Top 10 Best Post Hole Diggers of 2021

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If you are in the market for a new post hole digger but aren’t really sure where to start, you are far from alone in that. It’s rather understandable since there are many options for a post hole auger on the market today. The tool itself is rather simple, but it isn’t as common to see as something like a hand drill. This can make it difficult to understand what factors to consider when choosing the right hole digger for your needs.

You might be interested in learning everything you can to choose the perfect post digger, but you also may not have the time in your schedule to make that happen. That’s also entirely understandable and if it describes you and your own situation, we’re here to help. Life can get busy sometimes and sitting down to research all the aspects of a new tool can be a bit daunting.

So you can quickly learn all that you need to know, we brought everything together for you. We have a list of the top 10 post hole diggers on the market and we’ll share all the features that make them worth the money. We’ll also share what to look at when considering a new manual or power auger, so you can make the decision and start in on your new projects.

The Best Post Hole Digger

 NamePower TypeWeight
The Ames Companies, Inc 2701600 Post Hole Digger/RulerManual8.9 Pounds
Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Post Hole DiggerManual10.5 Pounds
Seymour 21306 AU-S6 Iwan Auger with Hardwood HandleManual7.4 Pounds
The Ames Companies, Inc Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole DiggerManual13.7 Pounds
Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger with Full Crankshaft EngineGas40 Pounds
XtremepowerUS V-Type3 Post Hole DiggerGas30 Pounds
ECO LLC Gas Powered Post Hole Digger with Two Earth Auger Drill BitGas50 Pounds
Arksen Post Hole Digger Auger Earth IceElectric28 Pounds
Hiltex 10525 Earth AugerElectric28.2 Pounds
Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Cordless Auger Power Head with Steel Earth AugerElectric30.8 Pounds

The Ames Companies, Inc 2701600 Post Hole Digger/Ruler

The 2701600 post hole digger by the Ames Companies, Inc is a manual device that comes with a choice of two different handles, either hardwood or fiberglass. This is one of the least expensive options on the market, regardless of the handle you prefer. However, if you want something a bit more durable, we recommend splurging on the fiberglass handle that may last longer.

One of the most interesting features of this post hole digger is that the handle has a measuring stick that lets you get a more accurate hole depth. It also has handles that offer a cushion grip for less fatigue while doing a large amount of digging. It can easily be used to create ground support for mailboxes and decks or to dig post holes for a fence repair. It also weighs less than 10 pounds which means almost anyone can use it without trouble.


  • Simple one person operation
  • Comes at an inexpensive price
  • Features a built-in ruler for convenience
  • Choice of handles for versatility


  • Labor intensive post hole digging
  • Wooden handle may break too easily


Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Post Hole Digger

This steel posthole digger from Fiskars has a lot of things going for it. It’s created of steel for strength and durability but still manages to be lightweight, so it’s simple to use. Unlike a post hole digger made of wood, this one will not rot or experience issues with typical wear and tear. It also has an innovative design with offset handles to offer an extra foot of depth when digging into the ground.

Having an increased depth makes this tool ideal for a wider range of products. The lightweight of the post hole digger also ensures you don’t get overly fatigued while digging manually. However, it isn’t the best option for continuous digging as an automatic device might make that easier. For the average person who needs to handle a project or two, it will do what needs to be done at a great price.


  • Steel construction for high durability and strength
  • Lightweight and ideal for those with back or arm issues
  • Can create extremely deep holes with ease
  • Offset handles are easy to use


  • Not the best tool for constant hard work
  • Works best with soft, light soil


Seymour 21306 AU-S6 Iwan Auger with Hardwood Handle

The Seymour 21306 AU-S6 Iwan Auger offers a hardwood handle and a six-inch diameter to handle most types of soils with ease. The auger is created in a way where it can process small rocks and roots on its own to save you time and energy. However, larger rocks and debris will still need to be cleared out manually. If you’ve removed those things, you can save a lot of time and effort on the smaller debris and rocks in your yard.

This is a manual post hole digger and it can get through a project quickly so you can move on. All you need to do is turn the device while pushing down on the soil. Once the auger is filled up, pull it all up and dump the soil before starting again. It will work great as long as large rocks are not in the way.


  • Capable of handling a variety of soils and conditions
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Features a steel shaft with a welded steel T-handle
  • Steel blade is riveted to a touch iron yoke


  • Not the best option for rocky or compact soil
  • Best for small and medium projects


The Ames Companies, Inc Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole Digger

We come back to the Ames Companies to look at the innovative Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole Digger, which is one of the best options for those who prefer a manual tool to an electric or gas-powered one. This product has an innovative design that features shaped fiberglass handles that prevent knuckle collision.

The blades on this post hole digger are pointed to offer top penetration without requiring extra effort. The travel distance has been reduced to 40% less than other post hole diggers. The fiberglass handles make the tool durable and strong for extended use. It also has a more than six-inch spread which works well for holes for fences, trees, and mailboxes.


  • Prevents knuckle collision for comfort during long jobs
  • Features tempered, pointed blades for ultimate soil penetration
  • New handle design features shaped fiberglass handles
  • Steel carbon head offers a 6.21-inch spread


  • Fairly heavy for a manual post hole digger
  • Best for small and medium duty jobs


Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger with Full Crankshaft Engine

With the Southland SEA438, you get a well-construction tool that is easy to use which features cast metal components. The price is very competitive compares to other durable and dependable gas powered post hole diggers. The 43cc two-stroke engine from MAT Engine Technologies is easy to get started and runs like a dream.

The large butterfly handles work well for one or two-person operation. They feature thick foam grips that help prevent excess vibration. It comes with an eight-inch auger and can dig down 2.5 feet into the ground. There is some assembly needed, but it’s quick and easy to do so it won’t take long to get things up and running.


  • Better balance and storage through detachable butterfly handles
  • Throttle location is convenient for easy use
  • Easy start manual recoil fuel delivery system
  • Direct gear with a solid steel drive shaft


  • Works best in clear dirt without rocks or debris
  • Fairly heavy post hole digger compared to others


XtremepowerUS V-Type Gas Post Hole Digger

Those who have a number of heavy-duty digging tasks like installing a fence will find the XtremepowerUS V-Type Gas Post Hole Digger is one of the most powerful tools available for your projects. No matter what kind of soil you need to get through, this tool can handle the digging needed to install decks or fence posts, plant trees or flowers, or even create a spot for some ice fishing.

The digger is powered by a single cylinder, two-cycle, 2.5 horsepower gasoline engine which is forced air cooled to prevent any overheating. It has sturdy handles with a great grip and is compatible with 12-inch augers to create holes up to four feet deep. It is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Offers excellent quality for a reasonable price
  • Handles rocky soil without an issue
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Electronic ignition and high digging performance


  • May be slow to start up at times
  • Can be hard to crank for some individuals

ECO LLC Gas Powered Post Hole Digger with Two Earth Auger Drill Bit

When you order an ECO LLC gas-powered post hole digger, you get not just the auger itself but two different drill bits of various sizes. This makes it easy to switch between hole sizes during a large digging project. It features an easy start system so you can get going with it as soon as it has been assembled.

The engine is a 52 cc gasoline engine which can be used by a single person or two people working as a team. It offers a pair of detachable butterfly handles which can be stored away. While attached, they offer great balance while working.


  • Comes with an engine motor, six-inch auger bit, and 10-inch auger bit
  • Easy to start motor and lightweight to transport
  • Features wide detachable butterfly handles to improve balance and storage
  • Can be used by one or two individuals


  • More expensive than some other pole hole diggers
  • Heaviest hole digger on the list


Arksen Electric Post Hole Digger Auger Earth Ice

Our first electric post hole digger from Arksen has a 200 RPM bit turn rate, which means you can get lots of work done quicker than ever. The weight of the post hole digger is under 30 pounds, which makes it ideal for those who prefer a more lightweight tool.

This tool comes with a four-inch drill bit which is ideal for projects like planting small bushes and flower bulbs. The bit is a bit too small for more major jobs, but around the house, it’s a great option that comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Easy one person operation
  • Lightweight compared to gas-powered machines
  • Less labor through electric power supply


  • Bit is too small for major jobs


Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger

Another great electric auger option is the Hiltex 10525, which offers a powerful motor of 1,200 watts, 11-amps, and 1.6 horsepower. This delivers a total of 200 RPM speed and 90 foot-pounds of torque. It’s well equipped to help you install fence posts, deck supports, or making holes for trees and landscaping purposes.

There is a safety lock on this model, which prevents someone from mistakenly turning on the tool by mistake. It also offers an ergonomic handle with an anti-vibration grip to offer extra stability, especially when being used by a single person.


  • Powerful performance with 90 foot-pounds of torque and 200 RPM speed
  • Anti-vibration ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Offers a safety lock to prevent power from turning on by mistake


  • Not ideal for soil with many rocks

Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Cordless Auger Power Head with Steel Earth Auger

The Landworks Heavy-Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Cordless Earth Auger comes with handles that are ergonomically shaped to keep your balance during operation. Both the power trigger and safety button release are easily reached from the handles for ease of use.

The auger is 30 inches long and made of carbon coated steel for the best durability possible. It also comes with a lithium-ion battery and charger, so there’s no need to make additional purchases to get started with this tool.


  • Comes with lithium-ion battery and charger for extra value
  • Eco-friendly and offers several safety features
  • Efficient and lightweight motor for easy use


  • Not useful in areas with lots of rocks or roots


Selecting the Best Manual, Electric, or Gas Powered Post Hole Digger

If you are in the market for a post hole digger, also known as an auger, you may already know that it is the best tool for small earthmoving tasks and an important tool for any gardeners or DIY maintenance enthusiast. These diggers, which can be manual or automatic, comes with a metal heat that includes a drilling bit or blades that go into the earth and break up the soil so you can move it. This leaves you with a hole that is perfect for planting a tree or setting up fence posts.

The greatest thing about post hole diggers is that they are both precise and powerful, which means they can make easy work of a job that might be extremely time-consuming and tiring if you were to do it without a tool. You can easily get all your digging done so you can move on to finishing your projects.

When choosing the perfect one-man auger for your projects, you are going to need to think through what sort of digging projects you need to be done as well as what sort of soil you plan to be digging into.

The first question to ask yourself is whether you have light, heavy, or medium duty digging tasks waiting for you. A light or medium task might include occasionally digging a hole for a mailbox, doing a repair to a small fence, or planting new shrubbery. Large projects might include things like building a new deck, installing a fence around your property, or planting many trees.

The second question to ask yourself is what the soil is like where you will be working. Loamy, soft soil that falls apart easily is one type, rocky or clay soil is another, while soil with lots of tree roots beneath the surface is yet another possibility. You need to know what you are working with before buying your new tool.

Manual Post Hole Diggers

If you have only light to medium duty tasks, a manually operated post hole digger can be a good choice for you. Some manual diggers are also capable of handling tough soil. Most manual diggers can dig four feet deep in loose and soft soil. This digger type requires no electricity or gas to function, and it will not create loud noises.

This type of post hole digger often has two handles which are used to dig into the ground, while pulling the handles apart breaks up the soil and closing the handles allows for the collection of soil. After you loosen up the soil and remove the dirt, you can place your tree or fence post into the hole.

Ergonomically Designed Handles

One of the best features you can find on a manual post hole digger is a fiberglass triple wall construction, which shows that the handles are comfortable to hold while being built to last. If you are going to be doing a lot of digging, it’s worth watching for this feature. Some post hole diggers even offer a special handle design to protect your knuckles while you do all your digging.

You also want to consider how large the handle is since that determines how easily you can leverage the digger and maneuver it while in the dirt. Many diggers that are operated manually offer a handle ranging from 47 to 60 inches long. If you are a taller person, the 60-inch handle will be the easiest to use.

Ice Fishing Auger

You also want to consider a few other things when going with a manual post hole digger. The truth is that they do require a dose of physical effort and muscle, especially if you are using the digger in a clay-based soil. If you experience arm, back, or shoulder issues, you may want to consider an automatic post digger instead.

Automatic Post Hole Diggers

Automatic post hole diggers were created to offer an answer to heavy-duty digging, especially in areas with difficult soil or challenging terrain conditions like soil with tree roots or soil with lots of rocks. It’s made to assist you with handling all of your digging chores easily and quickly. If you are going to be doing many digging projects, especially if the holes need to be larger in width or deeper, an automatic post hole digger would be the perfect answer.

Automatic diggers are often called augers, based on the special bit or blades uses to cut around a central shaft and rotate as it moves into the ground. Two types of automatic augers are available on the market: electric or gas powered.

Gas-Powered Post Hole Diggers

The gas-powered post hole digger or auger may also be called a one-man auger since it is created for one person to operate on their own. These machines are very powerful and made of high-grade steel to be rust-free and extremely durable. This is the post hole digger of choice when doing work in challenging outdoor environments.

Electric Post Hole Diggers

On the other hand, an electric post hole digger avoids the fumes and mess of hole digging with a gas-powered device, but still provides the high level of power you want. While you will need to remain near a power source or use a heavy-duty extension cord, these machines have unlimited power which is ideal for digging into ice or rocky soil.

Engine Considerations

When you are considering an automatic hole digger, you will notice that many of them have a 2 or 2.5 horsepower engine or a 1200W/120V motor with electric models. This is capable of offering 250 RPM and plenty of torque while rotating. Due to this power and centrifugal force, the post hole digger can move a large amount of earth very quickly and make many holes in a short period of time.

About Drill Bits

Any manual or automatic post hole driller of a good quality will have a bit or blades crated from high-grade carbon steel, which is durable and strong enough to dig into hard ground to create the holes your project requires. Unlike a manual digger, automatic diggers often come with interchangeable 4, 6, 8, or 12-inch blades, which provides a high level of versatility when digging.

Drill Bit Diameter

If you are thinking about an auger that is powered by gasoline, the diameter of the drill bit is also important to be aware of as it has a large effect on the size of your final hole. Drill bits can have diameters that range from two to 10 inches, but the right one for you is going to be based on how large a final hole diameter you need based on the size of the posts or poles you want to introduce into the ground.

Depth Capacity Importance

Many of the post hole diggers or augers that you see on the market are going to have a maximum depth of somewhere between four and five feet. Going towards the deeper end of the scale is recommended if you are going to be installing large posts for fences or other purposes.

Choice of Weight

Automatic post hole diggers are designed to handle hard work, but modern versions also tend to be fairly lightweight. This means they are going to be easy to maneuver as well as transport around your garden or property. However, it’s always worth looking at the weight of a post hole digger and choosing one that will be simple for you to operate.

An automatic post hole digger is made to be used by a single person, but sometimes an extra person can be helpful when trying to control a machine in troublesome terrain. Gas-powered post hole diggers will also emit fumes and may be noisy so face and ear protection is a good thing to have on hand.

Digger Handles

Since an automatic post hole digger causes vibrations due to the intense power, you want to be sure the one you choose has sturdy and strong handles that allow you to have a firm grip. Those who will be using the machine for long periods of time should consider an option with an anti-vibration grip that helps reduce any fatigue while working.

Putting it Together

Now that you have a chance to look at the 10 best post hole diggers available and looked over our buyer’s guide, all you have left to do is to make a decision on which is just right for you. The truth is that everyone is different, so the pole hole digger that meets your needs may not be the same one another person should choose.

However, all the post hold diggers on this list are high-quality options that can handle the job. Consider your needs, the most important features for you, and put those things together to choose the right post hole digger for your home or garden. Soon you will be able to dig into the earth and set up a new fence with ease.

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