Hitachi Table Saw C10JR Review

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Could it be the perfect jobsite table saw on the market today?

As with any table saw on the market, the Hitachi C10RJ has a lot of things going for it. However, it also has some drawbacks that you want to be aware of. Before we jump into additional information about this 10-inch table saw, we want to share a list of the pros and cons to make it easier for you to determine if this is the right tool for your job sites or home.

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As you can see, the Hitachi C10RJ has many benefits for those who use table saws regularly. However, it also has some drawbacks that may or may not matter to you, depending on where you plan to use the table saw and with what sort of projects. Now that you have the basics available, we want to delve into more about this 10-inch table saw and what to expect from it when you take it to a job site.

Opposed to a table saw made for a homeowner who does small projects, this one is created for hard work. This is precisely why it offers a high-performance motor, features like a riving knife and soft start, and ultimate rip capacity for major projects that professionals may find themselves dealing with.

Presenting the Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw

You likely have a surprisingly good idea of what you’re looking for in a table saw, so we want to provide a table saw review on the Hitachi C10RJ. This tool features a stable tabletop while offering plenty of power and simple maneuverability. The Hitachi C10RJ is designed for professionals with a wide working table size, a powerful 4,500 RPM motor, and a 10-inch blade.

Regardless of the place where you put it to work, this table saw can do everything from max rip cutting to fine cutting for the most challenging projects. It also comes with many features, accessories, and accessory storage to ensure the best user experience possible. It even packs in safety options so there’s little danger of injury or damage when using the professional saw with a high-performance motor.

This saw has a 15 amp motor that is created for everything from cross-cutting to rip sawing of hardwood, typical wood, plywood, and even composite materials made with wood materials. It includes an easy to use stand with sturdy legs that can easily be placed and removed from a job site whenever needed. It also has a set of wheels to make transporting it a breeze.

Features & Benefits

There are many things to appreciate about the Hitachi C10RJ table saw, starting with the fact that the 15 amp motor produces 4 horsepower. The saw is designed to help guide material accurately over the table. Let’s start by giving you an overview of everything you will get when purchasing a Hitachi C10RJ.

The list of components alone can give you an idea of what the Hitachi C10RJ is capable of. It has tons of accessories that help you handle your projects with safety and efficiency. Some items help guide material accurately through the saw, such as the fold roll stand, while others, like the emergency off safety cover, help prevent accidents.

Now that our Hitachi C10RJ review has gone over the basics, we want to delve into all the other features and benefits this saw will offer. Sure, having a fold roll stand for material support, feed support for productivity, and telescoping table extension supports for large materials are all great things to have access to. Still, we want to get more in-depth with what to expect.

Ideal for Use as a Jobsite Table Saw

One of the things that makes this table saw unique is the fact that it was designed specifically to be used as a jobsite table saw. It offers precise and functional cutting of a variety of materials. It offers a variety of useful accessories and features for a carpenter or construction worker.

This saw is made of top materials and includes components like an electric brake and dust port to keep users safe. The table saw is ideal for use in rugged situations where you don’t want to worry about having low performance or losing power. It includes a caster platform and stand so the saw blade can easily get through even the most serious materials.

Any professional in need of a jobsite table saw that has telescoping table extension supports will appreciate what this model brings to the table. While there’s a lot to cover when looking at this tabletop saw, below are some of the most important specifications.

  • Features an electric brake
  • Includes a riving knife
  • 4,500 RPM 40 tooth carbide tipped blade included
  • 2.5-inch dust port for debris collection
  • 45-degree cutting edge on the blade
  • 90-degree blade cutting angle
  • 1.75 horsepower motor
  • Direct drive universal 15 amp motor produces 4,500 RPM
  • 96 pounds in weight
  • 8 x 13/16 inch dado capacity
  • 35-inch rip capacity

Build and Design

You can take a look at the Hitachi C10RJ to see how well constructed it is. The table saw is made of high-quality parts and comes from a company known for reliable and long-lasting tools. It has a caster stand and platform complete with foldable legs for easy setup and transport from one place to another. The legs are balanced well for stability anywhere near a wall outlet. It’s also designed to be quiet through the soft start system.

The wheels are also durable when fixed to the stand to get over rough terrain. The saw is user friendly and easy to turn on and off thanks to the oversized power switch. It also comes with an implemented circuit breaker to ensure safety when using it. The Hitachi has onboard storage with space for push sticks, anti-kickback pawls, blade guards, and more.

The saw’s ability to fold up and be stored is one of the top reasons it works well on any job site. They are stable and made of quality materials to prevent accidents when using the tool. As long as the saw is going to be used in an area that has a power outlet nearby, it can handle most jobs that you need it for. This model measures 22 x 28 x 36 inches and weighs just over 95 pounds.

Normally, this would seem like a lot of weight for a table saw that is going to be moved around various locations. However, in this case, the wheels are robust and large at eight inches in size so moving the saw shouldn’t create any problems. The design of the entire model is clearly focused on ensuring that professionals can have access to a tool that works well and is easy to get started with, even when moving between several locations.

Power Level

This Hitachi C10RJ table saw is a portable saw that has plenty of power for projects. It offers a 15 amp motor and can get up to 4,500 RPM for serious work. While it isn’t the fastest saw on the market, it’s clear that Hitachi created it to ensure it can work on any kind of wood. Since hard materials require lots of torque but lower speed, that’s what is provided with the Hitachi C10RJ.

On the other hand, it has a 35-inch rip capacity and is fast enough to max rip through softwood without an issue. It has the best of both worlds from a first-class manufacturer. It also comes with a front bevel scale and height adjustment knobs to optimize your use of the saw. The 10” 40 tooth carbide tipped blade included only adds to the performance you can expect from this saw and its motor.

The soft-start function on the table saw makes it easily engage the blade when you start to cut. Also included as a safety feature is an overload sensor. This is responsible for protecting the saw (and the user) from damage and overheating when using the table saw for long periods of time. All in all, this saw can be used on any table and will both offer high performance levels and the top level of safety.

It also has an emergency switch under the cover of the main power switch near the motor that lets you stop the saw quickly whenever needed. It will cut off the motor power and immediately stop the blade if an emergency occurs at work and you need to quickly step away from the saw. It has a nice blend of power and performance along with the safety that anyone wants to see on their table power tools.

Cutting Capacity

Having a large cutting table is essential when you need to cut large pieces in the field, which is something else that this Hitachi promises. The table comes in at 28.75 x 22 inches and has an extendable top that creates a tremendous amount of rip capacity. Considering the small size of the saw, this makes it different than other tools. It also has extras like a soft start function, bevel height adjustment knobs, and a fold roll stand up against its competition. 

This table supports up to a 35-inch rip capacity using the table extension feature. This max rip capacity works well for a jobsite table saw, especially when combined with features like an electric brake, blade guard, and t-slot miter gauge. It also has a dado capacity of 8 x 13/16 inches, which is ideal for professionals who work with massive materials regularly. 

With the extensive working table size, a rotating fence, and a rack and pinion system, this C10RJ saw can handle anything you throw at it. With the extended feed and 28.75 x 22 table, it can cut through anything you need while you’re on the job. It also has a considerable cutting depth to handle all sorts of lumber as long as it doesn’t exceed three inches by much. The 10-inch blade is also ideal for this configuration.

The inclusion of a miter gauge allows the table saw to handle cross-cutting at a variety of angles including 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees on either side of the blade. This makes this model one of the most versatile available on the market right now. The saw offers a bevel rating that ranges between 0 and 45 degrees, while the depth of the cut from the blade can range anywhere from 2 ½ inches to 3 1/8 inches.

Dust Port for Cleanliness

When buying a saw, one of the main concerns is how to handle dust that is made while working. This is a serious consideration since most beginner’s tools don’t have a dust port or any other way to manage the mess in the workplace. That isn’t something that will be a concern with the C10RJ since it collects the dust into a bag. It can also be used while connected to a vacuum to make things even more convenient.

As a woodworker, having a dust port is a must to avoid making an environment dusty and potentially hazardous. This kind of accumulation system helps manage the worksite and keeps things neat and tidy without needing to do extra work. It can be used to keep the table clean, the floor pristine, and the workspace not needed additional attention.

Just as the saw has been designed where a single individual can use it, transport it, or get it assembled, the same applies for keeping the workspace clean once a job is done. Whether you connect a vacuum or do everything manually, the dust port will prevent you from needing to do even more work after you finish your woodworking tasks.

Excellent for Transport

This stand can be folded up and rolled around. It comes with treaded all-terrain tires that are eight inches in size. This makes it easy to move the tool around a job site. The legs can also be folded up for additional sturdiness when you’re working. It works well for situations where your tool will need to be moved regularly. It also ensures stability even if you plan to use the tool in a single location time and time again.

It also has ease of storage that comes into play. Once it’s been folded up, it will go into an upright state. In situations where you have a small work vehicle or a limited space in your garage, the fact that it is so compact will come in handy. The integrated stand with the saw can act as a table when you’re in situations where you don’t have one handy.

After being transported to a site, it has a nice solid surface for the saw that has a solid feel and a dependable construction. Whether you’re using the saw or folding it up for storage, it feels just as durable as it actually is. The materials used shine through and make this is a great option for anyone who wants a functional and aesthetically pleasing table saw solution.

Users can expect to enjoy a high level of stability using the tool and it isn’t made of flimsy materials that will fall apart if it’s in storage for a while. This is a huge deal for professionals who will likely be moving the saw around more than someone who plans to use it solely as a home power tool for small projects and tasks.

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Safety Features

The Hitachi C10RJ includes a variety of features to prioritize safety on the job. Many not only keep you safe but also help with productivity. The soft-start is one that is well worth being aware of. What the soft start does is start the blade off slow and let it slowly ramp up to speed until it reaches the top level. If you aren’t used to using a table saw, this might not seem like a serious consideration. However, it is an excellent way to prevent injuries.

The electric brake is another feature that makes the Hitachi stand out from other models. When the electric brake turns on, the machine stops on a dime so that you aren’t injured in a dangerous situation. There is also the dust collector that keeps your vision free so that you can get work done quickly. This table saw comes with a riving knife as another way to ensure users stay safe while using it.

Many of the parts are built for safety, so you get a nice mix of security and power every time you use the tool. It comes with feed support and a 5mm hex bar wrench to make life easier around the saw. The saw also includes anti-kickback pawls, which can be lifesavers in certain situations. This feature is implemented to prevent a blade that is spinning from kicking back. Without the pawls, it could lead to a serious injury or extreme damage to the workspace.

Compared to many other table tools, this one has additional safety and will offer peace of mind when you’re cutting wood. Some of the other useful features included on the saw include extra rulers on the side of the table to ensure the most accurate measurements, easily adjustable miter slots and a fence, and the motor needs to offer a high level of excellent performance. Everything has a storage space on the machine so extra components aren’t sitting out in the way while working with projects.

Everything Included with the Table Top Saw

At this point, you have an idea of what power and performance this 10-inch table saw has to offer. However, it’s also worth knowing exactly what items come with the table saw itself. When you order this saw and have it shipped to your home or business, it will include:

  • A blade guard assembly as a safety feature
  • A 10 inch t-slot miter gauge
  • One 10 inch 40-tooth blade
  • An anti-kickback carbide blade
  • 2.5mm, 4mm, and 5mm hex bar wrenches
  • An outfeed support assembly
  • Two blade wrenches
  • A rip fence
  • A push stick

This tabletop saw model features a variety of accessories and extension potential to ensure that using it will result in safe and efficient projects. Each safety feature is tested to ensure the best quality to avoid accidents and injuries. The table saw comes with a variety of extras and will meet the needs of most professionals who use table saws regularly.

Another perk of this item is that when you receive it, it doesn’t take much time to get it assembled and ready for work. The saw includes a user manual that explains the steps that need to be taken to get everything put together into a functional state. Most users can expect to assemble the stand, the riving knife, fence, outfeed support, and all other components in 20 to 30 minutes.


When you’re looking for the right table saw for a professional work environment, the Hitachi C10RJ is an excellent choice for you. Our review should give you an idea of what you can expect from the Hitachi saw and where it hits its highs and lows. If the idea of a saw with a roll stand, riving knife, and ultimate rip capacity appeals to you, this could be the right option for your workspace or even your home.

This saw isn’t made for a beginner as it has complex features, but it offers all the things a professional could need. The inclusion of safety features, sturdy construction, durable wheels, and multiple adjustments makes it an excellent choice for any job site. It’s easy to move around, can be used in any type of environment, and has the power needed to get the job done fast!

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