Black and Decker Matrix Review

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Is the Black & Decker Matrix the perfect option for your home project needs?

There are lots of drill-drivers on the market, but not all of them have the massive suite of features that B&D has provided with the Matrix system. Before we go into all the details of this powerful tool, first, we want to share some of the top pros and cons that can be expected. The Black & Decker BDCDMT120 is perfect for a beginner who wants the bells and whistles without a high price tag.

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What really sets the Black & Decker BDCDMT120 apart from other tools is that it also comes with other parts to handle all your everyday home improvement tasks beyond drilling and driving nuts. The attachments include a trim saw, impact driver, jigsaw, sander, and oscillating tool system, among others.

We understand that it can be hard to decide which drill driver on the market is right for you, which is why we want to share all the details so you can make a purchase that works for your needs.

Presenting the Black and Decker Matrix

Now that you know the basics of this drill driver, it’s time to take a closer look at the Black & Decker BDCDMT120. It’s built around the idea of having a drill that can also be used for various other things. Black and Decker is well-known for offering high-end tools that last, and this model is no exception. The Matrix drill driver is a combo toolset with an innovative design.

Rather than buying a handful of tools for a large, massive set, the Matrix cordless drill is a single item that can work with six different functions. The Matrix quick connect system makes this possible by creating a new type of cordless power tool. It’s easy to use and can be quickly switched from one tool to the next, depending on your needs.

As far as value goes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another option with this many opportunities for the money you spend. All of the attachments for the tool are high-quality and have a use around the home. Before we dig into the many features of this tool, we want to share which items can be used with the set:

  • A drill driver attachment base tool
  • A reciprocating saw
  • A trim saw
  • An inflator
  • A hedge trimmer and shears
  • A detail sander
  • An oscillating tool
  • A jigsaw
  • A router attachment
  • An impact driver attachment

With all of these options, a 2 year limited warranty, tool-free attachments, and many other extras, the Black & Decker DCDCMT120 has a lot going for it. The configuration makes it easy to switch between needed tools when working on a project with several steps. Read the rest of our Black & Decker review to find out everything that it offers.

Features & Benefits

The Black & Decker Matrix has a powerful 20-volt motor that offers plenty of performance to handle home tasks without an issue. The battery lasts for a full 18 months when unused so you rarely have to worry about charging the item. The Matrix quick connect system takes this from a single tool into 10 of them in a small package. 

Our review will delve into each attachment included, what to expect from the base power unit, the price point to expect, and how it stands up to other power tools on the market.

Attachments and Included Tools

Since this Black and Decker tool has various attachments, we want to talk a bit about each and what it has to offer. Then we’ll talk about other factors that play into whether the Black & Decker BDCDMT120 is right for your needs. The many options available include all of the ones listed below.

The Drill Driver Attachment

The tool’s main body is the drill and driver, which feels similar to a typical drill. It’s cordless and has the Matrix quick connect system to let you charge items to use it as a multi-tool. It has 10 clutch settings and a standard 3/8 inch chuck. It can offer 800 revolutions per minute to handle any screwdriving or drilling jobs around your house. 

When you’re done with the tool, press the lock button to remove the accessory and screw in a new one. It’s simple and easy! Even without adding other accessories, this tool can handle home jobs with ease. It just has a lot of versatility when you choose various accessories that will work with other projects you might need to do in the future.

The Trim Saw

This trim saw attachment is made for cutting fence boards, plywood, and paneling. It’s a small and compact item that offers maximum control and comfort when working. The 20v max lithium-ion can provide 3,400 RPM, which is a lot for its size. This attachment is useful, but it may not do well with heavy boards. A standard tool is what you may need to use in that situation.

This attachment is lightweight and compact so it can easily be moved from one location to another. This is a huge benefit compared to traditional saws, which are often heavy and difficult to move to new locations. It can fit into small spaces for precision cutting needs.

The Hedge Trimmer and Shear

This tool has an attachment that helps with yard work and can be used for a variety of needs. It has the power to handle quick and efficient trimming of all the foliage in your yard but can also be used for more precise trimming when you want to sculpt your hedges or create especially intricate designs in your greenery.

With the hedge trimmer and shear set, there is a safety switch to prevent the tool from being turned on accidentally. This can give peace of mind that no accidents will occur if someone gets near the attachment. It also has a no-tool blade change system and offers variable speeds that are guided using the trigger so you can easily change from slow to fast speeds and back again without wasting time.

The Impact Driver

When you use this tool with the Matrix cordless drill, you get a lot of power without the kickback you might expect. It’s a small attachment that can be used in small spaces to handle tricky jobs in no time. It offers around 500-inch pounds of torque, which is more than enough to handle home repair jobs.

It avoids kickback through a quality design while still providing a great deal of performance. It can drive large fasteners, screws, and other items in seconds. The inclusion of a variable speed means a user can switch between power levels for different jobs. As with other attachments, the small size means it will fit into small spaces.

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The Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is one of several saw attachments available for this too. It features an innovative no-tool mechanism to switch between blades called Quick Clamp. Also, this saw (and other saw options for the Matrix) is small and has a design that makes it easy to use with a single hand. This makes it ideal for getting into tight spaces for important jobs.

Another great feature of this attachment is the ability to grip the tool in various positions. That means that a user can choose what is most comfortable for them to use, which can make a huge difference on long jobs. It also adds to the control available through the saw. It has a pivoting head that offers constant contact and stability when you need to change the leverage as you work through a cut.

The Jig Saw

Use the Matrix quick connect system to install the jigsaw attachment through a simple blade change. It has variable speed settings, so you can switch things up every time you use it. It has quick and easy cutting power thanks to both its small size and the anti-slip grip on the tool itself.

The way this attachment is built makes it ideal for controlled, precision cuts of all different kinds. It has a tool-free blade change system that keeps users and others in the house safe when around the item. It also makes it easier to keep working even if you need to switch out the cuts you’re making for various parts of a project.

The High-Pressure Inflator

The inflator attachment is a versatile option for inflating bike tires, car tires, sports balls, and a variety of other items. It has up to 100 PSI of power so it can get things done quickly and easily. In addition to the attachment that handles the inflation, it also comes with a long 14-inch cord.

The high-pressure inflator has on-board storage to offer additional convenience. Users can safely store their accessories when working on various jobs around the home.

The Detail Sander

If you’re restoring furniture, you’re likely to be spending time on sanding, and this Black and Decker attachment can help. It has a small size that lets you get into tiny areas for polishing, dry scrubbing, sanding, dust removal, and detail standing. The sandpaper looks like a triangle and can be purchased at any home improvement store.

Designed to work in small areas, it has variable speeds and a tiny design. It’s a versatile tool that most will find simple to use. As a detail sander, its best use is for things like rust removal and finish sanding when a project is almost complete.

The Router

This router attachment is designed to help with decorative woodworking, trimming, and other carpentry needs. It has quick depth adjustment for convenient and quick work and lets you choose between a range of speeds. It can be used for small edge forming, hinge routing, and more. The quick adjustment lets you change the depth up to an inch at a time with a press of a button.

Also included with this tool is a spindle lock button, which is provided to offer bit changes using a single wrench. It has variable speed options so you can choose the right speed to ensure precision on whatever job is currently being done.

The Oscillating Tool

The Matrix quick connect system oscillating tool is the last thing to review and one of the most exciting things this tool can do. It has a simple blade release, so there is no need for hex keys to change out blades. It can cut through drywall, composite, wood, metal, and many other items. The tool can oscillate up to 18,500 times each minute. It comes with a cutting blade.

It features a plunge-cutting blade, a sanding platen, and sandpaper so users have everything they need to handle home jobs. In addition to being able to create plunge cuts, this attachment is ideal for other things. It can be used to sand wood, grind various materials, and scrape off paint or adhesives. 


In addition to all the items we’ve already mentioned, this kit also comes with other items. It has a double-ended bit, a power unit, several sandpaper pieces, an adaptor, blades, screwdriver bits, a storage case, and a battery charger. All of these items come at a competitive price and you can add on various extras as you need to, rather than buying them all at once.

20V Power Level

One of the biggest things that woodworkers appreciate about the Black & Decker Matrix is the 20V motor. At 20 volt, it offers a large amount of power for use around the home. However, it is a cordless model so remember that this level of power can drain the 20v max lithium-ion batteries more quickly than expected. Anyone who plans to use it regularly should consider a second 20v battery for backup.

However, even without a second 20-volt battery, the initial 20v battery can be charged up in about three hours or so. With the 20 volt motor included with this tool, the company has created a drill that can operate at 800 RPM (rotations per minute) when the battery is fully charged. It holds a charge well for infrequent use and is fine for home needs.

Comfortable & Lightweight Design

This drill driver comes in a small size and weighs just a bit less than four and a half pounds (4.3 pounds) so it won’t cause hand fatigue when using it for long periods. It’s a heavy-duty model that is light without feeling as if it can easily break. The weight of these tools only makes them more portable than expected so they can be easily transported from one space to another.

When using the drill driver, it has a soft rubber material on the outside that adds to user comfort. Beyond feeling nice in the hand, this material also allows you to keep an ergonomic and firm grip that ensures the tools stay situated in your hand for precision work. While many power drills have this kind of design, the ergonomics work well to match up to the light weight of this particular model.

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