Top 7 Best Rain Barrels for 2022

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Have you considered getting a rain barrel? They can be of great use for many different purposes, and they tend to be more affordable than some might think. This is especially true when you start to think about just how much money you are spending on an annual basis for watering your garden and similar tasks around the yard. In fact, around 40% of the total water used is for the lawn and garden. Finding and using one of the best rain barrels on the market is a good option to help reduce the amount of water that you are using. Collecting and storing rainwater is a great option.

Now, you might be wondering whether you could simply put out a few buckets and collect rainwater that way. This is certainly not the ideal way to do it because there are no easy ways to properly store the water or get to it when you need it. Instead, your best course of action is to find and use a proper rain barrel, such as the seven that are discussed below. By using one of the best rain barrel systems on the market, you will be able to reduce your water consumption and expenditure.

Of course, you might now know which type of rain barrel you should choose. To make things easier for you, check out the options below and learn a bit more about each of the barrels. They could be just what you need for your property. Take some time to consider these rain barrel options and then learn more about using them properly and whether you can even use them at all.

The Best Rain Barrel

 NameGallonsMaterial Colors 
RTS Home Accents Rainwater Collection Barrel50-gallonVirgin food grade polyethyleneBrown, green, tanCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Algreen Products Cascata Rain Barrel65-gallonBPA-free roto-molded plasticDark brown, gray, terra cottaCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Good Ideas IMP-B50-DES Good Impressions Bali Rain Saver Barrel50-gallonDurable polyethylene resinDesert sandCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Good Ideas SV-ERS Savannah Elevated Garden Rain Saver Barrel50-gallonDurable polyethylene resinGrayCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
100-Gallon Rain Harvest Collection Tank100-gallonBPA-free food-grade polyethylene tankDark green, dark blue, dark brown, gray, green, light blue, light brown, and blackCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Green Rain Barrel54-gallonDurable, UV-stable polyethyleneGreenCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
FCMP Outdoor US4000-TC Urn Style Rain Barrel50-gallonDurable, UV-stable polyethyleneTerra cottaCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

RTS Home Accents Rainwater Collection Barrel

It’s time to get a closer look at one of the best rain barrel systems you can find today. There are many elements of this collection barrel that help to make it a solid choice, and the appearance is actually one that tends to stick out first. This product looks very similar in style to an actual barrel thanks to the oak texture that it features. This design means that it can actually look good in the backyard rather than like an eyesore that does not quite belong.

You will be able to put this barrel flush against the wall or your home, the garage, a shed, or another building since it is flat. This means that it will look great and take up less space than you might have imagined. This barrel is 33.5” tall and 24” wide. It is 18.25 deep. You can even choose from different colors with this barrel.

The pretty rain barrel features an aluminum screen that will help to keep out debris that you do not want to get into the water. It also has a brass spigot at the bottom that has a valve and a hose hook-up with dual overflow. The front side overflow will ensure that there will not be any danger of flooding against the outside wall where you place the barrel.

Another reason this is considered one of the best rain barrels is that it does not have any large openings. This helps to make it safe for those who have children and pets. It also keeps wildlife from getting into the water, where they could dirty the water or end up drowning. The barrel is able to hold up to 50 gallons of water, and there is even an optional stand that you can get for it. This stand will raise the barrel up off the ground, which will make it easier for those who want to fill up watering cans.

Overall, this is a high-quality option for those who want one of the best rain barrel options on the market today. It could be the perfect choice for your home.

Algreen Products Cascata Rain Barrel

If you are looking for pretty rain barrels, this could be a nice solution to consider. This looks less like a barrel and more like a piece of art or a planter than anything else. Yet, it is still able to hold up to 65 gallons of water. These have a beautiful design, and the texture on them is very similar to pottery. Because of their beautiful appearance, it means you can feel comfortable using them in more places around the house. They look like art even though they are still a functional rain barrel, and this can be important for anyone who places a lot of importance in aesthetics.

This barrel is made using roto-molded plastic, which means that it will not crack, chip, or fade. It is also BPA-free, so you do not have to worry about anything leaching into the water and then getting into your soil. It comes with a brass spigot, as well as a screen that is corrosion-proof and designed to keep debris and other items from getting in the water. The bottom-fitting attachment in the unit ensures that those who choose the barrel will be able to use all of the water that it contains.

Another reason this is one of the top-rated rain barrels is that it features dual water overflows. This means that water can escape the rain barrel when it is full. It is also possible to link several barrels together, as long as you have an appropriate linking kit. This could be a good choice for larger properties.

A feature that helps to make this one of the best rain barrels is the fact that it also has a planter located on the top portion. You can grow plants in this planter, which will make the barrel look even nicer no matter where you decide you want to put it.

Good Ideas IMP-B50-DES Good Impressions Bali Rain Saver Barrel

Here is another fun option for a pretty rain barrel that could be perfect for your needs. This option from Good Ideas has a 50-gallon capacity, and like the previous barrel, it also has a planter on the top. This helps to make it a welcome addition to just about any backyard. One of the things that help to set this barrel apart is the wicker texture design it boasts. This is a nice touch that will help to make the rain barrel a standout no matter where it is placed.

Another one of the benefits of this particular rain barrel is that it has two spigots. There is one that will work well for a hose and one that is placed in a perfect location for use with a five-gallon bucket, or another container if you prefer. The second spigot could also be used as an overflow to another barrel if needed. The rain barrel features a routed channel that will divert excess water to the front of the barrel. This means you do not have to worry about extra water getting behind the barrel where it could cause damage to the building’s foundation.

The opening is large enough that it can be used with a range of different downspout sizes. These openings are covered with a plastic screen that has a fine mesh. You will not have to worry about anything falling into the water that you do not want there, such as heavy debris and insects.

Overall, this is a very impressive barrel that is sure to be a good solution for many out there who want something more than just a boring container. It looks great and it works well, which is just what you need. It only comes in one color, but you will find that the color goes well with most homes.

Good Ideas SV-ERS Savannah Elevated Garden Rain Saver Barrel

Another option on our list of the best rain barrels is this top-quality barrel, also from Good Ideas. This one has a very different look from the other barrels that are on the list, but it could be a great solution depending on your needs. This container has a 50-gallon capacity, and on top, you will find a colonial style planter that is self-draining. The planter is nice for flowers, an herb garden, or just about anything else that you might want to grow.

This barrel also features a meshed screen to ensure debris does not get into the water supply. The flat back of this design allows it to fit nicely against an outer wall, and the design of the rain saver will work well for many different yards. There are two spigots, so you can use it with a bucket or a hose, and the routed channel at the top of the piece ensures that water is pushed toward the front. As with the other options on the list of best rain saver barrels, this helps to eliminate the risk of water getting down into the foundation and doing damage.

For those who do not like the round, traditional design of rain barrels, this could be a good option to consider. It is a simple design, but it can work well for many types of homes and properties. The rain saver is also durable and you will not have to worry about it fading or breaking. The spigots are made of brass, so you can be sure they are built to last, as well.

100-Gallon Rain Harvest Collection Tank

If the other barrels on the list aren’t large enough for you, then these 100-gallon rain barrels could be exactly what you need. These Polymart rain barrels are available in several colors, so you should be able to find those that will work well with the overall look and style of your property without too much trouble. The size of this tank means that it might not be right for all homes and situations, but those who need to have a way to collect a substantial amount of rainwater, this is a good solution.

The rain collection tank is 43” high and has a diameter of 30”. It has a 3” stainless steel screen overflow assembly, as well as 12” stainless steel strainer on the top of the basket. This will help to keep large debris and pests from getting into the tank. In addition, this screen’s design will help to push the excess water toward the front of the barrel. It is easy to affix spigots to the tank’s .75” bulkhead fitting, as well. All you will need to do is unscrew the plug that is in the spot where you want to add the spigot. Then, simply add the new spigot.

The 100-gallon rain barrel is made from 100% food grade materials, and it is approved by the FDA. In addition, it is BPA-free. The barrel is large, but it works very well and it is easy to use. This could be a perfect choice for those who need to have a large tank on their property.

Green Rain Barrel

This barrel has a classic style, but it does have some features that are not on the other barrels on the list above. With the barrel, you will get a 4’ hose that is built-into the barrel and that will store in a slot located at the top. These barrels are also nice and easy to connect to one another. In fact, one of the reasons many consider these to be some of the best rain barrels is because you can connect them in a matter of seconds. This is a nice benefit for those who might have a need for multiple barrels on their property to handle the overflow. The barrel is very durable, as well, as it is made from UV stable polyethylene. This means that you will not have to worry about it being out in the sun throughout the year. It will continue to last and look great.

The overflow hose that is included with the barrel also helps to make it easier to divert any excess water away from the home and toward an area of your choosing. The barrel comes with a durable debris screen, as well. This screen is also very easy to remove in case you need to access the interior of the barrel. You will want to make sure that you put it back in place when you are done, though.

There are other Achla rain barrels available including another green barrel that is able to hold 75 gallons. A brown rain barrel is available that holds 50 gallons, as well, and it is essentially the same as the green barrel.

FCMP Outdoor US4000-TC Urn Style Rain Barrel

Here is another interesting option for those who are hunting for the best rain barrels. This barrel features a 50-gallon capacity, and like the Achla rain barrel above, this also comes with a hose. This hose is 3’ long, and it is easy to screw onto the barrel. It features a shutoff valve and it is easy to use. One of the features that are most noticeable with this is the appearance. The urn-style design could be the best rain barrel design based on your needs. It looks as if it has been made from adobe clay, but it is actually made from high-quality UV resistant plastic.

One of the important things that you will want to know about this rain barrel is that the top will not come off. It is molded as a part of the barrel. The barrel does have a strainer on the top though, where the water comes into it. This helps to ensure that nothing like debris, insects, or thirsty pests make their day down into the barrel.

As with many of the other barrels on the list for the best rain barrel, you will find that this has a planter on the top. This helps to give the barrel an even more pleasant look. Thanks to the urn shape to the barrel, though, you will find that this can work well for just about any style yard.

The Biggest Benefits of Rain Barrels

Now that you have had a chance to look at a list of the best rain barrels on the market today, it is time to get a better idea of why these are truly such a good option for your home, or your place of business, if you have a lawn, garden, trees, and flowers that need water.

The first benefit is water conservation, of course. Most people today realize that being greener will mean that you are able to help the planet. Having a rain barrel is a nice and easy way for you to conserve water. You can use the rainwater that you collect to take care of many needs around the property.

This helps to make it easier to deal with any water shortages that your area might face, for example. In addition, you will find that it can help to reduce the amount of money you are spending on the water since you are supplementing with rainwater. In some cases, you might be able to save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.

Another benefit is protection for the home’s foundation. Since these barrels are storing water that would otherwise collect around the base of the home, it reduces the amount of seepage the home is subject to. This means that you can more easily control just how much moisture is in the ground around the property’s foundation, reducing the risk of damage and flooding.

Collecting rainwater means that less water will be pushed into the sewer systems, as well, and it will reduce the amount of groundwater demand. Of course, these are just some of the many benefits that collecting rainwater can offer. For most people, the fact that you can end up saving money while still going green is one of the main draws that leads them to look for the best-rated rain barrels in the first place.

Keep in mind that you don’t only need to use these rain barrels for your own home. If you own a rental property or even a rental complex, there may be areas where you can have these barrels installed to collect water. It will provide the same benefits, but on a larger scale.

Why Buy a Professional Rain Barrel Instead of a DIY Barrel?

You might be wondering why you need to choose one of the best rain barrels on the list when you could instead build your own. Perhaps you are thinking about trying to put together something that’s made from a garbage can and a few plastic spigots that you picked up at the store or online. Maybe you have a wooden barrel that you want to convert. While having the DIY spirit is certainly admirable, it does not mean that it is the right choice for everyone.

The main reason you need to choose one of the options from these rain barrel reviews is that they have been proven to work. They are a simple solution that you can buy and set up in a matter of minutes in most cases. If you were to build your own rain barrel, it would take longer, and you might not create it correctly. It could be flimsy, it might allow in pests, it might not be made from UV rated plastic, and it could cause more problems than it is worth.

The best rain barrels on the market today are still affordable, and they can still be a great solution. Make it a point to choose these professionally made options rather than trying to cobble something together on your own.

What Should You Look for in a Rain Barrel?

Now that you are moving closer to getting your own rain barrel, there are still some things that you will need to consider when you are making your choice. You naturally need to have a place where you can put it, and you need to be sure you are getting the right size. Consider where the barrel will go and make sure that it will work well in the space available. Be sure it will be easy to use and to access the water, as well.

Safety is important, as well. The rain barrel reviews above focus on barrels that are 50-gallons or greater. There is the potential for these to be dangerous if they are not covered and made properly. Make sure that nothing will be able to get into the barrel, and that the barrels will not be easily tipped over. A 50-gallon barrel that is full will weigh more than 400 lbs. This has the potential to be dangerous if you do not have a quality barrel.

Of course, you should also consider the aesthetics. You want to find an option on the list of best rain barrels that will work well with the style of your property. Fortunately, there are some great options above.

small rain barrel

How Many Rain Barrels Do You Need?

When you are looking at the best-rated rain barrels above, you might have noticed that there are many that say they are easy to connect to a second barrel or more. Therefore, you might be wondering just how many barrels you are going to need to have for your home. Before you start buying too many of these barrels, though, you will want to make sure that you are considering just how much rain you can collect. How much of the roof will be draining to your first barrel? Do you get a lot of rain?

In many cases, you will find that it tends to be a good idea to start with one barrel and then determine whether you need to have more of them or not. If you do not have any overflow from the first barrel, you might not need a second in that location. You may want to set up a second barrel in another location, as long as you are able to have enough water drain to it, for example.

If you feel that you might need to have more than one barrel, it could be a good idea to consider one of the larger options on the list. 100-gallon rain barrels will take the place of two of the 50-gallon options. This can take up less space, which could be a factor for some homeowners.

How to Use a Rain Barrel Properly

Now that you have brought your rain barrel home, you want to make sure that you are setting it up right and using it correctly. One of the most important things to do is make sure you have it in a good location that provides a safe draining spot beneath it. You do not want any excess water to cause serious damage, so finding the ideal spots for the barrels to work with your gutters and downspouts is important. In addition, you need to make sure that you have an area that is flat. You might need to add some blocks to level the area for the barrel.

Even though many of the barrels are made from food-grade plastic, that does not mean that you are going to want to drink from the barrels. Instead, they should be used to water the lawn and garden, and to wash the car, for example. You could also use the reclaimed water to rinse out recyclables, spray down paving stones or concrete, to clean artificial grass, and to wash doghouses, mailboxes, and other elements around the house.

There are plenty of ways that you can use the water from the rain barrels. However, you might not want to use them to irrigate plants that you are growing for food. The quality of the harvested rainwater might not be as high as you would like for growing food. It’s perfect for flowers, trees, and grass, though.

Taking Care of the Rain Barrel

Once you have a rain barrel on your property, you will want to be sure that you take proper care of it, so it will last. Fortunately, this tends to be simple since these barrels are so durable. Still, you should make sure that you do not have anything else in the area that is going to fall on the barrel and that could cause damage. Keep the roof clean and make sure that people know to be careful when they are going around the barrels. They are sturdy, but you don’t want kids bumping into the barrels and moving them from their place.

Even though the barrels are built to last, you will still want to check them out every season, or more often, to be sure there are no issues. You want to be sure that certain larger animals and pests have not damaged any screens or connections while they are trying to get a drink, for example.

Something else that you might want to consider doing is getting larvae pills or tablets. These can be put right into the rain barrel, and they can help to ensure protection against mosquitoes. While covers and screens are very helpful and should be enough protection, there is always a chance that mosquitoes could get past them. With these tablets, it ensures that the larvae will be killed. The chemicals that are in the tablets will not cause any harm to your lawn or garden.

Taking some time to empty the barrel entirely and clean it out can be a good idea, as well. If there is water in the barrel that is stagnant for too long, there is a chance that it could develop a stench, not to mention algae. While the algae is not dangerous, it is still a good idea to empty it out and clean it a couple of times a year.

Whenever you are not using the rain barrels, you will want to bring them inside, clean them, and store them upside down. Those who live in areas where it gets down to freezing should make sure they empty and bring in their barrels. Even though these are durable, if there is water in it and it freezes, it will cause it to crack, even when you have the best rain barrel. Some barrels might claim to be freeze-proof, but this is not something you want to try even with the top-rated rain barrels.

Why Are Rain Barrels Illegal in Some States?

This headline might seem absurd to some. After all, it makes sense for people to find ways that they can save and conserve water, and you would expect the states to be on board with this. It would result in using less of the public water. Some states, such as Ohio and Texas are actively encouraging people to do this. However, that is not the case with all parts of the country. In fact, there are actually some parts of the nation where having a rain barrel is considered to be illegal, strange as it might sound.

The government of Colorado, for example, has said that using a rain barrel is the same thing as stealing. In this case, they believe that you would be stealing from the state. They say that collecting the rainwater would divert it from its normal pathway where it would go into streams, rivers, and other water sources. In fact, those who are collecting rainwater in the state with their rain barrels would be subject to a fine of up to $500 a day. Naturally, many people are not very happy about these fines for collecting something that falls from the sky and is likely to be used on their lawn and garden anyway.

It tends to be a good idea to learn whether it is legal in your area and whether you might need to have a permit to be able to collect rainwater. It tends to be better to be safe rather than sorry if you do not want to have to pay a fine.

Find the Best Rain Barrel System for Your Property

Now that you have seen a list of the best rain barrels, it should be easier for you to make a decision and find one that will work well for your property. You might find that you need to have several of the barrels that you can connect together depending on the amount of rain that you get. Take the time to find the perfect top-rated rain barrels and start reaping all of the benefits that they can offer.

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