Top 6 Best Lawn Tractor Batteries for 2022

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best lawn tractor battery

Lawn tractors are an efficient tool to use when mowing properties that have large lawns. These lawn tractors can be used for large private properties, estates, business parks, apartment complexes, and much more. Wherever there is a large green, grassy space that needs proper tending and care, lawn tractors help to reduce the time and energy that it takes to get a beautifully manicured lawn. It is important to ensure that the lawn tractor is in good shape and that you are taking proper care of it. This includes ensuring that you have the best lawn tractor battery for your lawn tractor.

Having a high-quality battery helps to ensure that your lawn tractor is operating efficiently. It also means that you will not have to recharge or replace the battery quite as often. There are many different options on the market for lawn tractor batteries today, and this can sometimes make things confusing for you to understand exactly which one is the best solution for your needs. Many people think that all batteries are essentially the same, but that’s not the case.

To help make choosing the best lawn tractor batteries as easy as possible, we have gathered the six top choices below. You can check out some mini-reviews of the batteries, see how they compare, and then make the best choice for your lawn tractor. Later, we will also learn more about lawn tractors, charging and installing the batteries, and changing the lawn tractor battery.

The Best Lawn Tractor Battery

Mighty Max Battery ML-U1-CCAHR12 months7.75” x 5.11” x 6.25”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Chrome Battery Deep Cycle SLA Replacement Battery18 months
7.68” x 6.46” x 5.12”
ExpertPower EXP1218012 months7.1” x 3” x 6.3”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Mighty Max Battery ML-35-12 SLA12 months7.13” x 6.5” x 7.68”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Battery12 months7.8” x 5.2” x 6.22”
Weize FP1218012 months7.13” x 3.03” x 6.57”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Mighty Max Battery ML-U1-CCAHR

Mighty Max is a name that you will see several times on this list of best lawn tractor battery options. The company makes high-quality batteries including the ML-U1 seen here. It is a 12-volt battery that has 320 cold cranking amps (CCA). It is a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. The positive terminal is on the right and the negative terminal is on the left. The battery is spill-proof, and it has the capacity to operate in a wide range of temperatures.

The rechargeable mower battery provides a one-year warranty. It provides a long service life, and deep discharge recovery. This means that even if there is over-discharge with the battery, it can still recover.

One of the other benefits of the battery is that it can be mounted in any position. The quality lawn tractor battery will withstand shocks and vibrations, and it can provide a long life, so you have to recharge less. The battery provides quality deep cycling, a faster overall startup for your tractor, and lower internal resistance. This battery weighs 14.5 lbs.


  • The 320 CCA provides optimal engine starting
  • Can be installed and mounted in any position
  • Provides a long life and plenty of power


  • Some have said that the battery does not come with a full charge, so you may want to charge it before use.

Chrome Battery Deep Cycle SLA Replacement Battery

Chrome Battery offers a high-quality deep cycle SLA replacement battery that can be used in a wide range of lawn tractors and other types of equipment. This lawn tractor battery is often used as a replacement for the Husqvarna YTH2448 lawn tractor battery. The 12-volt 35-amp sealed lead acid battery provides a T3 terminal. The sealed lead acid battery can be recharged and is easy to use for a wide range of different types of machines, not just tractors.

The construction of the lawn tractor battery included glass mat technology, which ensures that the battery is spill-proof. The negative terminal is on the right side of the battery, while the positive is on the left. The versatile battery is easy to install and connect, and it is one of the best lawn tractor batteries you will find today. The battery weighs 21.7 lbs., and it can be mounted in any position. You will find that the heavy-duty lawn tractor battery is vibration-resistant and user-friendly.


  • Easy to use with many types of equipment
  • Sealed lead acid battery
  • The battery is long-lasting and can be recharged up to 2,000 times


  • A few customers have said that the battery drops in charge between uses.

ExpertPower EXP12180

The EXP12180 is a 12-volt, 18-amp, 20-hour sealed lead acid battery that features nuts and bolts terminals. The negative terminal is on the right side of the battery, while the positive terminal is on the left side. This is one of the best lawn tractor battery options because it provides a high impact resistant case that is made from nonconductive ABS plastic. ExpertPower makes some of the most popular and trusted sealed lead acid batteries available, and this one could be a great option for your lawn tractor.

The battery also used AGM technology. This technology uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology that provides a safer battery. You will not have to worry about the battery spilling, and you will find that this is easy to install, as well. The battery is resistant to shock, as well as resistant to heat, chemicals, and vibrations. The durable construction helps to make it a solid solution for your lawn tractor. The lightweight tractor battery only weighs 12 lbs.


  • The battery makes use of AGM technology
  • Offers safe operation in any position
  • An affordable and reliable battery option


  • A handful of people who have used the battery claim that it doesn’t hold a charge as long as it should.

Mighty Max Battery ML-35-12 SLA

Mighty Max returns to the list with the ML-35-12. This is a 12-volt, SLA battery that is rechargeable and virtually maintenance-free. It works well as a replacement battery for the lawn tractor battery that is no longer working. The AGM technology helps to ensure that there is no spillage. The battery has a high discharge rate and can operate at a wide range of temperatures. It provides deep discharge recovery, as well as a long service life, as does the other option from Mighty Max on the list of best lawn tractor batteries.

The battery can be mounted in any position, and it is rechargeable. The lawn tractor battery will be able to resist shocks and vibration, as well. The product provides you with the power you need as a lawnmower battery or a lawn tractor battery. As with all of the batteries on the list, make sure that it will fit your machine before you buy it.

Batteries from Mighty Max are made using high-quality materials, which ensures that they are entirely safe. The battery weighs 24 lbs.


  • The battery uses AGM technology for added safety
  • It can be mounted in any position
  • Makes a great John Deere replacement battery


  • Some buyers have claimed to have trouble with the battery lasting for more than a few months.

Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Battery

The Cub Cadet lawn tractor battery can serve as a replacement battery for a range of different machines. It can provide more than 400 cold cranking amps, and it is entirely sealed. There is no need to fill the battery with acid, as it is ready to go when it arrives. It is spill-proof, and it is easy to use. The lawn tractor battery is a 12-volt, 35-amp rechargeable sealed lead acid battery that provides a substantial amount of power and AGM technology. The tractor battery can be mounted in any position and remain safe.

As with most batteries, the positive terminal is on the left and the negative terminal is on the right. This battery weighs 24 lbs.


  • Helps the electric lawn mower and tractor to start faster
  • The battery is easy to use
  • Excellent safety thanks to the sealed battery and AGM technology


  • It may be somewhat taller than the stock battery for certain Cub Cadet lawn tractors, so make sure it will fit your machine.

Weize FP12180

This 12-volt, 18-amp hour, sealed lead acid rechargeable battery is maintenance-free and easy to use. The battery’s case is highly durable, and it uses absorbed glass mat technology to help ensure safety and to keep the acid contained. The battery can be used for a range of different types of tools around the lawn and garden including lawn tractors. The battery only weighs 12.28 lbs., and you will find that it can offer universal power for most purposes.

The battery uses a calcium-alloy grid, which provides quality performance. It can be used without fear of leaking, and it can provide excellent performance for many different models of machine, including an array of lawn tractors. Something to note with this lawn tractor battery is that the positive terminal is on the right and the negative terminal is on the left.


  • The battery is easy to set up and use
  • Rugged construction
  • Can work for a range of different applications, not just tractor batteries


  • A few customers have claimed that it doesn’t work well for demanding applications.

What to Consider When Buying Lawn Tractor Batteries

When it comes time to buy a lawn tractor battery, you want to be sure you are choosing only the best. However, this doesn’t simply mean choosing the best-rated battery you can find. You need to find the battery that is right for your mower. This means you will want to pay attention to the size of the battery to make sure it will fit properly. You will find that many of the options on this list are able to be mounted in any position, which can provide more options for you.

Make sure that the battery you are choosing is powerful enough to handle the vehicle that you have. If you have a large John Deere lawnmower, you are going to need a powerful battery. If you have a smaller tractor, you might not need to have as much power. Always double-check to make sure that the battery provides enough power and that it will work with your make and model tractor.

Tips for Changing a Lawn Tractor Battery

When you have a lawn tractor battery for a number of years, it will eventually need to be replaced. Even when you maintain the battery well, it will eventually get to a point where it doesn’t hold charges for very long. Those who want to continue their yard work need to get a new lawn tractor battery. If you have ever changed out a car battery before, you will find that the process is very similar. The batteries for the lawnmower tractors are smaller and lighter, but the concept is similar.

When you need to change out the old battery, the first thing you will want to do is remove that old battery. Make sure the tractor is off and the keys are removed. These are typically placed under the hood or the seat of the mower. The best thing to do is look at your manufacturer’s use guidelines if you aren’t sure where the battery is located. If there is a bar that holds the tractor battery in place, remove it now.

Then, you will start by removing the black negative (-) cable first, and then remove the red positive (+) cable. Remove the old battery from where it is seated. Remove any corrosion that might in the area where the battery sits and make sure it is cleaned out properly. Dispose of the old mower battery, as noted below.

Place the new battery into the housing and attach the bar that holds the battery in place. Then, you can add the power cables. However, you will do this in the opposite order. You will attach the positive cable first and then attach the negative cable. Once it is in place, you can then test it out and make sure that it works. It really is that easy to install a new battery.

Tips for Charging a Lawn Tractor Battery

The tractor batteries that are on the list above can provide your lawnmower with the electric power it needs to help clear your lawn and keep it looking great. However, that doesn’t mean the charge is going to last forever. The rechargeable batteries will need to be recharged sometimes. If you have not used your John Deere lawnmower, or other lawn tractor over the winter, then you will want to recharge the battery before the first use.

Batteries will often deplete their charge somewhat during periods when they are not used. This is because many people forget to remove the battery cables from the terminals before they store the lawn tractor for the winter. The best thing to do is test the charge of the battery and then charge it back up to full.

Make sure that you are using the correct charger for the battery. All of the batteries on the list above are 12-volt, which is common for lawn mower batteries. Use a charger that will work for 12-volt batteries, so you do not overcharge or undercharge. In addition, if you are using incorrect chargers for the battery, it could end up causing damage.

When you are hooking up the charger, you will want to start with the red positive (+) battery terminal and cable. You can attach the black negative (-) cable next. Once you have both of those cables connected to the battery on the proper terminals, you can then plug in the charger to start charging your lawn tractor battery.

Depending on the type of charger you have, you might need to manually time the charging process. Typically, it will take about four to six hours to get a full charge, but this can vary. Some of the chargers available will have indicator lights that will let you know when the battery is fully charged. If you have the option, look to add one of these types of chargers to your list of items.

After the charging is complete, you can unplug the charger after turning it off and wait for the battery to cool down for a few minutes. Then, you will remove the cables. Remove the negative cable first and then the positive cable – the opposite order from when you attached them. After that, you will be able to hook up the lawn tractor battery to your tractor and have the power you need.

How to Properly Dispose of Tractor Batteries

The batteries that you are using for your lawn tractors have acid in them. Even though you might never see the acid, as it will be hidden behind durable ABS plastic in most cases, this doesn’t mean that you can simply throw your battery away in the trash or the regular recycling. When the battery is no longer providing you with a charge, or when there is any other issue that requires you to get a replacement battery, you need to be sure that you are disposing of your old tractor batteries properly.

You need to recycle your lawn tractor batteries at a facility that will be able to handle them. There are likely recycling locations in your area that will take these batteries and dispose of them properly. You will want to take a few minutes to look up your local regulations for battery disposal and find locations for recycling that you can use.

You will find that most batteries should be able to last for several years before they have trouble holding a charge and will need to have a replacement. Still, get the information you need on recycling those types of batteries in your area now before you need it. Then, you will know exactly where to take the old batteries when you have to replace the lawnmower battery. Not following the regulations in your area could result in a fine, and just leaving them on your property is not good for the environment.

Get the Battery You Need Today

If you need a replacement battery for your John Deere lawn tractor, or you are looking for a battery for a lawnmower of a different brand, there are plenty of choices available. Use the information above to get a better idea of which mower battery is right for your lawn tractor. Many of the batteries above can work with John Deere, as well as a host of other brands of mowers and lawn tractors. Now that you have a better idea of the top brands and options that are on the market, you can more easily find the best solution for your needs.

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