11 Best Professional Chainsaws of 2022

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best professional chainsaw

Whether professional forester or tree expert, or even a homeowner interested in only the finest tools, it is a good idea to invest in the best professional chainsaw possible. This is a saw that can work every day, without fail and all while handling some of the toughest work imaginable. It will have to manage timber of any kind as well as lots of weather conditions.

Naturally, the perfect chainsaw doesn’t mean just one thing, but is the combination of different features, capabilities, specifications and features. It is also about you and your needs, such as a saw that is sized and weighted for your needs.

The goal of this review list of the is to first introduce readers to the best rated and most popular models on the market. However, we will also review what you need to know and consider when making your choice.

In the list below, you will see many familiar and well-known brands, as well as a few lesser known companies. All of the chainsaws, however, will be made to endure the demands of professional level usage, cutting any sort of timber, and meeting many different demands. Let’s look at the top chainsaws and then those basic tips for chainsaw purchasing.

The Best Professional Chainsaw

 NameWeightBar Length 
Husqvarna 460 Rancher21 lbs.24”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw21 lbs.16”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Remington RM4620 Outlaw16.6 lbs.20”
DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX12.2 lbs.16”No products found.
Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 202626 lbs.12”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
EGO Power Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw8.3 lbs.14”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Worx WG3226.19 lbs.10”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
WEN 40417 40V Max12 lbs.16”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Blue Max 2016020.9 lbs.22”CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

This is one of the biggest on the list and is the top chainsaw when thick cuts are the order of the day. With a much longer bar and a powerful 60cc gas engine (two-cycle), it is a heavy worker. Designed for performance in most conditions, it is equipped with an adjustable oil pump that allows easy changes to oil flow depending on weather or current use.

It comes with the brands “X Torq Tech” that pushes a lot of torque even over a wide range of speeds and challenges and all while using less fuel and lower emissions. It also has the brand’s LowVib tech to reduce vibration, ensuring hours of comfortable use with no nasty after effects.

The design of the chainsaw emphasizes ergonomic principles, ensuring that the 21-pound weight is not going to become overly tiring. There is also Smart Start tech and a side-mounted chain tensioner for tool free adjustments.

Maintenance is simplified in many ways on this one with a centrifugal air cleaning system that eliminates debris and dust before it hits the air filter, prolonging the engine and reducing maintenance. And when it is time to clean or replace it, the air filter has a quick-release system.


  • Powerful engine and long blade can cut almost anything
  • Easy to start
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Little to no vibration


  • Some reports of trigger issues
  • Reports of lag with on/off switch


This compact and cordless saw is noted for ease of use, maneuverability, and low kick back 12” Oregon brand bar and chain. Ideal for those working in construction and forestry, it is a highly efficient option.

The brushless motor delivers longer run times and offers a speed of 25.2 feet per second. Paired with the easy to adjust chain tensioning and bar tightening knobs, it enables optimal clamping force for each job. At less than ten pounds, it is unlikely to cause any sort of fatigue, and the remarkably ergonomic design of the handles ensure that it ranks as one of the easiest and best professional chainsaws to put to work.

Not made for the heaviest work, it is nonetheless the ideal and most portable option for carpenters and builders as well as a lightweight tool for quick jobs in the woods.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Powerful and yet designed for low risk of kick back
  • 12” bar can tackle lots of jobs


  • Some complaints of difficulty in chain adjustment
  • Oil filter cap can be difficult to remove

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw

A corded, electric chainsaw, it is packed with features that ensure it can deliver a high performing range of cuts under many conditions. In fact, this model features the brand’s patented powerstate Brushless motor that is able to deliver at the same level as a 40cc gas engine. The M18 fuel system is the brand’s high output battery system with 50% more power than others.

The 16” bar is supported by more of the brand’s tech. The redlink plus intelligence offers overload protection that keeps both the battery and the chainsaw protected during the heaviest work. The chainsaw has a variable speed trigger to ensure optimal control, as well and will provide up to 150 cuts per full battery charge.

Safe and ergonomic, it has been designed to meet the needs of professionals in maintenance, landscaping and power utilities, but is not ideal for foresters.


  • Lots of tech that ensures it runs long and safely
  • Lightweight and yet powerful
  • Delivers power similar to 40cc gas engine
  • Runs for hours on single charge


Remington RM4620 Outlaw

A gas-powered machine, it offers an impressive 46cc (two-cycle) that is up to some of the most challenging work. With a 20” bar, it can make its way through almost any sort of wood, and paired with the durable, die-cast housing, it is a real workhorse.

This model features a lot of the niceties that ensure safer and easier use. It offers an easy to use side-access tensioning system that lets users safely and quickly adjust tension without the use of tools. There is a unique, five-point anti-vibration system that reduces fatigue and the ergonomic and padded handle system that ensures long-lasting comfort and control. This is significant, because at 16 pounds the chainsaw could become cumbersome.

It has also been designed with easy to use start technology that ensures the pull start is as responsive as it should be. The machine also has an automatic oiler for the most consistent performance, and it also includes a carrying case and longer-than-average warranty that runs for two years.


  • Effective anti-vibration tech targets five different points or zones
  • Longer bar with powerful motor makes short work of even thicker trees
  • Easy to adjust without tools


  • A bit heavier than many
  • Complaints about a sticky on/off switch


In any list, there is apt to be at least one that is a good “all around” saw capable of being used by novices through to experts. Many say that this is a practical and high-performing model that will get the work done, regardless of the challenges. Yet, it is versatile enough for homeowners, too.

What surprises many is that it is a cordless, lithium-ion saw. With a brushless motor and 60v battery, however, it really delivers. A 16” Oregon bar and chain, it promises no or low kickback.

It has all kinds of safety features, including a chain brake, guards on the front handles, and low noise output. It starts and stops via the trigger, as well. This means no risks of injury or difficulty because it is the matter of pulling the trigger to fire up the saw. Tool free tensioning adjustments are possible thanks to the knob along the side, and the auto-oiling is yet another addition to this chainsaw’s array of appealing features.

This chainsaw features patented DeWalt FlexVolt technology that keeps the saw’s battery at the best level and ensures no interruptions, too.

At just over 12 pounds it is not likely to lead to fatigue and yet it has a balanced and ergonomic design that makes it a delight to use. A three year limited warranty is a nice extra.


  • Powerful brushless motor
  • The 16” Oregon bar with its low kick back design is a nice feature
  • Easy adjustments via the tension knob and quarter-turn oil cap


  • Some complaints about oil system
  • Battery power means that loss of power is always an issue
No products found.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 20262

This battery-powered chainsaw comes from a lesser-known brand, but rates among the best because of its long list of premium features. Part of the brand’s full line of interchangeable 40v battery operated equipment, it can work well for homeowners, contractors, power supply professionals and more.

The 12” bar and incredibly light six pound weight make this chainsaw a delight to use. With its instant electric start that requires a simple, two-button system, it ensures ongoing ease of use. Yet, this is further enhanced by the chainsaw’s automatic oiling system and its tool-free chain tensioning. Done with the twist of a side-mounted knob, it makes operating the saw amazingly easy, and safer.

The 40v battery offers an onboard life indicator to show how many cuts are remaining (it averages 75 per charge).

This chainsaw is also designed for with ergonomically placed handles and shields as well as wraparound designs to enable multiple cutting positions when using the saw from any angle. The 3/8” chain is also designed to reduce or eliminate kick back.


  • Super powerful battery allows up to 75 cuts
  • Easy start system
  • Automatic oiler and on the fly tension adjustments ensure ease of use


  • Some complaints of chain jumping
  • Battery power cannot last as long as gas


Another powerful, battery-powered chainsaw, this one also has a 40v, lithium-ion battery that delivers an impressively long run life (averaging 60 cuts per full charge). It too works with the brand’s full line of 40v MAX Lithium Ion powered tools, including all kinds of lawn equipment.

This model also features an automatic oiling system and easy to access, tool-free tensioning adjustments that ensure optimal performance. It is equipped with a 12” Oregon, low kick back bar and chain that can make its way easily through a wide array of challenges. Ideal for limbs and pruning, it is a good choice for the professional landscaper or field worker eager to have a lightweight, safe and reliable chainsaw on hand.

At around ten pounds, it is lightweight and has been designed to offer an easy to maneuver and handle performance. With ergonomic grips and well-placed guards, it can help to make even awkward cutting angles easier to manage. With simple trigger starter, it is also easier to use than pull start models and is the best professional chainsaw for anyone hoping to avoid this sort of issue.


  • Easy to adjust tensioning
  • Auto oiling system
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Some complaints about auto oiling system
  • Loses power as battery life declines

EGO Power Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw

This brand indicates that it offers “power beyond belief,” which may seem difficult to prove in a battery powered chainsaw. However, it makes this list for many reasons.

The first is that it packs a powerful 56v ARC lithium ion battery that ensures the high efficiency, brushless motor consistently spins at 6800RPM and that cutting power is never diminished. The 14” Oregon bar and chain ensures little kick back but features a chain kick back brake for just such risks. At eight pounds, it is easier to handle and very safe.

Safety is further enhanced by the side-mounted tension adjustment system and the weather resistant casing that allows operation in any conditions. The ergonomic and balanced design ensures safety, too and features a double guard bar and handle along with a narrow-kerf sprocket nose. Starting this chainsaw is simple and requires only the use of the lock and trigger buttons.

With a five year warranty on the saw and three years on the battery, it is an impressive choice that will work well for landscapers, contractors and carpenters, and others.


  • Long warrantees show manufacturer backs the machine
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Long-lasting battery with specialized tech for longer performance


  • Some issues with chain jumping
  • Even with powerful batteries it can still run out of energ

Worx WG322

As already noted, no one is under the misunderstanding that doing work with a chainsaw is easy. No matter what sort of task is being done, it can be difficult and worrisome. This lesser-known manufacturer strives to make chainsaw work as easy and as safe as possible. It does this with a long list of features.

The chainsaw is touted as both compact in size and light in total weight. At just 25” in total length and a weight of less than seven pounds, almost anyone is going to be able to handle it. The bars are mounted for almost any cutting angle or position and the ten inch bar, though unable to tackle large trees, can handle a multitude of other items. Lumber, small trees and branches and other issues can be tackled easily.

The Worx WG322 makes this makes the list because it offers a tool-free tension adjusting options and automatic oiling system, as well. The 20v battery features indicators that show how much life is left to prevent a user from getting stuck half-way through a cut. Like a few other options on this list, the manufacturer  has also designed the battery to be used with other tools, helping owners save money on multiple batteries and chargers. It features a simple trigger start and is unique for its ability to mount to an extension pole.


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Designed for any cutting angle
  • Battery works across a platform of other tools


  • Small bar can limit effectiveness
  • 20v battery may not last as long as other battery options

WEN 40417 40V Max

Yet another lesser-known brand, WEN provides a nice alternative. Equipped with a powerful 40v battery system, it is a fade-free lithium-ion model that works across the brand’s Max Series. This saves a lot of money and streamlines the need for chargers and multiple batteries.

However, it is also a well-designed saw that includes a reliable, brushless motor that can make the most of the power available. Paired to the 16” Oregon bar and chain, it spins at 49 feet per second, keeping up with many gas-powered options.

It features an auto oiling system to ensure the bar and chain are in good condition and features a chain brake for optimal safety. There is a tool-free chain tensioning adjustment system mounted to the side of the saw. It has a trigger start and at only 12 pounds is designed for tremendous ease of use. Ergonomic handles and bars ensure almost anyone can easily use this saw for landscaping, carpentry and more.


  • Long lasting battery
  • Brushless motor ensures optimal fuel usage
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design


  • May bog at end of battery life
  • Some trigger breakage reported

Blue Max 20160

With this chainsaw, we return to the gas-powered options. This one has a surprisingly powerful 56cc engine (single cylinder, two stroke) that delivers around 10,500 RPM when cutting.

With the 22-inch bar and chain, it offers a lot of cutting capability as well as safety features. It has a low range kick back brake and an auto oil delivery system to ensure the chain is as safe as possible.

The Blue Max 20160 appears in our list because it is equipped with an anti-vibration system that helps users cope with the heavier, twenty pound weight of the machine. Handles have ergonomic design and placement to offer plenty of balance and control, and this is a low-fatigue model.

The pull start system is standard and doesn’t incorporate any aides or tech, but there is simple side-mounted tension adjustment to make tool-free operation possible.


  • Powerful engine
  • Anti-vibration technologies
  • Ergonomic design


  • Quite heavy at 20 pounds
  • Pull to start system has some complaints about bad ignition coil

Choosing the Perfect Pro Chainsaw

Now that we’ve gone down the list, and you’ll have a good idea of the most significant features each offers. Yet, let’s still take a quick look at those basic issues that helped us to narrow down the options. These are the factors mentioned in the reviews and the things you’ll want to know about before you begin shopping around for a chainsaw for your business or use.

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Know about Engines

You’ve seen gas-powered and electric or cordless models in the list above. While there are those who insist that it is exclusively a gas-powered engine that can give adequate power, we’ve shown in the reviews above that the professional chainsaw could operate on a battery or electrical supply.

What do you need in terms of power? That figure is going to vary based on who you ask. Some professional foresters will insist that 35cc is more than enough and some will argue that 80cc engines are ideal.

The greater the cc, the greater the power. What you can handle and what you need is going to vary from what someone else wants or needs. With that in mind, it is safe to say that you should be able to get long-lasting performance out of options delivering 35 to 80cc.

How do you know the cc when buying electric or battery powered options? The brands make this clear in their descriptions or packaging. For example, it should say something like, the “saw is able to produce the power and performance of a 40cc gas engine”, and so on.

Know about Bar Length

What sort of work will you do with the saw? This is a HUGE factor in the buying process. If you are working strictly with smaller trees, such as those 8-10 inches in diameter, you can opt for a saw with a shorter bar length. However, if you are taking down larger and taller trees, you’ll want a longer bar.

Generally, the rule is that the longer the chainsaw’s bar length, the faster and the deeper you can cut. So, for thick cuts, consider longer bars and for smaller diameter work, feel confident opting for a shorter bar. Generally, you will see that bar lengths on the a professional chainsaws will run from 10” to 24”, though there is some wiggle room.

Know about Handling

It’s safe to say that working with a chainsaw is never easy, but there are ways to enjoy optimal ease of use. 

Handling may also mean looking at weights, the placement of handles and grips, and even holding the machine to see how balanced it feels. After all, the best engine and bar length may fail to satisfy you if you are exhausted by trying to wrestle with the machine all day. Additionally, chainsaws that are poorly balanced are dangerous to you.

pro chainsaws

Know about Upkeep

What sort of maintenance will the chainsaw require? While any amount of use is going to have an effect on a chainsaw, you want to make sure that the model you purchase makes it easy for you to do maintenance and/or repairs.

How can you tell? Any machine that is easily disassembled and then reassembled is a good choice. Is it easy to get parts? Make those replacements? What about basic maintenance like sharpening, lubricating and so on?

Generally, the faster and easier that repairs may occur, the better the chainsaw. Yet, do pay attention to any reviews that say the machine breaks down often or is very demanding where maintenance is concerned. You will want to avoid chainsaws that demand too much in order to function safely and effectively.

All the Rest

In addition to these factors, you’ll soon discover that all of the chainsaws have other unique factors that appeal to foresters, arborists and others. These may be such things as extended warranties, bumper spikes, throttle locks, advanced starter systems, safety systems, automatic oilers, anti-vibration features, mufflers, and even heated carburetors (to stop freezing up in frigid temperatures). Does it have a carrying case?

Such factors may, or may not, matter to you when making your choice, but it is a good idea to give them a bit of weight if purchasing your first chainsaw. In the reviews of the top chainsaws, above, we mentioned any of these niceties and extras when data was available.

In Conclusion

As you have learned, choosing the a quality professional chainsaw begins with an honest look at just what you intend to do with the saw. If you are going to use it for light landscaping duties, as part of a carpentry or construction business, and for brush clearing before getting into the heaviest chainsaw work, these options are sure to satisfy. We have also included several that can tackle the biggest jobs thanks to their powerful motors and longer bars and chains.

Should you invest in two? One for the lighter tasks and another for the heavy duty work? Again, that all boils down to just what you need from the chainsaw.

We always recommend ignoring price points until you have assessed just what the individual saws offer. Simply going for the highest or the lowest price will rarely yield a good result.

Instead, take some time to map out what you would like to see in the saw. Will it be better if it can function without a tremendous amount of noise or fumes? If so, one of the battery or corded options is best. Would it be better if you could take down a 40’ hard wood tree easily? Then a gas-powered option with a longer blade is for you. Are you doing a lot of pruning around the home or for clients and you want to make short work of the thickest branches and younger trees? Almost any of the chainsaws here would do the trick.

The good news is that you have a great variety from which to choose listed above. Do try to keep in mind that these professional chainsaw reviews are just a brief assessment of each machine’s most relevant and notable features. We strongly urge you to consider the table of basic data (which shows weight and bar length) as your preliminary tool for narrowing down the options. After all, you don’t want to explore a 20 pound chainsaw if you intend to do little more than light landscaping tasks.

You should also go online to compare and explore each of the options. Saying that a saw has well-positioned handles is one thing, but only you can tell if you like the looks of handle and shield placement.

Start with the basic details provided here, and then use them to narrow down the selection. Then, think about the seasons, challenges and work you’ll do with it before you commit to the best chainsaw based on your needs, budget and goals. It is a good idea to accept that a chainsaw is an essential tool in almost any outdoor professional’s gear. It makes short work of almost any sort of clearing, trimming and pruning, but it can be useful in breaking down old buildings, outdoor furniture and more. With that in mind, you should find precisely what you need

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