaters are making use of infrared rays to help heat up a space, which is similar to how the sun works to heat the earth. Later, we will take a closer look at just how these types of heaters work to keep a space warm.

Today, there are plenty of options on the market for infrared heaters. Below, you will find 12 of the best heaters available. One of these could be a perfect addition to a home, a cabin, office, or other areas that you need to heat. Let’s take a closer look at each of them and then learn more about how the heaters work and how to choose the right one.

Best Infared Heater in 2020

Unique Heat1500W15.1” x 11.5” x 9.6”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
KOOLWOOM Portable Electric Space Heater1000W to 1500W15.4” x 12.4” x 15.7”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Duraflame 9HM9216-O1421500W13.9” x 16.4” x 15.3”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Dr. Infrared Heater1500W13” x 11” x 16”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Heat Storm HS-1599-PHX-WIFI1500W21” x 15” x 7”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Heat Storm HS-1000-WX1000W13” x 16.5” x 3.6”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
TRUSTECH Electric Space Heater1500W/750W/300W11.96” x 10.77” x 14.3”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
LifeSmart 6 Element Quartz with Wood Cabinet1500W Max/500W Min13” x 16.25” x 17.5”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Duraflame 9HM8101-O1421500W12.8” x 16.8” x 15.3”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Homegear IR Heater1500W12” x 13” x 17”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Edenpure Classic Infrared Heater1500W14.5” x 11.4” x 14.9”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Duraflame 5HM8000-O1421500W8” x 10” x 22.8”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Unique Heat

The Unique Heat infrared heater is a high-quality option that features a range of benefits to make it easy to use. It features wheels, for example, which makes it possible to easily move the space heater to the area where you need it most. While it is a lightweight option, coming in at only 15 lbs., the wheels will make it even more convenient for you. In addition to the wheels, there are carrying handles on either side, so you can pick it up with ease and without worrying about dropping it. The remote control that is included makes it even easier to use.

Another nice feature of the heater is the fact that it can be programmed. You can simply program the number of hours that you would want the unit to remain active. This means you do not have to worry about turning it off or forgetting that you left it on when you went to work. When the unit turns off, it goes through a cooldown process, which helps to increase its overall level of safety.

The settings for the heater can be toggled from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and you will be able to choose from 20 different intensity levels. This will give you control over just how much heat the system provides. Another huge benefit is that the owners will not have to go through multiple air filters. This infrared heater features a single air filter that will last a lifetime. All you need to do is remove it and clean it. There are no special tools required to open the unit to get to the filter either.

The unit is quiet and safe. Because it is quiet, it could be a good choice to put into bedrooms. You will not have to worry about it keeping you awake. It features a sensor that knows if the unit has been tipped over. It if does tip over, the unit will turn off automatically.

The unit is 1500W and capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet. The heat output is 5,200 BTU. The unit is durable and it is built to last. The working life for the infrared heater is 80,000 hours. It has a 6’ long extension cord with three prongs. Owners should never plug it into an extension cord, though.

KOOLWOOM Portable Electric Space Heater

This option features infrared Zone Heating Systems and six infrared quartz tubes. It features overheating and tip-over protection, as well as the ability to heat up rapidly. It also has a remote control, which will make controlling the unit easy even when you are across the room. The power cord for this unit is 71” long, making it just under six feet.

The unit weighs just over 20 lbs., and it is easy to pick up and move if needed. It does not have carrying handles, but it does have wheels. It is simple to wheel it around to different areas of the room without any trouble. It features an LED screen that is large enough to see even from a distance. The unit has a wood-style design.

There are three different modes available with this unit. It can work in the 1500W mode, the 1000W mode, or the ECO mode. The ECO mode is energy efficient. The compact design means that this will fit easily into many different spaces in the home. Not only could it be placed on the floor, but it could also be placed on a tabletop or nightstand if needed.

The infrared heater has a smart 12-hour timer, too. You will be able to set the time to different operating times in one-hour increments. As with the previous option on the list, you can keep using the same filter. However, you still need to remember to clean it. Typically, it will need to be cleaned every three months when it is being used regularly. For many, this can last through the entire winter season and only need to be cleaned and checked at the start and end of the season.

The tip-over safety feature mentioned earlier works simply. When the heater is knocked over, there is an internal switch that will shut it off automatically. After you return it to its upright position, the heater will reset, so you can turn it on again. The overheating safety feature detects if the temperature is high enough that it could overheat and start a fire. If high heat is detected, the unit will shut off automatically.

Duraflame 9HM9216-O142

Duraflame is a well-known name and this unit provides a range of features that help to make it a good option for those in the market for an infrared heater. This is a 5,200 BTU heater that is able to provide supplemental heating for up to 1,000 square feet. It has an adjustable thermostat right on the unit, which will make it easy to get the exact temperature that you need for the room.

This unit also features an overheating sensor. The Safer Plug will monitor temperatures with a built-in thermometer. This will ensure that the heater shuts down before overheating and becoming a safety risk.

The unit has an electronic timer function. You can set the unit to shut offer from half an hour all the way up to nine hours depending on your needs. This means that you do not have to worry about leaving the unit on and forgetting it. The timer ensures that you can set it and then go about your business.

The freestanding infrared heater is lightweight and easy to move from one room to the other. This one has wheels, but it does not have carrying handles. Because it only weighs 28.2 lbs., it should still be possible for most people to be able to move it from one area to another.

The unit is framed in solid hardwoods and real wood veneers. This means that it should fit in nicely with a wide range of different types of decorating styles. Due to the nature of the heating, it still remains cool when touched like other infrared heaters on the list. The unit has a remote control, too, so you can control it from anywhere in the room. This is a convenience that most people will appreciate, especially if they have it in their room and need to turn it on or off in the middle of the night.

Dr. Infrared Heater

There are many features of this infrared heater to enjoy. One of the benefits is that it uses a large blower that is whisper quiet. This helps to make sure that it is efficient and that it is not so loud that it becomes distracting. The dual heating systems in this unit has an infrared quartz tube and PTC. It provides excellent heat distribution to help warm the space up quickly.

The electronic thermostat makes it possible to choose temperatures from 50 degrees F to 86 degrees F. This means that it should be easy to set the perfect temperature for your needs and your comfort no matter where you use it. The unit has a remote control, as well, so it can be controlled from anywhere in the room. Users will also appreciate that is has a 12hr timer, so you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn the unit off. The cord for the unit is 72” long.

Casters located at the bottom of the infrared heater help to make it nice and easy to wheel the unit around the room and even to different rooms. Since it only weighs 24 lbs., it should be possible to pick it up and carry it to different levels of the home, as well. The large screen on the unit makes it possible to see the temperature setting even from across the room.

You will find that the Dr. Infrared Heater will provide you with the same types of protections as the other units mentioned above. It has a tip-over safety feature, so it will shut off when it has been knocked over. It also has overheating protection, so the users do not have to worry about the heater starting a fire. These heaters can provide more peace of mind than other types of heating systems.

Heat Storm HS-1599-PHX-WIFI

While this unit works on the same principle as the other units on the list, you will find that this one is somewhat different in size and appearance. The slick Heat Storm can be placed on the wall. While this means that it is not as portable as other options with wheels, it still has quite a few benefits that can make it good for many homes. In fact, some might want to have several of these in their home located in various rooms that get a lot of action.

One of the other interesting features of the unit is that it is WiFi-enabled. This means that instead of a typical remote control, you will be able to control the operation of the infrared heater right through your phone. This can be handy since it means people will not have another remote that they could potentially lose. It also means that you will not even need to be in the same room when you are controlling the unit.

The unit is safe to the touch and it is able to heat up to 750 square feet effectively. The unit has also been ETL safety certified. It can work quite well for supplemental heating. Since it mounts to the wall, it also means that you will not be giving up any valuable floor space. It can work well for many types of rooms. When you install the unit over an outlet, it is even possible to hide the cord. Overall, it is an energy-efficient option that could work well for a range of different homes.

You will also find that the heater is only about 9 lbs., which will make it nice and easy for anyone to install and set up even if they have to bring the unit upstairs or downstairs.

Heat Storm HS-1000-WX

Heat Storm has made the list again with another efficient and attractive wall infrared heater. This unit has a somewhat different layout and design to the previous option. The 1000W heater only weighs a little more than 7 lbs. Wall installation for the unit is simple when following the included instructions. The unit comes with a remote to control the heat from across the room. It has a large display, making it possible to easily see the setting.

The unit can provide 3,400 BTUs, which will allow owners to heat up to 500 square feet with supplemental heating. It has a safe to touch grill even when it is on and heating the room. This makes it a good choice for those who have children or pets, as it will eliminate the possibility of a burn.

Like the other option from Heat Saver above, the fact that this will affix to the wall helps to save some floor space. The unit will use up less than two square feet of wall space and it will plug into any 110V outlet. If you choose to install it over an outlet, as with the unit above, it will be possible to hide the cord.

It is also ETL safety certified. If something were to block the blower, for example, and the temperature was to get too hot, it will automatically shut off the unit. Since the unit is on the wall, you will not have to worry about it tipping over. Additionally, the design of this unit will allow it to work with other electrical devices on the same breaker without you needing to worry about the breaker tripping.

The unit has a sleek style and design, it is black, and it will work nicely with many different décor styles. It could be a good option for your needs.

TRUSTECH Electric Space Heater

The heater features three different heating settings, making it possible to have more control over how much heat is emitted. There is a high-heat mode, which is 1500W, a low setting for 750W and the Eco setting, which is 300W. It is easy to switch between the modes as needed, and you will find that the infrared heater is able to heat up a room quickly.

The heater has a timer, which can be adjusted up to 12 hours. The heater will turn off at the end of the allotted time, and users will even be able to set it to turn on at a certain time. This can be very helpful if you want the heater to turn on before you get up in the morning or before you come home in the evening. The unit also operates quietly, so it can work well in a bedroom without disturbing those trying to sleep.

As with other infrared heaters, you can expect excellent safety features with this model. It will automatically shut off in the event that it is overheating. It also has a tip-over shut off feature. This will help to eliminate the risk of a fire. If you have kids or pets, having this feature be a part of the heater you choose is always a good idea.

The room heater has a remote, and it features a programmable thermostat function. You can choose temperatures from 59 degrees F up to 86 degrees F. Once you set the desired temperature, it will remember the temperature for the next time that you use the heater, even after shutting it off. The LED screen will make it easy to see the temperature and the setting even across the room. One of the other benefits of the remote is the ability to lock in the settings on the control panel. This means you will not have to worry if you have children that push buttons they shouldn’t.

The unit does not have wheels, but it only weighs about 15 lbs. It should be possible to easily move it from room to room as needed.

LifeSmart 6 Element Quartz with Wood Cabinet

The heater is lightweight and features wheels on the bottom for easy transport around the room. There are three different settings usable with this infrared heater – high, medium, and Eco. This unit features six wrapped infrared elements, which allows it to heat up a room quickly. It also helps to provide users with a nice, even heat. The heater is able to heat up to 1,400 cubic feet with 5,100 BTUs. It has a washable lifetime filter, so you will not have to worry about constantly buying and changing out filters.

The unit has a stylish design with a wood cabinet. It can work well for many different homes and decorating styles. The unit has a 12hr timer, as well. The dual timer settings will allow the user to turn the unit on or off up to 12 hours in advance. Like the last option on the list, this means you can set the heater to warm up the room before you come home or before you wake in the morning.

The remote control for the unit is easy to use, and it features large buttons that are raised. The raised buttons will make it easier for people to use the remote even when it is dark in the room. This is helpful when you have low light in the living room or when you have no lights on in your bedroom, for example.

Duraflame 9HM8101-O142

Duraflame’s next entry on the list is a model that is a 5,200 BTU heater that is able to provide supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet. The unit is able to stay cool to the touch, ensuring that pets and kids are not burned if they accidentally touch it. The unit also features an electronic timer and an adjustable thermostat. The unit has concealed casters, so it can be wheeled to any location you need quickly and easily. The casters are able to roll in any direction.

This heater is somewhat heavier than the others above. It is 26.4 lbs., but that should still be light enough that many people will not have any trouble moving it from one location to another or even up and down the stairs. The unit features solid hardwoods and real wood veneers. It has a classic look and it can work well for most homes regardless of the type of décor.

The unit comes with a remote control to make it easy to have full control over the temperatures no matter where you are in the room. The digital display makes it easy to see the current temperature of the infrared heater, as well.

Homegear IR Heater

Buyers will find that this unit has a unique look. Rather than the wooden cabinet that is commonly seen on the units, this is a slick, black unit that can look great in many homes. This is especially true for those that have modern-style décor. The unit is highly efficient and is able to heat medium to large size rooms up to 1,500 square feet. It features a dual heating system that combines mica and quartz infrared heating tubes.

The large LED display on the unit makes it easy to monitor. The remote control will allow you to change from a Celsius to a Fahrenheit readout on the unit. It is easy to control the temperature, and you can set up a timer with the unit, so it is only running when you need it.

You will find that this is also a lightweight and compact unit. It only weighs 11.5 lbs., so most will not have any trouble moving this to any part of the house they need. It does not have wheels, but because of the low weight, this is not really a drawback. The unit has a 71” cord.

This is an efficient, high-quality fan that has ETL safety certification and overheating protection. It can work well for many areas of the home and beyond.

Edenpure Classic Infrared Heater

This new model comes with Copper Helix far-infrared commercial quartz tubes. The technology allows for more heat to be put out into the room while still using the same amount of power. You can get more heat without needing to spend more on your electrical bill, which is something that most can appreciate. The unit is highly safe for the home even if you have kids or pets. It has a safety switch in the event that it gets tipped over. It also features overheating protection like the other units on the list.

The Copper Helix infrared bulbs have a lifespan of 10,000 hours, so you can be sure that the heater is long-lasting. The unit also features a remote control, making it easier to use the unit.

One of the things to note about this unit is that it does not have a temperature readout that you have seen with other infrared heaters. Instead, it has a scale on the front that is easy to understand. This scale has 10 different settings. You can use the unit or the remote to quickly and easily go through the various settings to find the temperature that you like for the room you are in at the time.

Duraflame 5HM8000-O142

Duraflame rounds out our list of the best infrared heaters. You will notice that this heater is somewhat different from the other heaters on the list, as well. It is taller and slenderer than the other units. It has a black grill and an oak cabinet. The 5,200 BTU heater can provide supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet.

It will stay cool the touch. Again, this is good for anyone with pets or with small children. It also helps to prevent accidental burns from someone who might forget that the heater is on and try to move it.

The heater features a tip-over safety switch, as well as overheating protection. The unit has an oscillation feature that will help the heater to reach even more areas. It can stay fixed in one direction, or it can turn back and forth with the oscillation feature if needed. The unit does not have any wheels or casters, but it only weighs a little more than 23 lbs. Moving it should not be too much of a problem when needed.

The heater has an attractive aesthetic, an easy to read layout, and it is very simple to set up and use like the other great infrared heaters found on the list. Naturally, it also comes with a remote control, which can make the operation even easier. It could be a good solution for many homes out there.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

Infrared heaters work differently from traditional heaters and space heaters that are commonly used to heat an area. They emit infrared rays, which are similar to the types of rays that the sun emits. One of the big benefits of this type of heating is the fact that it will allow an area to be heated evenly and safely.

You will also find that these types of heaters tend to be very cheap to run when compared with other options. This is because they do not require as much energy to operate, but they are still able to create a substantial amount of heat. Other types of heat will rely on convection currents, which will heat the air. The heated air will rise, which means the heater is going to have to keep working hard to keep the area warm. This means more wasted energy.

The infrared heaters do not have this problem. They have plenty of other benefits that help to make them a good choice, as well. With the other methods of heating that actually heat the air, it also has the drawback of drying out the air. This means a dry environment, which can make the air feel stuffy. It can also be bad for the skin, the nasal passages, and more. The heat that comes from an infrared heater will be more comfortable and more like being outside on a sunny day.

Another nice benefit of choosing an infrared heater is the fact that they tend to have minimal maintenance. There are no motors that will wear out, if it contains an air filter, it will only need occasional cleaning, and you do not have to worry about lengthy or expensive maintenance. Simply wiping down the grill and reflectors to remove dust on occasion is all you really need. Of course, each of the units will have their own instructions from the manufacturer. You should always follow those to ensure you are properly maintaining your unit.

You will find that the IR heaters also happen to be very good at heating a space up quickly. You do not have to wait for the heat to build up, which can be very frustrating when you are in a cold home or office space. The heaters tend to be quiet, as well. They are also environmentally friendly and they are safe, as you will see below.

How Safe is Infrared Heating?

Whenever someone purchases any type of space heater, one of the main concerns they will have is over safety. They want to make sure that the unit will not cause any damage to their homes or to their pets or kids. Fortunately, you have seen from the options on the list, safety is taken very seriously by the manufacturers. They have built-in safety features, such as tip-over switches and overheating switches.

You will also find that the core temperature of these types of heaters will not get as hot as conventional heaters. They also do not require any fuel. Years ago, the use of kerosene heaters was common. Not only did those heaters present a serious fire risk, especially if they were tipped over, but they also polluted the air. They could make people seriously ill if they were in an enclosed space with them for too long.

Infrared heaters have removed all of these types of concerns. They also tend to have grills and surfaces that remain cool to the touch even when they are being used. This means you will not have to worry about a curious dog burning its nose or a child accidentally placing their hand on the heater when they are playing.

Always take the time to check out the safety features that are available whenever you are buying any piece of equipment that you plan to bring into the house.

Where Could an Infrared Heater Be Used?

These heaters are very flexible, and you will find that they can be used in a host of different locations with great effect. Let’s look at a few of the ways and places that you might want to use one of these heaters.

Of course, the first thought for most people is to have one of these heaters in the home. In fact, this is where most people will probably be using them. They work well for zone heating. This means that you can use the heater to control the temperature of a zone of your home, such as the living room. This allows you to keep the living room warm without worrying about the rest of the house. They can be used in a bedroom or home office similarly.

You put the heaters where you and the family are spending your time, and you do not have to waste electricity heating the rest of the home. The heaters work wonderfully as supplemental heating.

infared heaters

Of course, there are plenty of other places where someone might want to use one of these heaters, as well. For example, it can be a nice way to provide some heat for the RV when you are camping in colder climates. You could bring it to a cabin, as well, as long as you have power. It could also work well to bring out to the garage when you are working. They work quite well in the basement, game rooms, your office at work, and more.

As long as you have a place where you can plug the infrared heater into an outlet and make sure it is not in anyone’s way, it can work very well.

Because these are used as space heaters, you might find that you would like to have more than one for your house if you have a large space. For example, you might want one for the living room and one for each of the bedrooms. It will really depend on just how much space you will need to heat and how much time people tend to spend in those rooms. You might want to start with one and then add on as you need them.

Practical Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying an Infrared Heater

If you are going to be buying one or more of these heaters, there are some things you will want to keep in mind. One of the most important will be the amount of space that you need to heat at once. Consider the size room that the manufacturers say the unit can heat. If you have a room that is larger than that and that needs to be heated, such as a factory floor, you might need to have several of the units. Most of the time, a unit will work well to keep a living room, kitchen, or bedroom nice and warm.

Think about the portability, as well, which is also covered in safety below. If you will be moving the item from room to room regularly, you will want to consider a unit that has wheels or that is lightweight. If you plan to keep the heater in a single room, most of the options can work well. Those who want to save some more floor space will want to consider a wall unit.

Design might also be important when you are making your decision. As you can see from the list above, there are a number of different styles available. Many of them feature a wood cabinet, while others have a sleeker modern appearance. Think about what will likely work best for your particular needs from a design perspective. However, keep in mind that the quality and the functionality of the unit should always be more important than design.Fortunately, the options on the list above are all excellent choices.

Check to see what type of warranty the unit comes with, as well. Even though most of the units should work well for a long time without any issue, knowing that the unit has a warranty can provide you with that added peace of mind to help you rest easy.

Simple Safety Tips for Infrared Heaters

One of the main reasons that people like infrared heaters is because they tend to be a safe option when it comes to heating a space. However, this does not mean that all safety precautions should be thrown out the window. It is still important to use common sense and to make sure your children know that it is a heater. You do not want them to go to a friend’s house that uses a different type of heater and end up burning themselves.

You also want to make sure that the heaters are placed in areas that do not get a lot of foot traffic from people or pets. Even though they are certainly safe if they were to get tipped over thanks to the safety turn-off switch, they can still present a trip and fall hazard. Think about where you will be placing them to make sure they do not become a hazard.

Consider moving the heaters, as well. Even though most people will be able to lift and move the heaters without trouble, that is not always the case. Be careful when you are moving the heater and make sure that you have the cord wrapped up, so you do not end up tripping on it. If the heater is too heavy for you and you need to take it up or downstairs, have someone move it for you. If there will be a lot of moving the heater up and downstairs, such as if you have a bedroom on the second floor and you also want to use the heater in the living room downstairs, consider getting more than one.

As you can see, infrared heaters here have quite a bit to offer. They are a great solution for those who are looking for something different from traditional heating or those who may need supplemental heating. With all of the options available and the list above, it should be easy to find a solution that will work well for your home and your needs. Take the time to find a unit that will work well for you no matter where you plan to use it.

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