Top 9 Meat Slicers for 2020

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Many people would benefit from having a high-quality meat slicer in their home or in their place of business. Whether you are hosting a large gathering of family and friends for a get-together or you are a caterer planning an event, having the right tools on hand can make all the difference. One of those tools that you will want to consider is a meat slicer. Of course, there are countless makes and models on the shelves today and knowing which of those is the best choice can be rather difficult to determine. To help make things easier, we’ve gathered up the top 9 meat slicers available right now. You can learn more about these products, as well as what you should look for and tips for maintaining the meat slicer.

Best Meat Slicer in 2020

 NameWeightBlade Size 
Chef’s Choice 615AStainless Steel7”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Kitchener MS-106215RStainless Steel9”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli/Food SlicerSerrated Stainless Steel7.5”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Techwood Meat SlicerSerrated Stainless Steel6.7”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat SlicerStainless Steel10” (with 6.7” and 7.5” options available)CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
KitchenWare Station KWS MS-10NTNon-Sticky Teflon Blade10”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Chef’s Choice 609A000Stainless Steel7”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


The BESWOOD 250 is a quality meat slicer that offers chromium-plated coating and carbon steel that helps to make it highly durable and reliable. Because of the corrosion protection, it helps to keep the 10” blade sharper for longer. This means less sharpening by the owner.

It has a simple to use on and off switch that is illuminated, as well as a premium V-belt. The high-quality belt helps to reduce noise and vibration. The slicer also has skid-proof rubber feet, as well as a blade ring guard, which helps to provide some added safety.

This electric meat slicer could work well in the home, but it is also a good option for commercial kitchens that need to slice meats, cheese, bread, and vegetables. It is easy to use, very effective, and it can make life easier in the kitchen by getting through all of those chores of slicing much faster.

Chef’s Choice 615A

This meat slicer features a 7” stainless steel blade that is able to slice easily through meat and a range of other types of food. It is able to provide slices as thin as you would find in any deli all the way up to ¾” thick slices. The unit is durable and able to stand up to a substantial amount of use. It also features an easy-clean design on all parts of the machine including the blade, food carriage, pusher, and more.

One of the other nice features of the slicer is the addition of a special button that will secure the food carriage in a locked position. This will limit access to the blade when the slicer is not in use, which is helpful for helping to prevent injuries.

The powerful motor of the unit makes it easy to slice through a range of different types of food, not just meat. It features a nice overall style, an easy grip, and nonslip design, and both an intermittent and continuous use on/off switch.


The meat slicers will cut through any type of boneless meat with ease, and it as an adjustable feature, so you can choose from thin slices or thick slices up to half an inch. The variable thickness knob is easy to use and it features markings, so you can know exactly how thick your slices will be. It has a sharp blade and a powerful motor that can make quick work of the meat you have to slice in your kitchen.

The unit now comes with a removable slide-rod extension, which can help to make cleaning the slicer easy. The slicer also offers rubber suction feet. Once you place it onto the counter and affix it, you can be sure that it will not be moving around when you use it. This makes using the slicer safer. Another safety feature is the child lock protection switches. This ensures that children do not injure themselves on the machine.

As with the other meat slicers on the list, you can do more than just slice meat. It works just as well for bread, cheeses, and fruit.

Kitchener MS-106215R

Those who are looking for a smaller and lightweight option might want to consider this model from Kitchener. It weighs less than 15 lbs., but it still has a 9” blade. As with the other options on the list, you will find that it is easy to adjust the thickness of the slices no matter what you might be slicing – meat, cheese, bread, or fruit. It can provide you with deli thin meat all the way up to 5/8” slices.

The machine is made from premium coated steel and it features a die-cast aluminum housing. The unit is compact and it features an easy to clean design. You can quickly and easily remove the various parts of the slicer for a full and complete cleaning. The powerful slicer could be a good option for many homes in need of a quality way to slice meat and other items. However, it might not be a good solution for a large restaurant or deli.

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli/Food Slicer

The slicer features a convenience on and off switch, a powerful motor, and a serrated stainless steel blade to help slice through meats and a range of other types of food. The device has a dial that makes it possible to easily adjust the thickness of the items that are being sliced.

The small size of the unit makes it a solid choice for homes. It only measures 9” x 12”, so it should not have any trouble fitting into a cabinet when it is not in use. The slicer is easy to clean, as well. It features a removable and retractable blade and die-cast aluminum housing.

The slicer also has non-slip feet and a blade safety guard and food pusher. You can be sure that the feet will stay in place and that you have a solid, safe grip when you are using the pusher. It offers a range of benefits to those who are looking for a quality home meat slicer and who do not have space for a large slicer.

Techwood Meat Slicer

While it might be smaller than the meat slicers that you see in the deli, you will find that this device can still do a lot of work. It features a 6.7” blade and the widest adjustable depth available for meat slicers, ensuring that you are able to get the slices just the thickness that you need. As with all of the other options on the list, this can work for more than just slicing meat.

The serrations on the blade help to ensure that it stays sharp for longer. The design also features advanced noise reduction, which is helpful for the home kitchen. The unit is compared and it features a hidden storage compartment for the power cord. Thanks to the small size of this unit, it could be something that you bring with you when you heat out in the RV, so you can have sliced meat while you are camping.

The system is easy to clean and it is even safe to put into the dishwasher. The food guide has finger protection, as well, which helps to prevent accidents. The on and off switch provides easy operation, and the non-slip feet ensure that it will not move on the counter when you are working.

Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

Those who have been looking for a meat slicer that would be able to provide them with commercial quality will find that this can be a good option. It could work well for home use, for caterers, and for restaurants. It is highly powerful, offering 1/3 HP, making it possible to quickly slice up meat and other types of food.

Even though this is a high-quality option that could be used for commercial needs, it is still compact. Most people should not have any trouble finding room for it in their kitchen. The stainless steel blade will resist correction and it tends to keep a nice, sharp edge. It features a range of conveniences, as well, such as the built-in sharpener. The dual whetstones allow for fast sharpening to keep the blade perfectly sharp.

The unit also has a fixed ring guard, which prevents there from being any unintended contact with the blade. This helps to ensure that fingers stay safe. The product comes with an 8” x 7” product tray, so you can slice a range of different sized meats and foods and have them fit onto the tray. It is also easy to adjust the thickness of the slices thanks to the dial that offers 15 different options all the way up to ½”.

KitchenWare Station KWS MS-10NT

This meat slicer features a large 10” blade and a powerful 320W motor. The blade is stainless steel, but it has been coated with Teflon. This helps to reduce the problem of some foods sticking to the blade as it is slicing. The unit features an aluminum alloy base. This is also a commercial quality meat slicer and it can work well for professional kitchens, caterers, as well as in the home.

This unit also has a built-in sharpener with a dual whetstone. This makes keeping the blade nice and sharp is fast and easy. You can adjust the thickness of the slices with the knob, and it can offer slices that are up to .4” thick. The meat slicer has a removable product tray assembly, a waterproof on and off switch, and skid-proof rubber feet.

Chef’s Choice 609A000

The slicer is made from cast aluminum and stainless steel, and it features a gear-drive motor with high torque that can run cool and do a good job slicing through your meat and other food. You can adjust the slice thickness with the unit from deli thin slices all the way up to ¾”. The unit has a large capacity food carriage and a cantilever design. The food carriage will also fully retract, which can allow for slicing of larger foods.

The unit is a good option for home use, and many hunters use the machine to slice their game. Of course, it can be used for a wide range of different types of foods just like the other devices on the list.

The blade, food pusher, food carriage, and the food deflector all remove easily for cleaning. The unit has a special safety button to ensure that the food carriage remains in a locked position, which will limit blade access when the machine is not being used.

What Are the Benefits of Having Your Own Meat Slicer?

If you are still on the fence about taking the plunge and buying a meat slicer of your own, it is time that you looked closer at some of the benefits whether you are using them at home or in a commercial setting.

The first benefit is that you can reduce the amount of work that you have to do in the kitchen. You can have an electric meat slicer that will be able to help you quickly and easily cut through meat to make slices of meat for sandwiches, cold cut trays, bacon, and more. Of course, you have also seen from the list above that even though the slicers might be meant for meat, they can easily cut through plenty of other types of food. Whether you are slicing cheese, bread, or fruit, it becomes much faster and easier with a meat slicer. You can also use the slicers to slice strips of meat, so you can make your own jerky.

The slicers are a good option not just for the home, but also for those who are traveling in an RV or even those who are headed out for a hunting trip. It can allow them to process some of their game faster.

When you are able to slice your own meat and other foods this way, it also leads to savings. Consider how much money deli meat that is already sliced costs? It often feels like the thing that costs the most if the fact that someone sliced it for you. Instead, do a little bit of extra work at home and slice your own. It could end up helping you save quite a lot in the long run.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Meat Slicer

Of course, you do need to make sure that you are choosing the right meat slicer for your needs. This means that you need to take some time to think about what you are going to need out of the slicer and where you will be using it. For example, if you are in the market for a meat slicer for a restaurant, you do not want to get a small unit that is meant for the home. You need something that can keep up with you. However, depending on how much a home user might be slicing meat, they might find that a commercial option will work well for them.

Always take the time to consider the quality of the slicer and the reputation of the manufacturer, as well. Look for a premium option. Even though they might cost a bit more, they tend to last longer, so you will more than make up for the cost over time.

Check the blade size, as well. Think about what you are slicing. If a blade is 7” high, it means that it will not be useful for cutting anything that is greater than 7” Those who have large meats that will need to go through the slicer will naturally want to choose a meat slicer with a larger blade. Those who are slicing smaller meats and foods will be able to use a smaller blade with no issue.

Consider the power of the unit, as well. You want to makes sure that it has some power to help slice through raw meat as well as cooked meat. Always look for items that can provide you with about 240W of power or more. You will also want to look at the size of the food tray, as well as the materials from which the machine was made. High-quality materials can make a difference in the overall longevity of the machine.

meat slicers for commercial use

Take your time to make sure that you are able to find the meat slicer that is right for you. Do not let price be the only factor that you consider. You want to find something that is in your budget, but you need to be sure that it is the best slicer in your price range before you buy it.

Simple Safety Tips for Using a Meat Slicer

While today’s meat slicers tend to have quite a few safety features added to them, it is still important that people know and understand how to remain safe when using their slicer. The first step that helps to reduce the risk of injuries is to read through the instructions before you do anything. Unfortunately, this is something that many people simply do not do. You should make it a point to read through the manual and make sure that you know and understand how it works and that you know the safety features it includes.

It is also important, even when using good guides and protection on the slicer that you always pay close attention to what you are doing. Do not get distracted by talking with other people or daydreaming. Focus on the task at hand and complete your slicing first. Losing focus is a surefire way to have a problem.

Never push the meat or other food with your hands. You want to make sure it is secure and in place, and you want to make sure you are using a food pusher to slice the item. You can wear cut-resistant gloves that can reduce the risk of a cut, but you should still always use a food pusher.

When you are not using the meat slicer, you should turn it off. You should also get into the habit of never reaching around or across the slicer even when it has been turned off. Get into safe practices around the slicer when you are using it and always lock the blade when it is not being used.

You also need to think about safety when it comes to cleaning the slicer. This is especially true with the blades. While you will want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you will generally be able to wash the removable parts in a sink or with a dishwasher. When you are cleaning the blade, be very careful and never leave it in a location where someone might accidentally cut themselves.

Always use common sense and precaution around the slicer to reduce the risk of injury. Make sure others in the family or who are on staff know the dangers that can be associated with the slicers, as well. Keep the machine clean and well cared for, and you will find that it can last you a long time. When it is not in use, make sure that you have a safe place where you can put it if you are not going to leave it on the counter.

Find Your Meat Slicer

There are many different options with meat slicers today, as you can see from the list above. Whether you are in need of a commercial meat slicer or a home meat slicer, you will want to make sure that you take time to learn about the features available with the ones that you are considering choosing. Find an option that will work well for all of your needs and use the tips above to help you.

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