Top 10 Best Tillers of 2022

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If you enjoy gardening, you probably know how much of a help that a tiller can be. Not only can it help you turn soil for new beds and plants, but it can also be used to pull up weeds or to add compost to your soil. If your property requires any of these things to plant lawns, gardens, or do other landscaping, a powerful tiller will help you along the way.

While a shovel or hoe can be used for these purposes, it takes a great deal more effort. An electric or gas powered tiller will help you prepare a garden quicker, more easily, and without fatigue or back pain. If you have a garden or other area that needs work done and it’s more than 100 square feet, a tiller is highly useful for helping to keep the rows free of pesky weeds.

Whether you need a mini tiller or a full sized tiller, there are many options on the market today. Some are large, some are small, some use gas, some plug in and use electricity. We want to share the top 10 tillers available. We’ll also offer some insight into the things you should watch for when you choose the right tiller for your property.

The Best Tiller and Cultivator

 NameWeightTilling Width & Depth 
Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator27.1 Pounds16 / 8 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Earthwise 7.5-Inch 2.5-Amp TC70025 Electric Tiller and Cultivator8.8 Pounds7.5 / 6 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Greenworks 10-Inch 8-Amp 27072 Corded Tiller29.3 Pounds10 / 5 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Honda FG110 9-Inch 25cc Gas Mini Tiller and Cultivator30 Pounds9 / 8 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 7940 Tiller and Cultivator24 Pounds9 / 10 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Craftsman CMXGVAMKC29A 12-Inch 29cc Gas Tiller and Cultivator39 Pounds12 / 6 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe 14-Inch 6.5-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator18.7 Pounds14 / 7 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Earthquake 20015 Versa FTT32 Pounds10 / 8 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Black+Decker LG120 20-Volt Cordless Cultivator and Tiller11.7 Pounds7 / 4 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON
Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis Tiller and Cultivator20 Pounds9 / 10 InchesCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

When you’re in the market for a garden tiller that is easy to use and capable of whatever you need, the Sun Joe TJ603E is an excellent option. This tiller features a 12-amp motor which is powerful enough to get rid of weeds or cultivate an area in only a few minutes. While it isn’t a gas powered device, it has the same power as many of them.

This tiller’s motor offers 340 RPM which means you can easily dig down into the dirt to get to the planting. It also includes a collapsible handle which makes it easy to move and store when not in use. The power capacity is top notch for any tiller, but especially unheard of for an electric tiller.

You can start this tiller by a simple button press. There’s no need to worry about fumes or refilling a fuel tank, which makes this a convenient option. It offers six steel angled tines which are durable and will last. It can dig up to eight inches deep and 16 inches wide to make the process quick and simple.


  • Comes with a total of six tines
  • Offers a powerful electric motor
  • Features a two-year warranty


  • May not be as powerful as gas tillers


Earthwise 7.5-Inch 2.5-Amp TC70025 Electric Tiller and Cultivator

This electric garden tiller is ideal for helping to renew your soil when it’s about time for growing season. It works great for small vegetable gardens or flower patches. However, it isn’t the best choice for those who need to break up hard soil.

As with other electric tillers, the Earthwise TC70025 needs to be assembled but it’s easy enough for anyone to do. You just need to attach and tighten a few wing nuts by hand. It will only take around five minutes to get things going if you use the instruction manual.

Starting this tiller is simple and requires pressing a level and pushing a start button. After the tines get going, they can dig down up to six inches or dig up to 7.5 inches wide. That should be more than reasonable for a small garden, but not for larger operations.

This tiller weighs in at just under 30 pounds and it can easily be pushed around. It also comes with a two-year warranty in case you end up with a unit that is defective.


  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Features an ergonomic grip for comfort
  • Eco-friendly option compared to gas tillers


  • Doesn’t work well with heavy soil


Greenworks 10-Inch 8-Amp 27072 Corded Tiller

If you are looking for a corded tiller that can handle your garden, the Greenworks 27072 Corded Tiller could be a reasonable option. It is capable of cutting up roots to remove them from your soil. It’s also very lightweight to prevent fatigue while using it.

This electric tiller is easy to start and use since all you need to do is hit a button to start your tilling. It has an eight amp motor and four eight inch tines that can handle widths from 8.25 to 10 inches. It can also till up to five inches into the ground. It features a folding handle which makes it a breeze to transport or store.

This is one of the best tillers possible for those who have raised beds since it is so portable. However, it has only one speed and doesn’t do well with rocky soil so take that into consideration before purchase.


  • Very inexpensive and great for budget buyers
  • Simple push button start operation
  • Tilling depth of up to five inches possible


  • May not till deep enough for some users


Honda FG110 9-Inch 25cc Gas Mini Tiller and Cultivator

When you are looking for great performance and durability in a tiller, the Honda FG110 Mini Tiller and Cultivator is an excellent choice. It has an all metal construction for strength and comes with patented tines that can handle any sort of soil. It digs and cultivates at the same time so you can get things done quickly and move on.

The engine in this tool is a 25cc four-stroke which offers high performance. It’s quiet and only vibrates a small amount while consuming minimal gas. It has an engine that is simple to start and easy to work with even in bad conditions while also including an engine guard for durability.

This is a maneuverable machine so you can get in and out of tight spaces without an issue. The outer tines can even be removed to facilitate tough space. The tires are forward rotating with a hybrid design and easy controls. It makes for a great machine for those who want something gas powered.


  • Comes fully assembled so you don’t have to do it
  • Includes a depth bar for convenience
  • Offers a foldable handle and optional accessories


  • May not be right for larger jobs


Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 7940 Tiller and Cultivator

While the Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 7940 is a small sized tiller, it performs quite well on even large jobs in the garden. The transmission design is unique and gives it the ability to handle heavy tilling. This machine also offers a Honda engine for quick and easy digging.

This tiller has curvy tines that can dig up to 10 inches into the ground. This helps you reach deep into the soil where some of the better nutrients can be found. The blade can rotate at 240 RPM for soil mixing, aeration, and to help get rid of all those weeds in the ground.

This is a lightweight and compact tiller with foldable handles for simple transport. It also includes kickstands to support the device and keep it upright when adding fuel.


  • Extremely durable and portable with long-lasting tines
  • Features soft grip handles for comfort
  • Easy to both start and use


  • Requires regular maintenance to stay in good shape


Craftsman CMXGVAMKC29A 12-Inch 29cc Gas Tiller and Cultivator

The Craftsman CMXGVAMKC29A is a mini tiller that can help you improve, create, and maintain your perfect garden. It’s gas powered and doesn’t weigh a lot, so you don’t have to worry about working around an electrical cord. It is also simple to clean, store, and use, making it a convenient option.

While there is some assembly required, it comes mostly ready to go. All you will need to do is put together the handlebars and add them and the wheel assembly to the tiller itself. It requires no tools and can be done in just a few minutes.

The tiller uses Triple Dig 3-in-1 tines which can mulch the soil that is up to five inches deep. This should be more than enough for those with small gardens. The width can also be adjusted from between six to 10 inches to fit your specific needs. This gives you versatility and control over your garden in a way most other tillers don’t offer.


  • Easy to assemble, store, use, and clean
  • Mostly assembled when delivered
  • Features a two-year warranty


  • Some find it feels a bit flimsy


Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe 14-Inch 6.5-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

The Sun Joe TJ600E offers a powerful tiller that uses electric power. It weighs only 17 pounds and is simple to move around the yard. It features steel tines that dig right into the ground to make moving soil or planting simple. Unlike a hand device, you won’t be tired or too fatigued to deal with the fun aspects of planting your own crops.

This tiller is lightweight but offers a 6.5-amp engine that can get things done. It can go up to seven inches into the soil or handle soil of 14 inches wide. It offers four steel tines that quickly dig in and handle the excavation on your property.

There is a foldable handle that makes it easy to transport and store the tiller. Turning it on means simply pressing a button. It has no need for maintenance and comes with a two year warranty.


  • Very powerful based on its size
  • Lightweight and easily transported
  • Offers a simple assembly


  • Not the best option for a large garden


Earthquake 20015 Versa FTT

This Earthquake 20015 Versa FTT tiller features a high-quality 40cc, four cycle Viper engine that has the power you need in your garden. There is no need to bother with the mess and inconvenience of mixing together oil and gas to use it. The device was made to last and offers a design that keeps dirt away from the engine.

There are handlebars which make it easy to maneuver even in tight spaces. It also means you can easily use the device without having to put in a lot of extra effort. This is helped along by the large engine that can help the tines cut through soil in no times.

One of the extra features with this mini tiller is that it is compatible with a number of accessories. A dethatcher kit and edger kit are both available and can be used with this machine. However, this will be at an additional charge.


  • Easy stop and start operation
  • Removable tines can be reversed
  • Handle bar design for superior maneuverability


  • May not work well in heavy or rocky soil

Black+Decker LG120 20-Volt Cordless Cultivator and Tiller

Sometimes a small tiller can be just the right option for getting in spaces hard to reach or for working in between rows. Black+Decker’s LG120 tiller is the perfect choice in those situations. It works well for small gardening tasks like mixing items into the soil or cleaning up between rows of vegetables.

There’s no need to get on your hands and knees as this device will easily grind up weeds and clean things up for you. It has a powerful transmission and dual tines to get the job done right.

This is a bit of a unique option on our list because it isn’t gas powered and it isn’t a tiller you hook up to the power outlet. Instead, it gets power from a 20-volt lithium-ion battery with charge retention and a long lifespan. This machine also comes with a two year warranty in case of issues.


  • Light and small tiller
  • No need for a cord to trip you
  • Comes with a two year warranty


  • Not as powerful as other options


Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis Tiller and Cultivator

Those who want a lightweight and easy to maneuver tiller that can put some power behind it will enjoy the Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis. It has sure grip handles to keep your hands from getting fatigued. The handles are also ergonomically designed to offer extra control and comfort.

This tiller can go nine inches in width or down 10 inches and is super light while doing so at only 20 pounds. It does need a mixture of gasoline and oil so both are required and will need to be purchased in order to start use of the tiller.

There are additional attachments available for an extra cost. These include a border edger and plow, lawn aerator, and a lawn dethatcher. All of these extras can be installed in minutes to make this a versatile tilling option that can handle other yard duties.


  • Offers additional tools like border edge and aerator
  • Handles are designed to be ergonomic
  • Deep tilling depth and plenty of power


  • Somewhat expensive compared to other options


What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Garden Tiller

When it comes time to purchase a new tiller for your garden, there are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind. The tiller that is perfect for you might not be the one that someone else would choose if given the option. That’s why you need to consider the below factors when looking at potential tillers.

Size of the Tiller

The first thing you want to decide is what size of tiller is appropriate for your needs. This takes a little bit of work but it’s well worth it so you don’t select an expensive, powerful tiller that might be more than you need or choose one that doesn’t have the boost you might require.

What you want to do is measure out the area where the tiller will be in use. If the area is fairly small, you might be fine with a simple mini tiller. On the other hand, a large space might necessitate a tiller with five or six horsepower. Those who have massive projects or plan to use the tiller for industrial reasons may want something even larger than that.

Type of Soil

Being aware of the type of soil that you need to till is just as important as knowing how large the space is to be tilled. Those who live in areas with hard soil or soil that has lots of rocks are going to need a heavier, larger tiller to get the job done.

If this is the case for you, you want to be certain the tiller you choose can handle the soil you have. On the other hand, if you are in a location with soil that has few rocks or that is very soft, you can likely get away with a lightweight tiller that has less power. So take a look at your soil and consider that while going over your options.


Choice of Tines

While going over your options for tillers, you are going to see there are three types of tines you can choose. Each of them does something a little different so understanding what makes them unique is important.

Those who are looking to till deep in the ground are likely to want bolo tines. If there are many weeds and roots in the soil you will be tilling, slasher tines tend to be the best choice. The final option is pick and chisel tines, which are made for rocky soil and can stand up to heavy abuse.

Tines that move in a counter-rotating manner go the opposite way of the wheels and work well for hard soil or a first time breaking into the ground. Forward rotating tines work in the same direction as the wheels and are ideal for all other situations.

Another thing to know is whether you want a tiller that also compacts the soil after it has been tilled. If you aren’t interested in compacting the soil, a tiller with rear tines will be the best option. It only tills the soil while one with front tines tills the soil and then compacts it.

The Right Engine

The tines on your tiller are important but the engine is equally important to making sure the job gets done right. You should always look at the engine when going through potential tillers for purchase. They are going to come in one of two types: gas powered or electric powered.

It’s up to your personal preference which is the right option for you. If you are going to be tilling somewhere that you have limited access to an electric outlet, gas powered is likely to be the way to go. You should also consider whether the engine is located, motors located over the tines tend to offer the best digging.

Putting It All Together

Taking all of these factors into consideration will help you decide which of the tillers above is the right one for you. Think about your situation and what you want from the tiller you purchase and choose your best option based on that. Knowing where you are going to use the tiller and how the soil is will go a long way toward getting yourself a tool that will do the job. Any of the options above will give you a great start at getting your garden looking the way you want it to.

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