Top 11 Best Welding Helmets for 2019

best welding helmet

Welding helmets are an essential piece of gear for anyone who is working with welding equipment, whether they are working in a professional capacity or they are a hobbyist. These helmets are meant to provide protection for the entire head, including the delicate face, eyes, and the neck. There are many different types of injuries that can occur when people are welding, such as damage to the eyes due to the intense light, damage to the skin, including premature aging and discoloration because of the UV light, and more. Infrared rays are dangerous, as is the heat that caused by welding and the sparks that are created. The best welding helmet will help to keep you safe from these types of problems.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of products on the market today that could be a good solution for those on the hunt for a quality welding helmet. Over the course of this article, we will be looking at some of the best brands and models available, and we will explore more about some of the most important elements you will need to consider when you are making your choice.

11 Best Welding Helmet Reviews

 NameViewing AreaMaterialWeight 
Esab Sentinel A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet3.93” x 2.36”High impact resistant nylon4.25lbsCheck on Amazon!
Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet in Black3.93” x 2.36”Nylon2lbsCheck on Amazon!
3350 Series Black Welding Helmet from Lincoln Electric3.74” x 3.34”Plastic3.2lbsCheck on Amazon!
TackLife PAH03D Professional Auto Darkening Welding Helmet3.94” x 2.87”High impact polyamide nylon14.1 ouncesCheck on Amazon!
Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet3.8” x 1.78” or 3.8” x 2.5” optionsHigh impact polyamide nylon1lb and 2 ouncesCheck on Amazon!
3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 91001.8” x 3.7”Polypropylene1.37lbsCheck on Amazon!
DoItPower Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet3.86” x 1.65”High grade plastic2.85lbsCheck on Amazon!
Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet3.94” x 3.86”Composite1.5lbsCheck on Amazon!
Jackson Safety Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet3.93” x 2.36”Nylon2lbsCheck on Amazon!
DEKOPro Solar Powered Welding Helmet3.85” x 3.15”Polypropylene2.4lbsCheck on Amazon!
Miller Electric Welding Helmet5 1/5 square inchesNylon2lbsCheck on Amazon!

Esab Sentinel A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This helmet has an interesting design from an aesthetic standard, but it certainly offers more than just great looks. You will also find that the helmet features a shell design that has been called revolutionary. It is made from high impact resistance nylon, ensuring that it is strong and rugged. This is a helmet that is built to last. The helmet is ergonomic and comfortable, and it has plenty of adjustability to ensure comfort for heads of various sizes.

This model features a low-profile design along with a central pivot point. This will provide more head clearance when the helmet is in the up position. The helmet has a viewing area of 3.93” x 2.36” and a 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating. It also features color touch screen control panel that features eight separate memory settings. Two lithium metal batteries are required for the helmet, but are not included.

It also features an externally activated shade four grind button, which will make it easy to switch from welding mode to grind mode if needed. The front cover lens is also fast and easy to replace, so you will not have to worry about a lot of downtime if you need to change out the lens. The helmet also provides a nice level of clarity, which can make it easy to see exactly what you are doing when wearing it.

Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet in Black

The Jackson 46131 is one of the top options available for those who are in the welding field today. Jackson has long been known to be a company that ensures high levels of quality in the products they make. They have a range of helmets available in different styles and even with different graphics on them. The black helmet here is a fantastic choice for those who are on the hunt for an ADF helmet.

This particular helmet features four independent auto dimming sensors and simple to use digital controls. The helmet also has a nice and wide viewing area of 3.93” x 2.36”.

You can choose from grind and weld modes with the versatile helmet. It can be sued for MIG welding, TIG welding, and arc welding, providing a substantial amount of value for those who choose the option. The helmet is compatible with the HLX 100 and the HSL 100 shells, it allows workers to easily control the darkness shade of the lens, and it even comes with the lithium ion battery it requires.

Those who are searching for a high-quality, safe welding helmet will find plenty to enjoy with this offering from Jackson. It is one of the top options available.

3350 Series Black Welding Helmet from Lincoln Electric

Lincoln has long had a reputation as being one of the best companies making welding helmets today. Their helmets in the 3350 Series are certainly no exception to this rule. They have a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating, along with four arc sensors. The helmet features a sleek and pleasing design, and those who are considering a purchase will find that it is highly comfortable, as well. When compared with some of the other helmets, this is lightweight, which helps in terms of comfort.

The helmet has delay, variable shade, and light sensitivity technology, and a large viewing window (3.74” x 3.34”). When you are choosing a welding helmet, visibility will always be an important factor to consider. The high level of optical clarity, along with providing a real color view help to improve visibility with this helmet. This can make it easier and more comfortable to weld, even when doing so for longer periods.

Each of the helmets comes with a range of extras, as well. These include items such as a string bag, welding bandana, five lens shields, and decorative stickers. This highly durable and rugged helmet has a lot going for it, and it could be one of the best options for you.

TackLife PAH03D Professional Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This helmet has quite a bit going for it, and it quickly becomes easy to see why it is one of the most popular welding helmets on the market today. This helmet has some of the best optics you will find with a helmet. It has a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating, which will help to ensure that your eyes have the very best protection. It also features a wide shade range of 3/4-8/9-13, which will help to cover most common welding. It makes this a good helmet for TIG welding, MIG welding, MMA applications, and grinding.

The viewing area of the helmet (3.94” x 2.87”) is very impressive, as well. It offers four premium sensors, which will help to ensure that users have a clear and bright field of view. It is ventilated, which helps it to be even more comfortable to wear. the adjustable headband, and the fact that the helmet is lightweight will help with this immensely.

The auto darkening response is very fast. In fact, the helmet will darken in less than 1/25000 seconds. The helmet is easy to store, it is dust proof and ecofriendly, since the required, and included, lithium metal battery can last for such a long time. All in all, this is a quality helmet and one of the best that you will find today.

Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This helmet can be a great solution for a range of applications, including TIG, MIG, MMA, and plasma. The versatile helmet works not only with welding applications, but it can also be a nice choice for grinding and cutting. It has a solar power cell design with replaceable batteries, and an auto darkening lens that has a passive UV filter. This filter will provide permanent UV protection at shade 13.

The four sensor design helps to ensure higher sensitivity, and it has a knob that can be used for the sensitivity and to adjust the delay time. These easy to use knobs will make fast adjustments easy, which is helpful if more than one person will be using the same helmet. You can ensure that everything is working properly and that the helmet is fitted correctly quickly.

This is a lightweight and comfortable helmet that can be a good solution for those who may have to weld for long periods. Even though the helmet is lightweight, it still has a very durable design, and is built to last. Overall, this could be an ideal choice for welders whether they are working in a smaller capacity as a hobbyist or whether they need to use the helmet throughout the day at their job.

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100

The Speedglas 9100 from 3M has a wealth of features that help to make it a top choice amongst welding helmets for experienced welders. The helmet features an auto darkening filter that can provide users with uniform shading and very little distortion through the viewing area. When you choose the right settings for the tasks you need to complete, you will find that it can reduce the amount of eye strain that you feel.

The helmet features professional grade protection for the face and eyes, and the side windows have shade five filters to help increase the field of vision. The aforementioned auto darkening filter will react quickly – in about 1/10000 of a second, to ensure that you have quality protection for your eyes. There are vents on the helmet, as well, which will help to improve the comfort factor further. This breathability will help to reduce humidity, heat, and fogging in the helmet, as well.

The helmet is also geared toward providing protection from not only the bright light emitted, but also the rapid changes that can happen in the brightness. This has the potential to harm the eyes and to cause strain. The helmet helps to reduce those instances and protects the eyes further.

DoItPower Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Those who are looking for an affordable option and who want to have some added style can choose one of these solar powered auto darkening helmets from DoItPower. When you are making your choice, you could choose from a simple black helmet, a blue helmet with a lightning theme and design, a red helmet with a skull design, a yellow helmet with black strips, or a flag helmet with a bald eagle adorning it.

However, you are probably looking for more than just style when you are choosing your welding mask. Fortunately, these helmets have quite a bit to offer. For starters, it has a large viewing area that measures 3.86” x 1.65”, along with two variable shade ranges (5-8 and 9-13). This helmet is suitable for a range of applications, including arc welding, MIG welding and TIG welding. It offers 1/1/1/2 optical clarity, four arc sensors, a fast auto darkening filter, and a simple to use and read display.

These are a cost-effective choice that could work well for many who are welding as a hobby or who need to weld regularly. The helmets have sensitivity control, a great design, and a high level of comfort.

Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The Instapark ADF GX990T features four arc sensors along with a quality auto darkening filter, making it a fantastic choice for welders of all types. One of the best features of the helmet is the large viewing area. At 3.94” x 3.86”, it is larger than what you will find with many similar welding helmets. This helmet offers an amazing design, as well. It is called Bluish Devil, and it has a blue skull and blue fire design on it that helps it to stand out from the crowd.

The helmet, made from composite material, is lightweight and comfortable. It offers a padded interior along with a ratcheting headband to make sure if fits your head precisely. The helmet also features easy to use exterior controls and adjustments, so you can make adjustments as needed without needing to take off the helmet to do it.

The helmet has a variable shade adjustments from 5 to 13, with a resting shade of 4. The switching time is fast, as well, at just 1/30,000 second. This helmet is a good solution for arc welding, as well as MIG welding and TIG welding. It is an affordable choice for those who need a quality helmet.

Jackson Safety Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This helmet offers grind and weld modes, making it a fantastic choice for those may need it for arc welding, MIG welding, or TIG welding. The helmet has a pleasing Stars & Scars design of red, white, and blue. It also offers a very wide viewing area, so you should not have any trouble seeing everything you need to see when you are welding. This auto darkening helmet is compatible with the HLX 100 and the HSL 100 shells.

Those who use the helmet will have a variable shade, from 9-13, easy to use sensitivity and delay adjustments, four auto dimming sensors, and digital controls that are easy to understand and use. The auto darkening filter helps make it possible for users to work in various environment, as it can control the shade of the lens. It will make auto adjustments for sensitivity from lighting sources.

This is a high-quality mask from Jackson, a company that is known for their dedication to the field and for the quality of the items they make. Those who are searching for a durable and rugged option for their helmet will find plenty to enjoy with this option, including the stunning looks it offers.

DEKOPro Solar Powered Welding Helmet

The auto darkening professional hood and welding helmet has an adjustable shade range from 4/9-13 and is a perfect choice for those who are seeking a quality helmet that can help with grinding, as well as arc, TIG and MID welding. With this particular helmet, you will have two style options. You can choose from the blue or orange option, both of which look great.

The helmet can offer more than just great looks, though. It also has fantastic eye protection and the auto darkening filter will switch from light to dark in 1/25,000 second. If there is an electric failure, you will still be protected from UV and IR radiation with shade 16.
Manual adjustment is nice and easy, and you will be happy with the clean view that is afforded by the helmet. It offers a large viewing area along with enhanced visibility and color recognition. You will be able to see clearly even at different angles.

The lightweight helmet tends to be comfortable, as well. The battery powered helmet also features solar panel technology, which can help to provide the battery with even longer life. This helmet is good for many different types of working environments.

Miller Electric Welding Helmet

This Miller Electric can be a good choice for those seeking an affordable auto darkening helmet. It offers varying shades and a replaceable battery that is solar assisted, helping to increase the overall life of the battery. There are dial-operated controls, and this can be a great option for TIG welding along with light industrial fare and DIY projects. It should be noted that the helmet does not provide the grind mode.

The helmet has quality lens technology providing excellent clarity. The helmet can be adjusted for light sensitivity, and features two independent arc sensors that can support 1/10,000 second switching speeds. This is a lightweight and comfortable helmet that is made from highly durable nylon. The helmet is easy to adjust, and you should not have any problem with the helmet fitting welders of different sizes. This can be a good solution for those who may be sharing helmets.

The helmet also has a clean and classic appearance, along with the technology that is needed to provide a quality welding system. The fact that this is an affordable option helps to make it an even better choice for many.

What Should You Look for When Choosing?

Now that we’ve seen some of the best welder helmets on the market today, it is time to learn a bit more about some of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing a helmet.

First, you need to consider safety. Welding is a dangerous activity, and the goal of the helmet should always be to provide you with the very highest level of safety when you are wearing it. Even though comfort might be important, safety should always take priority. The current safety standard is ANSI.Z87.1-2003 for welding helmets. All manufacturers of helmets and lenses are required to validate their helmet specifications. When the helmets are going through testing, they are subject to a wide variety of treatments.

The helmets will undergo impact tests and will have a variety of objects hit the helmet at a high rate of speed. They will also undergo tests to make sure that they have a fast enough switching speed and that they meet the proper darkness requirements. In addition, they will go through tests that check to make sure they provide 100% UV and IR filtering on each of the shade settings.

While the helmets above should meet the current safety requirements, this is not true of all of the helmets on the market today. It is always a good idea to double-check and to make sure that the helmet you are using is entirely safe.

In addition, you will need to look for the reaction time of the lens to make sure that it will adjust quickly and provide you with an ample amount of protection. The ratings will generally vary from 1/3,600 to 1/20,000 second. The faster the reaction time the better, as it often means your eyes will not get as tired over the course of a day of welding.

Consider the type of battery that the helmet uses, as well. The AAA batteries that are used in some of the helmets are relatively cheap and easy to replace. However, they will not last as long as the lithium batteries. Of course, even though the lithium batteries can last a long time, they tend to be more expensive to replace and harder to find. Some of the helmets that have solar assist will need to be charged by sitting in the sun before they are first used.

welding helmets review

The viewing size is important, too. A larger viewing size does not always mean that it will be a better option. However, it does mean you will have the ability to see more. It will typically come down to personal preference when you are choosing the viewing size.

Helmet weight can be a factor you will want to consider, as well. While most helmets will not feel overly heavy when you are first using them for the day, over the course of several hours, they can start to feel very heavy. Choosing helmets that are lighter is always a good option, as it will help to reduce the amount of strain and fatigue that you are feeling.

Along the same lines, you will want to think about other comfort factors when you are making your choice. Padding, some venting, and an overall comfortable feel will be important, especially when you are welding for long periods.

Finally, you will want to consider the aesthetics when all of the other factors have been met. There are different styles available through manufacturers that you have seen in our list above. These are great choices not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also for all of the other features that they can provide.

Take your time to find a helmet that you like and that will meet all of your needs, while providing you with a great all around experience. Don’t choose a helmet just because it is cheap, though. Low-quality helmets could end up causing you far more problems than they are worth. They might not fit right, and they may not provide you with adequate protection. You deserve better.

Now, you have the knowledge you need to understand more of what you should be looking for when you are searching for a new welding helmet, and you have information on some of the top welding helmet options available today. Now, all you need to do is choose the helmet what will be the best solution for your needs.

Top 10 Best Angle Grinders for 2019

best angle grinder

Whether you’re constructing a steel building or restoring that classic car, you know the importance of having the right tools on hand. One that you’ll find indispensable is an angle grinder. It’s the perfect tool for deburring metal, removing rust and corrosion, or cutting through plate, round, and bar stock. It’s versatile enough to be used with a workbench and vise, or freeform. The real challenge here has nothing to do with realizing the utility, flexibility and value of an angle grinder, but finding the best angle grinder for your money. We’ve done all the legwork for you.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best angle grinders on the market in a convenient head-to-head list to help you make the right purchase decision. After that, we’ll dig into each model to see what it has to offer, and then we’ll wrap up with an angle grinder buying guide so you know exactly what to look for. Let’s get things started – here’s our list of the best angle grinders in 2019.

 NameAmpsPower SourceRPM 
Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder7.5Corded + AC/DC switch11,000 no loadCheck on Amazon!
DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder11Corded11,000 no loadCheck on Amazon!
Milwaukee 2780-20 M18Not listedBattery8,500 no loadCheck on Amazon!
PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAG 7-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder/Cut Off Tool7Corded11,000 no loadCheck on Amazon!
Makita GA5042C SJSII High Power Angle Grinder, 5″12Corded11,000 no loadCheck on Amazon!
Makita GA7001L 7-inch Electric Angle Grinder15Corded + AC/DC switch6,000 no loadCheck on Amazon!
Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder6Corded11,000 no loadCheck on Amazon!
BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 6 Amp Angle Grinder, 4-1/2-Inch6Corded10,000 no loadCheck on Amazon!
DEWALT DCG413B 20V MAX Brushless Cut Off Tool/GrinderNot listedBattery9,000 no loadCheck on Amazon!
SKIL 9296-01 7.5-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Paddle Switch Angle Grinder7.5Corded11,000 no loadCheck on Amazon!

As you can see, there are some very capable angle grinders out there, and they stack up to one another pretty well. Now that we’re done with the head-to-head comparison, let’s dive in and see what each of the above models brings to the jobsite.

Makita 9557PBX1

The top-ranked angle grinder on our list, the Makita 9557PBX1 is both powerful and versatile. It offers 7.5 amps in a compact body that weighs in at under five pounds. While it has only a single speed, it does have a lock on/lock off switch that allows for continuous use without having to depress the switch at all times. The switch itself is an oversized paddle designed for more comfortable use, and the all-bearing, all-metal design ensures durability through years of hard use.

This grinder comes with four 4.5-inch grinding wheels, and a diamond wheel. It also includes a handy carrying case to keep the grinder stored away and protected when not in use. Last but not least, this grinder can operate on either AC or DC power at the flip of a switch.

DeWalt DWE401

The DeWalt DWE401 angle grinder offers more raw power than our top pick, and it is also pretty versatile. With 11,000 RPM (no load), you can cut and grind just about anything you might need to. The quick-change release lets you swap out grinding and cutting wheels quickly and easily, and the one-touch guard lets you adjust where your guard sits in a 360-degree arc.

The body of this particular grinder is a bit larger than the Makita we just reviewed, which is a drawback because it makes it more difficult to hold. However, the side handle (which is adjustable) and the narrowed hand grip do help with that issue. The dust ejection system is also a nice touch, as it helps remove debris quickly to prevent gumming up the works.

Milwaukee 2780-20 M18

One of only two battery-powered angle grinders on our list, the Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 is part of the company’s line of FUEL power tools. It offers the best portability on the market – just pop in a charged battery and go to work. Even if the jobsite doesn’t have power, this grinder ensures that you’re able to get things done.

The 2780-20 M18 can use 4.5 and 5-inch cutting and grinding discs. It also features a padded, ergonomically designed side handle and a narrow grip on the body to help ensure you’ve always got a handle on things.

However, there are a few shortcomings here, which is why it ranks third on our list, and not higher. First, the body is plastic while the head is metal. Second, it does not come with a battery. You’ll need to purchase one separately. Third, it does not come with a charger, which must also be purchased separately.

Porter-Cable PC60TPAG

If you’re looking for a robust, high-performing angle grinder, the Porter-Cable PC60TPAG is a good option. It offers a 7-amp motor and a non-loaded top speed of 11,000 RPM. The gear case is made from cast metal for excellent durability, and the handle can be repositioned to any of the three available presets for better ergonomics and comfort while working.

This grinder offers a spindle-lock disc release system so you can eject and swap out quickly using just one wrench when changing jobs or when a disc wears out. It also offers a tool-free guard that can be adjusted to provide the best angle of protection quickly and easily.

In terms of cons, the disc release is not tool-free the way some other grinders are on our list. The amperage for the body size is also not as good as with some other models.

Makita GA5042C SJSII

Capable, compact, and powerful, the Makita GA5042C SJSII is a worthy addition to this best-of list. It offers one of the strongest motors out of the models we have reviewed, coming in at 12 amps. It is also the only variable speed angle grinder to make our list, with speeds ranging from a minimum of 2,800 all the way up to a maximum of 11,000 RPM. Adjusting the speed is simple with the built-in control knob.

This model also features an electronic controller that is designed to kick in for high-torque applications and to increase the lifespan of the grinder overall. Couple that with a leaf spring and cam gear design optimized to reduce vibration and improve ergonomics, and you have a worthy contender.

Makita GA7001L

Looking for an all-metal angle grinder that will stand the test of time and hard use on the jobsite? The Makita GA7001L measures just 7 inches, but it delivers 15 amps of power. With a maximum unloaded speed of 6,000 RPM, it is a powerhouse that can be used for just about anything, from cutting through bar stock to detail grinding on welds.

This angle grinder also offers an adjustable side handle that can be removed and mounted on the opposite site for better usability. Note that it only has two positions, though (right and left). The body is made from cast metal for excellent durability, and the handle is ergonomically shaped to ensure a secure grip and decent comfort while using it. Finally, it also offers an AC/DC switch so you can change power sources on the fly.

Bosch 1375A

Bosch is a well-known name in the power tools sector, and the company’s 1375A angle grinder is definitely worth including on our list. It’s the lightest option we selected, weighing in at just 3.75 pounds. It also offers a 6-amp motor capable of 11,000 RPM. The side handle can be positioned in two different locations for better comfort when using the grinder, and the body is coated with epoxy to help with durability.

Note that the motor on this grinder was intentionally designed to have a very small footprint in order to maximize cutting and grinding area. There is also a convenient damage prevention system built into the grinder that stops operation when maintenance is needed.

Black + Decker BDEG400

For those seeking a lightweight, portable, yet powerful angle grinder, consider the Black + Decker DBDG400. It features a 6-amp motor with a 10,000 RPM maximum (unloaded). It also incorporates a number of ergonomic and nice-to-have features that make it a standout in the market.

One of those is the three-position adjustability of the side handle. Simply move it to the most comfortable position for your usage needs. The spindle lock ensures that you can easily change discs and swap from cutting to grinding in seconds. The gear case is also made from metal to ensure good durability, while the plastic body ensures better portability. Finally, this grinder offers a one-touch release switch that rapidly shuts down the tool for safety.

DeWalt DCG413B

The second battery-powered angle grinder on our list is the DeWalt DCG413B. This grinder does offer some notable features and benefits, including a 20-volt power system (18 volt nominal voltage). It also includes a blade brake to slow and stop the grinder when the paddle is disengaged.

The motor is brushless, which allows it to offer greater power and performance than brush motors. In fact, the company claims this results in 57% more runtime. However, the maximum speed is 9,000 RPM, which is slower than some other options on our list. Note that the battery and charger are both sold separately, which does increase the cost. However, the grinder is backed by a 3-year warranty, which provides peace of mind.

SKIL 9296-01

Last but certainly not least, we have the SKIL 9296-01. This compact grinder features a 7.5-amp motor capable of reaching 11,000 RPM (no load). It also offers a heavy-duty metal gear housing to help improve durability and wear resistance. The guard offers tool-less adjustment so you can easily move it to provide the protection necessary depending on the task being performed.

Note that this grinder does not feature lock on/lock off, which is touted as being preferred on many jobsites. The paddle must remain depressed in order to keep the grinder operating. However, the paddle is located in the most natural position to ensure continued pressure – on the bottom of the handle.

As you can see, each of the tools on our list brings something to the table worth considering. Whether you’re restoring that beloved classic car, working construction, or just need a tool for your hobby, you’ll discover the right option on our list of the best angle grinders on the market. With our detailed comparison out of the way, it’s time to take a look at what you should be considering when making a purchase decision. You’ll find our buying guide below.

Buying an Angle Grinder? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Before making a purchase, we recommend learning a bit more about angle grinders, what they are used for, and the features that make one model stand out from the others. Our buying guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

What Does an Angle Grinder Do?

Really, the name says it all. Angle grinders, well, grind things. Yes, that’s an oversimplification. They don’t just grind. They can also cut, score, smooth and polish depending on the type of attachment that you’re using. Really, an angle grinder is nothing more than an electric motor and a handle that can accommodate discs of various widths – 4.5 and 5 inches are the most common, at least for the angle grinders on our list. It’s a multipurpose tool that should be in just about everyone’s toolbox.

One of the most interesting things about angle grinders when compared to things like power drills with disc attachments is the fact that you can easily adjust the grinder to any angle necessary to get the job done, from full disc contact to contact with the merest edge of the disc. You can also do this securely, thanks to the two-handled design. That functionality allows you to do whatever it is that you need, whether you’re scoring tile for the bathroom remodel you’re starting, or grinding slag off that new weld.

What Safety Precautions Should Be Followed When Using an Angle Grinder?

Angle grinders combine immense power with speed. The results can be catastrophic if you are not careful and are not using the right safety gear or taking appropriate safety precautions. What sorts of precautions should you follow? What safety gear do you need?

Safety Gear:

·  Safety glasses or face shield

·  Work gloves

·  Clothing capable of withstanding sparks/debris

Safety Precautions:

·  Always wear your safety gear when using an angle grinder.

·  Always ensure that the side handle is firmly attached.

·  Prevent others from approaching when the grinder is in use.

·  Always unplug the grinder before you change discs.

·  Adjust the guard to your usage situation.

·  Always position the grinder so that the wheel spins against edges and the debris is ejected downward.

·  Never use an angle grinder near anything flammable.

·  Make sure your work area is secure and free of obstructions.

cordless angle grinder disc

Do You Need a Disc Guard?

Simply put, yes, you need a guard. Ideally, you’ll buy an angle grinder with an adjustable guard that can be easily moved and re-locked to suit different usage needs. Adjustable guards also ensure that you do not have to remove it when you need to grind something at an awkward angle. As a note, never remove the guard completely.

Do You Need a Disc Brake?

A disc brake is responsible for slowing and stopping the disc when you let go of the paddle/trigger. This is an important safety feature and you should not purchase any angle grinder that lacks such a brake. Without a brake, the disc would simply spin on its own until gravity finally stopped it. Because angle grinders can reach very high speeds, they remain very dangerous even when the trigger/paddle is not depressed. A disc brake ensures that you do not inadvertently injure yourself or someone else.

Do You Need Lock On/Lock Off Functionality?

There is actually a great deal of controversy over the lock on/lock off feature offered by some angle grinders on the market. There is a case to be made for both models with and those without this feature.

What is lock on/lock off? Simply put, it’s a feature that allows you to lock the paddle in place so that you can use grinder without also having to depress the paddle. It’s designed for situations where you need constant use out of the grinder. You can probably already see some of the issues that may arise here if the user is not very careful. The lock off feature also allows the paddle to be locked when the grinder is not in use, increasing safety.

Models that lack the lock on/lock off feature operate solely based on the user pressing the paddle. If the user’s hand comes off the paddle during work, the grinder immediately slows as power is cut to the motor. For continuous use, the user must ensure that the paddle remains depressed at all times. This is not a big deal during short usage sessions, but it can cause fatigue during longer use sessions.

Really, this functionality is up to the individual user, at least in an at-home use situation. In professional settings, some worksites prefer lock on/lock off, and some actually require it. As a note, our list includes grinders with and without lock on/lock off capabilities.

Why Do Amps and RPM Matter?

When it comes to angle grinder power and performance, there are two metrics that matter – amps and RPM. Amps, or amplitude, refers to motor power and performance. RPM, or revolutions per minute, refers to disc speed. The head-to-head comparison list at the beginning of our discussion highlighted the maximum RPM for each model with no load.

So, why do either of those things matter? It’s actually a bit confusing, and both of them bear on one another. They also touch on torque, which as anyone who has ever shopped for a truck for towing knows, is a vital consideration for tough jobs. So, torque matters a lot in situations where you might be cutting through material, particularly thicker metal, as well as if you were grinding thick slag. It would matter less in situations where you were polishing or cleaning, though.

To clarify, let’s look at it this way. If you are comparing two angle grinders with the same amp rating, then the one that has the lowest RPM would have the most torque. The lowest RPM on our list was 6,000, but most had a rating around 11,000. To give you a better example, a grinder with 7 amps and 10,000 RPM would have more torque than a grinder with 7 amps and 12,000 RPM.

If you were comparing based on RPM, then the one with the higher amp rating would have the most torque. As an example, suppose you were comparing two grinders, both of which offered 11,000 RPM. However, one of them featured 7 amps, and the other featured 12 amps. The grinder with 12 amps would have more torque.

cordless angle grinder reviews

Is a Corded Grinder Better or Should You Buy a Battery-Powered Grinder?

Finally, we have to consider the power source for your angle grinder. There are both corded and cordless models on the market. We even included two battery powered grinders on our list. Are they all the same? Does it make a difference? Yes, your power source is an important consideration.

Generally speaking, those who need continual use from their grinder will be better served by a corded model. They are not dependent on having a charged battery handy, and can be used all day long. Those who do not need constant use may be better served by a battery-powered model. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of both options, though.

Corded – Corded angle grinders are the most common on the market. They’re also the most affordable. You will find that they usually outperform battery-powered models in terms of amps and RPM, but that does not necessarily mean that they are the hands-down winners. There are some drawbacks. One of those is the fact that you must have a ready supply of electricity available. This means that remote worksites where power isn’t available will pose a problem. There’s also the fact that cords can be tough to deal with. They get tangled up and pose trip hazards.

Battery Powered – Battery-powered, or cordless angle grinders, are less common than corded models, but they are becoming increasingly available today. They embody some of the most advanced battery technology on the market, as well as other innovative features, such as brushless motor design to improve use life. They offer decent performance, and outstanding portability. For remote work where there is no readily available electricity, or hobby use where you do not need constant performance, battery-powered grinders can be good options. However, they usually cost more than comparable corded models, and most do not come with the battery or the charger.

AC/DC Switching – One option that combines elements of both types we’ve already covered is the ability to switch between AC and DC power. This allows grinders to be used with either direct current or alternating current, depending on the situation and the power supply available to you.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, an angle grinder is an important tool that most people will find invaluable. From sharpening blades to cutting through concrete and steel, angle grinders help you do more, faster. Use our list of the best angle grinders on the market to find the ideal option for your specific needs.

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How to Buy a Miter Saw: A Buying Guide

miter saw buying guide

There isn’t a workshop on earth that can’t benefit from having a miter saw available. However, it can be challenging to choose the right type of miter saw with so many options out there. There are traditional miter saws, compound miter saws in single and dual versions, and sliding compound miter saws to decide between. Even after determining which is the best miter saw for your needs, there are other factors that must be considered.

Depending on whether you are going to be remodeling your home, doing carpentry work, making furniture, contracting woodworking services, or doing DIY projects, some miter saws might be better choices for you than others. The same applies depending on which materials you will be cutting. While any miter saw will do a great job on most types of wood, some also have the ability to make cuts in aluminum, plastic, or concrete.

Purchasing the first miter saw you see isn’t something you should consider. There are multiple capabilities and sizes for these saws and they come in various price ranges. Reviewing a large selection of saws may be required to ensure you get the best value for your money and that the saw will do what you need it to do. With so much that needs to be considered, this buyers guide will help you answer all your questions. By the time we are done, you’ll be ready to pick the right saw for your workshop.

What to Expect from Different Types of Miter Saws

One of the first things to think about when buying a miter saw is which type is right for you. The two most common types are the sliding and non-sliding compound miter saw, but there is also a basic miter saw available. Each of these saws has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which we will go over in depth, so you have all of the information you need to make a decision.

The Basic Miter Saw

While this saw is not as popular as it once was, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth looking at. The basic miter saw is commonly used for making cross cuts and miter cuts, while also offering the option to cut trim. One of the disadvantages of this saw is that it can only make miter cuts. That means you have no way to make a bevel cut while using it. However, if you need a saw that is fairly simple and don’t mind the lack of features, it can be useful for a home workshop or garage. These saws tend to be ideal for making simple cuts but have a high accuracy. This is also going to be the least expensive miter saw, which might make it an excellent choice for a beginner to woodworking who has a tight budget.

The Compound Miter Saw

Compound miter saws are unique from basic saws in that they are able to make tilted or bevel cuts. This type of saw can be adjusted to make either cut as needed and there are often numerous cut options in each type. The compound miter saw comes in a single or dual bevel type, which are also a bit different from each other. If you were to choose a single bevel miter saw, that means it will make bevel cuts but only in one direction. That means to cut in the other direction, the material would have to be moved. On the other hand, a dual bevel model can make cuts to both the left and right without having to move around your wood or other material. Those who cut items like crown molding may find that a dual bevel miter saw is the best choice.

The Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Those who want an ultra-versatile miter saw will find that the sliding miter saw may fit the bill. However, this is also the most expensive miter saw you can purchase. This type of saw has the same features as the compound saw which we mentioned above. However, it also features a sliding arm. What this does is allow you to cut thicker and wider pieces of wood or other material. Therein lies the versatility of the saw itself. Due to the expensive nature of this miter saw, it may not always be the right purchase unless you typically work with large materials.

sliding compound miters aw

Selecting Between a Sliding or Non-Sliding Miter Saw

If you’ve made it this far, you may be considering whether a sliding or non-sliding miter saw is the right option for your needs. We mentioned that the main reason to choose a sliding miter saw is that it lets you cut wider and thicker boards. Let’s look at an example of what that actually means in practice. If you have a non-sliding saw with a 10” blade, this will let you cut things up to about 6” wide. However, choosing a 12” non-sliding gives you the option to cut boards of up to 8”.

When you look at sliding saws, those numbers increase exponentially. For example, a 10” blade on a sliding saw, you can cut up to 12” rather than 6”. This is especially important for carpentry since many of the times when working on cabinetry, you’ll need nearly 12” of cutting width. That doesn’t mean that you can’t cut the board on a non-sliding saw, but it does mean you’ll have to move and flip it to finish your cut. Doing that over and over can get repetitive and annoying.

Considering the Saw’s Power Source

In most cases, the miter saws you will find will be corded and feature a 10, 12, or 15-amp motor. Those who are only doing small projects will find the small 10-amp option completely reasonable. However, those who work with hardwoods or are in the need of wide crosscuts will want to choose the most powerful motors. Those who expect to do regular work with the saw, but only with thinner materials, will likely find a 10 or 12-amp motor to be sufficient.

While corded models are most common, there are battery-powered miter saws out there. These are typically best for DIYers or tradesmen who do a lot of travel. You can expect this type of saw to be lighter, smaller, and capable of light to medium work needs. In addition, these are often equipped with brushless motors to last a long time and need less maintenance.

All About Blade Choice and Crosscut Needs

When it comes to crosscut, looking at blade size is important. There are saw blades available in 8 ¼, 8 ½, 10, and 12” diameter. When choosing a size, remember that the larger it is, the longer cuts you are able to make. That means your bevels, miters, and crosscuts can be longer with a larger saw blade. If you already know that you will need to cut large pieces of lumber or wide molding, you will want a substantial blade or a decent sizes blade and a slide capacity that meets the width need you have.

One thing that the 10” blade has going for it is that it is the same size blade used in a table saw. If you use this blade size, you can swap blades out between the two tools. You will also find this is the case with the cordless miter saw which used a 7 ¼ blade and your circular saw. This means that 7 ¼ blades are easily found and available so you won’t find yourself out of luck if you need to quickly pick one up.

If you are going to be cutting hardwoods or focusing on finished cuts in various materials, you will also want to look for a blade with a large TPI (teeth per inch). The larger the number is, the better the finish. However, the fact remains that when any blade begins to dull, it should be switched out. This is easier on your motor and safer for you as you do your work.

Thinking About Angle Detents and Ranges

While there is a variance in terms of the top miter and bevel ranges of different saws, all of them will cut to 45 degrees. Some compound saws may have a range of up to 48 degrees while dual compounds can reach around 50 degrees to the left and 62 degrees to the right. In most cases, no matter what the angle availability is, it will do the job for most people who need it use it.

Another thing to consider is the stop detents, which should be positive stop. This is the most common option, but it’s always worth double checking to be sure. The detent is a mechanical catch which will lock movement of the machine when it is released. That prevents issues with inaccurate angles. Most miter saws will have detents at 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 22.5 degrees at the very least. You want a saw with a smooth detent override so that you can move the saw when needed without engaging at each positive stop.

The Need for a Cut Guide

The most quality miter saws will often come with a laser beam which is meant to show the path of the blade across the entire piece of material. It’s a great feature to have and, in many cases, is worth the additional cost. However, you should be aware that it doesn’t ensure accurate cuts every time. It may be off by a small amount since the laser isn’t connected to the blade. Other people find that these lights are difficult to see, and green diode lights have been implemented on some saws to alleviate that issue.

Another option seen in modern miter saws is an LED light which casts a shadow from the blade onto your wood or concrete. This is a more accurate option that gives you peace of mind that the cut will be precise and perfect. This is a fantastic option if it’s available on the miter saws you are considering.

What to Know About Fences

The fence on your miter saw is there to keep your material secure while you are making a cut. The material should always be pressed up against the fence quite firmly. You never want to ignore this, since the saw blade could grab onto the wood and jerk it toward the fence. This can result in material going flying if you aren’t careful.

You’ll find that there are fences of all different heights. Some are even able to slide up when you need to work on a large piece of material. If you are in the habit of making cuts on tall stock like molding, you want a taller fence for the best support and stability. In addition, having supports on the ends of the table can be beneficial working with thinner and lighter stock.

Why Extraction of Dust is Helpful

There are very few cases where you find a dust extractor connected to a miter saw while in the framing process. When making these cuts outside, the sawdust will fly out of the dust shoot and land on the ground. This may not be the most elegant or clean solution, but it does the job well enough.

When cutting inside, a dust extractor is much more essential. This helps to prevent large messes from sawdust but also offers safety to anyone in the area who is breathing in the air. When you inhale air particles, it can be destructive to your lungs as time goes on. In addition, sawdust is quite slippery and having it all over the ground could lead to a fall and injury.

Safety Features You Need

Safety is essential when working with a power tool and there is no exception when operating a miter saw of any type. You should always have on hearing and eye protection when working and avoid wearing loose fitting jewelry and clothing. If you are working indoors but have no dust extractor, you will also want to be sure you have a mask to keep you safe from dust particles in the air.

Beyond those things, it’s also important to always check that the saw blade brake is in good working order. After you let go of your trigger, the brake should cause the blade to stop nearly immediately. This is not only a safety problem if in disrepair, but it can also waste a lot of time after each cut you make. It’s also important to make use of the blade guard with your miter saw. This helps to protect you from getting cut by the blade when the saw is in use.

Choosing the Perfect Miter Saw

When it comes down to it, the biggest decisions you will need to make is whether to choose a sliding or non-sliding miter saw and whether you prefer a blade size of 10” or 12”. To get an idea of whether you need a sliding arm, look at the information above regarding the maximum range of cuts. Those who are great with a circular saw and who use a table saw for cross cutting and ripping wide boards may find that a miter saw is not even something that is needed.

However, the reality is that if you do a large amount of mitering for molding or framework, a miter saw can make doing your projects much easier. This also applies if you are in the habit of doing a lot of squaring or milling of raw lumber. For most people, adding some type of miter saw to your workshop is well worth the price and effort. It’s a tool that will be used on a regular basis in your garage or workshop.

Those who expect to use the miter on boards larger than 8” will find a sliding saw is a must. For those who plan to be spending most of their time mitering picture frames and molding will be just as happy with a non-sliding miter saw, which will also be substantially less expensive.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much portability you need and how much space you have available. The sliding miter saw is going to be much heavier and larger than the alternative. You may find that it is extremely challenging to move around on a regular basis. This may be no problem if you have lots of space and won’t need to cart the saw around.

Those who have less space and who may need to transport their saw, on the other hand, will want to consider a non-sliding saw. There may be cases there a sliding saw is still the best option but for space and portability, the traditional compound saw cannot be beat.

It all boils down to what you need from the saw when you make a purchase decision. If you take into account the factors mentioned in this article, you’ll be in a great place to make the decision and purchase a miter saw that will fit your needs and desires.

Top 10 Best Saw Horses for 2019

best saw horses

When you think about a saw horse, what you imagine might be as simple as a plank of wood with four legs to hold it up. This might be all that you need to support cutting wood in some cases, but in other situations, something more modern and advanced is the best option. For a professional or a serious craftsperson, the perfect sawhorse might be one that is capable of holding a large amount of weight while being versatile and easy to store. Some saw horses are better than others for specific projects, which means those who work with them every day might have more than one.

If it’s important that your saw horse can hold a substantial amount of weight, which means that investing in a high-quality piece of equipment is important. It’s also crucial that the saw horse is made with great materials and has a price within your budget. While it might seem as if a saw horse is the same as every other saw horse out there, that isn’t entirely true. In fact, this is a key piece of equipment needed in a workshop. We’ll share the best saw horses out there today and what to expect from them, so you can make the choice that is right for you.

The Best Sawhorse for 2019: Reviews & Comparisons

Below we offer some insight into the top ten saw horses on the market today. We consider dimensions, load capacity, and weight of the saw horse. This will give you a basis for how portable they are, how much space you have for your work, and the size of projects that are appropriate for each saw horse.

Dewalt DWX725 Heavy Duty Work Stand Saw Horse15.4 pounds11 x 36 x 32 inches1000 poundsCheck on Amazon!
Rockwell RK9003 JawHorse Support Station46.1 pounds33.1 x 15 x 15.4 inches600 poundsCheck on Amazon!
Worx Pegasus WX051 Work Table and Saw Horse28 pounds31 x 25 x 32 inches1000 poundsCheck on Amazon!
Keter Folding Compact Work Table26.9 pounds21.7 x 33.5 x 29.7 inches1000 poundsCheck on Amazon!
Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation53 pounds39.8 x 17.9 x 15.9 inches600 poundsCheck on Amazon!
Hitachi 115445 Folding Saw Horse11.8 pounds32 x 5 x 27 inches1200 poundsCheck on Amazon!
ToughBuilt TB-C700 Saw Horse22.9 pounds5.1 x 39.8 x 5.5 inches1300 poundsCheck on Amazon!
Worx WX065 Clamping Saw Horse16.3 pounds35 x 28.1 x 6.4 inches1000 poundsCheck on Amazon!
Black & Decker WM125 Workmate Work Bench14.2 pounds33 x 5 x 5 inches350 poundsCheck on Amazon!
Trojan TS-35 Tall Saw Horse16 pounds41 x 6 x 4 inches1000 poundsCheck on Amazon!

Dewalt DWX725 Heavy Duty Work Stand Saw Horse

A couple of things stand out right away with the Dewalt DWX725 saw horse. One of them is that it comes in a compact design. It weighs in at just over 15 pounds with dimensions of 11 x 36 x 32 inches. The design allows you to fold up the tool when you aren’t using it. This also means that storage is a simple proposition. For contractors who need to transport tools to and from various sites will find that the DWX725 makes that sheer simplicity. It’s made of a lightweight aluminum to combine portability and durability in one.

This saw horse can also double as a work table using a piece of plywood or a similar material. It can hold a weight of up to 1000 pounds and comes with handles for easy movement. While this foldable sawhorse works for transport, it does include levers on the legs to lock them in place. This means that you don’t have to worry about them moving from the position you put them in. The saw horse will be steady and support all your projects as you work on them. On top of that, the price for this saw horse is completely reasonable considering the features it has going for it.

Those who are familiar with Dewalt will be aware that it is a top company in the power tool market, which makes the quality of this saw horse no surprise. It also has some great features that are representative of the brand. It includes a transport latch which gives you the ability to transport a pair of stands together, if needed. While the mounting brackets are an additional purchase, this also gives the ability for the saw horse to be a robust tool stand.


• Easy to collapse for storage

• Lightweight option at about 15 pounds

• Handles included for easy transport

• 1000-pound weight capacity will satisfy most


• Requires the purchase of mounting brackets

• Legs are not able to be adjusted

Rockwell RK9003 JawHorse Support Station

The RK9003 from Rockwell is a versatile saw horse that is simple and inexpensive but still retains a large amount of power. The tripod construction of the saw horse gives it an edge above other options when it comes to use on uneven ground, such as a sloped floor of yard. Beyond that, it also has legs that can be nailed into the ground which makes it even more ideal for outdoor applications.

This isn’t the only thing this saw horse has going for it. It has a decent amount of strength and can hold up to 600 pounds of material. The foot pedal clamp on its own can also hold 200 pounds. This saw horse is made out of steel for durability and a long life. The clamping force makes this more versatile than the average saw horse. The clamps are capable of supporting or holding a large number of heavy items while you work with them.

The jaws on the RK9003 can accommodate planks of up to 37 inches wide, which also makes it more than sufficient for use as a circular saw table. It can also hold doors and other large items horizontally, vertically, and in any other angle you prefer. The jaws are padded which will ensure that no scratching happens to the surface of your project. It will also help keep your work from wobbling or moving while you work. The saw horse has wheels, so you can pull it along wherever you want, but also collapses into a smaller version for easy transport. It’s one of the heavier models on the list at over 45 pounds but that also means that it is solid and can take abuse.


• All-steel construction for durability

• Extendable jaws can reach 37 inches

• Easy movement with built-in roller

• Excellent for use on uneven terrain


• Grip can loosen as time passes

• Foot pedal may sometimes slip

Worx Pegasus WX051 Work Table and Saw Horse

The Worx WX051 is a versatile tool that can work as a saw horse or work table. When used as a table, it offers a surface that is 25 by 31 inches. This isn’t the largest on the market, but it holds a decent load and weight even at that size. If the table isn’t quite large enough for your needs, you can attach a second work table for a much larger space to work on. The height is also reasonable at 32 inches off of the ground, which is appropriate for most. It has four legs and distributes weight well but is best on even, flat surfaces.

Another nice factor of this saw horse is that it includes a bottom shelf that is designed to store things like your toolbox, power tools, screws, oil, and other things. It also comes with two bar clamps that can open up to 18 ½ inches, along with four holding legs. This will give you everything you need for cutting, nailing, drilling, sawing, and more. It also has locking legs so there typically is little movement when working on a project. As for the surface of the table, it has a measuring scale engraved on it. This removes the need for a measuring tape cluttering up the work area.

While this is a fairly lightweight saw horse at under 30 pounds, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer the performance you want. When it’s used as a work table, it can hold up to 300 pounds and when using it as a saw horse, it can hold up to 1000 pounds. That’s pretty substantial and will fit the needs of most. However, keep in mind that the surface is not completely flat which may require some adjustments depending on the work you plan to do.


• Quick to use out of the box

• Large work surface for convenience

• Fairly lightweight and portable

• Measuring scale engraved on table


• Surface not entirely flat

• Not as sturdy as some saw horses

Keter Folding Compact Work Table

This saw horse is a lightweight version that is designed for DIY and home use. When used as a work space, it provides 33.5 x 21.75 inches of space. There is also a secondary storage space underneath to hold tools and any other tidbits you need close by. As a saw horse, it can hold up to 1000 pounds while the work table can hold 400 pounds. It’s quick to use courtesy of a quick-open feature and closing it is just as simple. Once it’s closed, it can be stored easily and takes up very little space. Most of this saw horse is made of polyethylene, while the legs are made of aluminum.

One of the most unique facets of the Keter folding compact work table is that it has many options for clamping. It comes with two squeeze clamps which easily slide into slots on the surface of the work table for horizontal clamping. There are many additional slots and drills holes for convenient storage. It also comes with a carrying handle, so transport is not an issue. There are also many other accessories and parts available, but they will come at an additional charge.

This is not a saw horse or work bench for professional use, but it will do wonderfully in a home workshop or DIY situation. The clamping system makes it better than similar alternatives where versatility comes in. However, the polyethylene construction may not hold up to extreme use. For those who are hobbyists, it is a reasonable option that comes at an inexpensive price. The materials it is made from are weather resistant, so it can be used in any environment.


• Simple to setup and take down again

• Comes with clamping system

• Easy to store and transport

• Lightweight work table


• Attachments and latches may break easily

• Largely made of polyethylene

• Light aluminum used for legs

Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation

As can be expected from a saw horse from Rockwell, this product is a beast. It weighs about 43 pounds and is made from solid steel. It also offers clamping capabilities that are far and beyond the norm. If you aren’t cautious and aware, you could clamp plywood to the point where the edges break. The good news is that in most cases, this means much easier working with light woods. It can hold any light stock you need and incorporates a jig to hold the materials stable if you will be cutting something more substantial.

The design for this saw horse is a tripod and traditional in nature, except that one end has a massive vise. When set up appropriately, it’s stable. However, it includes wheels for mobility when the device is folded up. When in this state, the third leg acts as a handle for pulling. The vice itself is operated by foot, this is a convenient option. It can be used similarly to a bench vise or machine press, depending on the material you are working with. It also allows you to mount a chop saw or table saw on a piece of wood that is clamped into the saw horse for a cutting station.

It might seem as if this machine is best used as a simple worktable, but it goes far beyond that. There are numerous clamping configurations to the point where it can nearly take the place of a second worker. For a portable saw horse, it offers plenty of features and the power you want for clamping. The biggest consideration here is the fact that it is rather tall, which may lead to back strain for shorter workers.


• Extremely versatile saw horse

• Highly compact when folded up

• Exceptional clamping power capabilities

• Durable construction to last a lifetime


• May weigh too much for some users

• Stance may be too high for some at 34 inches

Hitachi 115445 Folding Saw Horse

If you have bought woodworking tools in the past, you’ve likely heard of the Hitachi brand. It’s recognized around the globe for providing quality products to DIY hobbyists and contractors. As such, this pair of saw horses is fantastic for the garage or home workshop. The set comes with two saw horses and four saw bucks, and all of these items are made to be space saving. There are built-in shelves to store your tools as you work and can support up to 1200 pounds across both saw horses. It also features built-in cord hooks for extra convenience.

What marks this saw horse set as a true keeper is the low price associated with it. Even the budget conscious beginner can come up with the cash to purchase this set, which will likely last a long time in a home or contractor environment. The indentations on the top of the product ensure the best stability and make the tool easy to use for beginners or experts alike. It may not have a lot of extra features, but the bare-bones design works for the price and will be plenty for many power tool users.

This set weighs under 12 pounds and has dimensions of 32 x 5 x 27 inches. The included saw bucks will help support a 2 x 4 of a substantial size and they can provide an option to extend or raise the workspace to support 4 x 8 sheets, as well. For the home user, these are sure to last and will do the job for irregular use while taking up little space when not in use. For the price, it’s certainly one of the best sawhorses on the market.


• Extremely lightweight saw horse

• Comes with two saw horses and four saw bucks

• Load capacity of 1200 with both saw horses

• Designed to hold 2×4 flat on side


• Unable to adjust height of saw horses

• Not designed for professional use

ToughBuilt TB-C700 Saw Horse

If you are looking for a sawhorse that is high-quality, durable, and not outrageously expensive, the TB-C700 might be the perfect option for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to woodworking or have been at it for decades as a professional, this saw horse has all the features you need. The entire saw horse is made from steel with a heavy-duty powder coat and a zinc-late finish. It weighs in at just under 23 pounds and has dimensions of 5.1 x 39.8 x 5.5 inches.

This saw horse has a capacity of 1300 pounds and when purchasing two of them, you get a durable and robust worktable for the job site. The saw horse comes with support arms which are built to fix 2 x 4s and 4 x4s, so the versatility is obvious. The legs are telescopic, which means that they will work on any surface, no matter how uneven the terrain might be. In addition, the legs can be adjusted to offer the right height for each user.

There are support and material cutting pegs which add to the usefulness of this saw horse. Getting started with it is a breeze courtesy of the fast-open mechanism. The coatings mentioned above also help prevent corrosion and make this a saw horse that can be used in any environment it is needed in. When it’s folded up, it also comes with a handle for easier harrying and rolled edges for comfort and safety reasons. This is one saw horse that can stand up to most anything you throw at it and would be at home in your garage, workshop, or any job site out there.


• Constructed of 100% steel

• Massive 1300-pound load capacity

• Offers legs with adjustable height

• Support for 2 x 4 and 4 x4


• Plastic carrying handle seems flimsy

• Leg adjustments can be time consuming

Worx WX065 Clamping Saw Horse

This is another saw horse that comes as a pair which also includes cord hooks, bar clamps, and a tool shelf underneath. The saw horses are made from a thermoplastic polymer and have a combined load limit of 1000 pounds. The clamps which are included are able to be attached horizontally or vertically depending on the project you are working on. When you’re done with your work, the items fold up flat and take up next to no space (only 2.5 inches width) while being stored.

The cord hooks are a great feature if you use the saw horses together as a work table. You can keep any important wires or cords nearby while you work with power tools. These saw horses are best used by home hobbyists or those who enjoy a spot of DIY. They have capabilities to complete all sorts of projects while streamlining your workspace for better organization. The included clamps work on materials of up to 18 inches wide and keep them nice and secure while you are on the job.

These WX065 saw horses will come shipped fully assembled and are capable of anything you want to do around the house. With the addition of plywood or another sheeting material, it can make a fantastic work table that can be broken down and stored when the work is done. These saw horses come with a three-year warranty, so you know you’re getting products that are strong and durable. At a great price and with the features you need, these are a fantastic solution for your workshop needs.


• Durable and stable construction

• Provided clamping is steady and secure

• Good value with a reasonable price

• Space saving storage design


• Jaw depth could be deeper

• Use of clamps can cause instability

Black & Decker WM125 Workmate Work Bench

If you are looking for a truly inexpensive saw horse or work bench that is also lightweight, the WM125 from Black & Decker is sure to be one to consider. For the price, it has a reasonable amount of versatility for the home workshop or DIY projects. It’s quite easy to fold up for storage or move from one location to another. It features a flat folding type, so it can fit nearly anywhere when not in use. It also has a steel frame which makes it more durable than you might expect when glancing at the price tag.

While it doesn’t hold as much weight as the other saw horses on this list, it does have a capacity of 350 pounds. For those who work with smaller and lighter projects, the lack of additional capacity may not be a serious problem. What it does hold, it does well. The frame keeps things supported well even if you are hammering or cutting on the surface. In addition, it includes swivel pegs which add additional depth to the product. This means you can clamp all sorts of things, even those of an odd shape, and can work on them without worrying about stability. This adds to the versatility of the workbench.

The jaws on this saw horse are built to resist warping and can be used for workpieces with distinct shapes. This is a positive that not even some of the most high-quality and expensive work benches can boast. Overall, the saw horse is an inexpensive option for a home garage or work shop but isn’t going to cater to those who work with power tools on a professional basis. For everyone else, it comes highly recommended and will last no matter what projects you work with.


• Durable steel frame

• Features adjustable swivel pegs

• Folds flat for easy storage

• Extremely inexpensive


• Holds substantially less weight than others

• Not appropriate for professional work

Trojan TS-35 Tall Saw Horse

The TS-35 from Trojan is an innovative saw horse that comes as a set of legs. This allows you to choose a piece of 2x lumber in the length you prefer to accommodate your project’s needs. While this might seem like a cumbersome process, Trojan has made it straightforward and even beginners should have no issues with it. The saw horse is tough and strong with a capacity of 1000 pounds. It also offers adjustable legs that will work on any sort of terrain.

This saw horse comes with a powder coated and plated finish to ensure a long life. It also features a lifetime warranty, which goes to show how serious Trojan is about offering an excellent product. It also has a 1/8-inch welded construction that includes folding legs for storage purposes. The legs that come as this saw horse offer assemblage through gripping teeth, requiring no nails or screws. It can fold down flat, as well, for transport or storage purposes.

While this saw horse can be used on any terrain, it does come with bolts that aren’t top quality. It’s possible that you will need to replace those as time goes on. The welding also isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing but it does result in a solid and durable saw horse that does exactly what it was made for. With a lifetime guarantee, that takes some of the sting out of the tiny issues that may or may not be present when purchasing this product. It’s beginner friendly but capable of more advanced work, so it is likely to appeal to a wide range of buyers.


• Quick fold down for easy storage

• Adjustable height and length options

• Sturdy and stable while in use

• Simple setup with no need for nails or screws


• Holes and length of leg locks not consistent

• Could benefit from better hardware

What to Look for in a Saw Horse

Saw horses can be found at job sites, in workshops, and even in garages across the country. They offer a portable option for a work stand and can be moved from location to location with ease. For those using them in their homes, they can work as a dedicated worktable without the expensive price tag. While they do take up space that might be used for other things, many of these saw horses have shelves or space to make them versatile and offer easy access to needed tools.

When choosing a saw horse, there are a few configurations to consider. Some of them come completely assembled and ready for use. Most of these only need to be unfolded before use. Other saw horses require assembly but only in terms of providing and installing a beam. The final type come sans legs or beam, so both need to be available to you in another way. Everyone has their own preferences, so all three types are common to see. You’ll need to consider what matters most to you before going forward with a purchase.

Manufactured Horse Features

Most people will choose a manufactured saw horse that comes in a complete kit. You can have it delivered, unfold it, and get to work as quickly as you want. Some packages will offer largely the same option but require you to add a 2 x 4 or 4 x4 as a crossbeam to complete the saw horse. This can be less expensive but does mean a small amount of setup is required on your part. Here are some of the features that matter and how the saw horse types stack up:

Transport Potential – A manufactured saw horse is often much more portable than a homemade one. You can fold up the saw horse when you are finished with it and stick it somewhere for storage. It also makes moving from location to location much easier. This type of sawhorse is typically fairly lightweight and will offer a carrying handle for convenience.

Strength Options – The best saw horses in terms of strength tend to be those that are composed of metal. Leg only models often top the charts here when you add a 2 x 4 as a crossbeam. Wooden saw horses are also strong, but increasingly difficult to find. Plastic are commonly the saw horses with the least load capability.

Comfort – Most saw horses are somewhere between 24 and 28 inches, which is also a reasonable height for the average person. However, if you are shorter or taller, this may not be the right size for you. In that case, we recommend that you select a model with adjustable legs to avoid back strain when cutting on the saw horse.

Crossbeams are also important to think about. Some people will prefer a narrower beam for long runs of trim or other material. However, a wider beam is the best option for those who plan to use the saw horse as a work bench at least part of the time.

There are many things to think about when looking at saw horses for your garage, workshop, or business. We’ll share some of the most important and give you an idea of your options and what you can expect.

Height of the Saw Horse

There are saw horses that come with adjustable height and those that are a fixed height that cannot be altered. If you decide to purchase the latter, you will want to be certain that the height is at a level that will be comfortable for you when working. Those who work on multiple projects may appreciate an adjustable height saw horse, since you can adjust it up or down, depending on your needs. However, those who don’t mind nonadjustable models for whom several models exist. If versatility is important to you, make sure to consider adjustable height saw horses as they will best fit your needs.

Size and Dimensions of the Saw Horse

You will need to be aware of the dimensions of the work surface when you are considering multiple saw horses. If you often take on large projects, you don’t want a surface that doesn’t accommodate most substantial pieces of wood or other materials. Take time to consider what you will use the item for and whether it truly meets your needs.

Saw Horse Materials

Saw horses can be made out of numerous materials and each of them have pros and cons. You’ll mostly find versions that are metal or plastic, but wood is another option. As far as plastic goes, it has a reputation for being lightweight and easy to move from place to place. However, most plastic models are not capable of holding as much weight as a wooden or metal saw horse might. With a wooden saw horse, you will find they typically do not fold down and can also be difficult to move due to their extreme weight. However, they are known for having a high weight capacity. A metal saw horse is your final option and these are often heavier than plastic, but not always to an extreme degree. Many of them do fold down and can hold a large load while you work.

Considering Folding Saw Horses

If you are planning to use your saw horse on a regular basis, want to move it from place to place, or have little space for storage, a folding saw horse is going to be your best option. Those who have a large amount of space and don’t plan to cart around the saw horse may not care as much about these factors. However, folding saw horses are decidedly more convenient and easier to store than those that cannot be folded down. In most cases, the recommendation is to go with a folding model if at all possible. It’s easier to store in a corner somewhere and can open up your workspace for other needs when not being used.

Storage Space Options

Many saw horses, but certainly not all of them, have a shelf or other feature included where you can place and store tools when they are not in use. Some people appreciate this feature and use it for all sorts of things, while others consider it something they can take or leave. You will need to consider how much of an asset this is for your own work and whether it matters. However, it should at least be considered when looking at your various options. Some models even come with easy access to cords, which can also be a positive when you work with your power tools.

The Wrap Up

Whether you plan to use your saw horse as a work surface or not, you need to be sure that the product you purchase is of a high quality. There’s no point in purchasing a saw horse that works well for a few months but then breaks down on you. You’ll be back in the same position as you are now and searching for an alternative saw horse. The most important factors in being high-quality are strength and durability, so do your research there. However, you also want to be sure the weight and height of the model is sufficient for your needs. Take careful consideration about how the saw horse is going to be used and then consider the models that meet those needs.

While there are many things to think about when buying a saw horse, the options offered here should provide what you need. Whether you are a professional doing heavy-duty work on a regular basis or a homeowner who wants a saw horse to use sporadically, one of these options will offer what you need. What is most important is being use the saw horse is right for you and understanding how the features factor into that. Good luck!

Top 10 Best Reciprocating Saws of 2019

best recriprocating saw

The reciprocating saw is a power tool that is considered to be one of the most versatile options for cutting on the market. These saws have a blade that does its work through a reciprocating or push and pull movement type. This type of saw is also sometimes called a saber saw or sawzall. Regardless of the name that you give to this powerful tool that has a history going back to the early 1950s. It’s a fantastic tool for workshops, home garages, remodeling, and professional environments. If your project needs involve making rough cuts, a reciprocating saw is the best option you have available.

What makes the reciprocating saw stand out is that it can not only cut wood, but also can go through plaster, metal, fiberglass, and masonry. As long as you have the right blade available, you can saw through almost anything you can imagine. In most cases, the reciprocating saw is sold for commercial use, which is largely due to its power and efficiency in cutting. This a power tool that is used by construction workers, electricians, and plumbers on a regular basis. However, there are reasons to use this tool at home. It isn’t the right tool for the best accuracy or speed, but it is the best for versatility and reach.

Today we’ll be looking at the top 10 reciprocating saws available on the market. Some are corded while others operate through battery. We’ll also consider the features that make up a fantastic sawzall and what to keep in mind while you are shopping. First, let’s take a look at the top 10 saws and their technical details. Then we’ll offer in-depth reviews for each option offered.

 NamePower SourceWeightWarranty 
Dewalt DWE305 Reciprocating SawCorded Electric8.1 pounds3 Year LimitedCheck on Amazon!
Makita XRJ04Z LXT Reciprocating SawLithium-Ion Battery8 pounds3 Year LimitedCheck on Amazon!
Black & Decker BDCR20C Reciprocating SawLithium-Ion Battery4.5 pounds2 Year LimitedCheck on Amazon!
Porter Cable PCE360 Reciprocating SawCorded Electric6 pounds3 Year LimitedCheck on Amazon!
Dewalt DCS387B Compact Reciprocating SawLithium-Ion Battery5.4 pounds3 Year LimitedCheck on Amazon!
Worx WX550L Axis 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and JigsawLithium-Ion Battery4.6 pounds3 Year LimitedCheck on Amazon!
Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 Fuel Reciprocating Saw KitLithium-Ion Battery13 pounds5 Year LimitedCheck on Amazon!
Ryobi P514 Reciprocating SawLithium-Ion Battery4 pounds3 Year LimitedCheck on Amazon!
Makita JR3070CT AVT Reciprocating SawCorded Electric16.98 pounds1 Year Parts & LaborCheck on Amazon!
Bosch PS60-102 Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw KitLithium-Ion Battery5.6 pounds3 Year LimitedCheck on Amazon!

Dewalt DWE305 Reciprocating Saw

The Dewalt DWE305 Reciprocating Saw comes with a one-year free service guarantee, which is only one of the things that sets it apart. This means that if your saw breaks and requires repairs for the first year, the manufacturer will take care of without a charge to you. It also has an excellent blade clamp with four positions, leading to an extremely versatile saw. This reciprocating saw also offers a lever action blade clamp, so you can change out your blades quickly and easily.

This saw has a 12-amp motor and can manage up to 2900 SPM (strokes per minute). With a stroke length of 1 1/8 inches, this is one of the highest performing reciprocating saws available for purchase today. As far as being reasonable for beginners, this saw hits a lot of marks. It comes completely assembled and the lever operated blade clamp makes changing blades simple. In order to begin using this saw, all you need to do is place a blade in the clamp, plug in the power cord, and press the trigger to begin sawing for your project.

The DWE305 has an all-metal body which makes it sturdy and durable. This means that you can assume the frame will last for many years. In addition to that, the other components are high-quality and should be capable of handling extended sawing time day after day. The saw has a yellow and black housing that gives it a professional and stylish look. It also features a handle that is ergonomically designed for comfort when working for long periods.

When considering the features and price, this reciprocating saw gives a reasonable value for the money you spend. For an average price point, you get a 12-amp motor, variable speed trigger, three-year warranty, comfortable grip, large stroke length, and lever operated blade clamp. It would be at home in any garage, workshop, or professional environment and will last a good long time.


• Powerful motor with variable speed controls

• Offers easily changed blades

• Comfortable to use for long periods

• Substantial stroke length

• Durable construction


• Does not include cutting blades

• Lower amp rating than some models

• No tool bag included

Makita XRJ04Z LXT Reciprocating Saw

The idea behind the XRJ04Z LXT from Makita is to provide a saw that offers efficient and lightning fast cutting. This model is also meant to provide all of the features that a woodworker would want for convenience sake. This reciprocating saw runs off of an 18-volt slide-style lithium-ion battery. It does not come with the battery, so you will be required to purchase one if you do not already own one. The good news is that if you use other Makita LXT cordless tools, they all take the exact same battery. If that is the case, you can save money using your existing batteries.

This saw has a 1 ½ inch stroke length to offer the best efficiency and increases the speed you cut at. The design of the tool includes a refined crank mechanism which is fantastic at reducing vibrations and minimizing blade deflection. The LXT in the name of this tool is an abbreviation for extreme protection technology, which means that there is a massive amount of protection from water and dust. This allows the person using this reciprocating saw to do work in nearly any conditions.

As far as operation of the saw goes, it’s simple enough for a beginner but has the power a professional will appreciate. It has a substantial two-finger trigger that is comfortable and in a convenient place. It also has a soft grip that will increase the user’s comfort while ensuring the lowest amount of hand fatigue. On top of that, the variable motor speed can reach a top of 2800 SPM, which is quite exceptional for the price paid for this saw.

With extreme protection technology, a variable speed motor, toolless blade change, a rubberized soft grip, and an ergonomic design, this is an excellent saw for any environment. It’s a bit heavy but not overly so and is of a great size for use in a home or workshop.


• Soft grip of rubber for comfort

• Toolless blade change

• Substantial two finger trigger

• Large stroke length


• Heavier than other models

• Requires the purchase of a battery

Black & Decker BDCR20C Reciprocating Saw

This particular reciprocating saw is geared towards the DIY lover or a handyman who has occasional need for powerful cuts. It offers a number of features which are appreciated by users, including variable speed for flexibility depending on the project being done. It has an average stroke length that will be adequate for most buyers except for those who do professional work on a regular basis. It also comes with toolless blade change capabilities which can cut down on downtime, and a pivoting shoe for supreme stability. It’s also extremely lightweight, portable, and compact so there’s no need to lug around a heavy machine when going off-site.

This saw is powered by battery rather than needing a power outlet to do what it does best. This makes it a fantastic option for getting into narrow and tight spaces. When you have a cordless saw, that means you can do your cuts in any location and at any angle that you need to. It also allows you to bring it along with you to remote sites without having to stress about getting a generator or an extension cord.

Another positive comes in the form of a level that allows you to easily swap out blades. There’s no need for a wrench or any other tools. You just use the level and switch things out and before getting right back down to work. On this model, the lever is conveniently located near the blade mount. It also automatically locks in the new blade once it is in the reciprocating saw.

Unlike other saws you will see on the market with longer stroke lengths, the BDCR20C has a smaller length at 7/8 inches. This can be useful if you plan to cut thinner materials or do not want to accidentally cut too far into a material. It’s also great when there are other parts nearby that cannot be moved but would be damaged by a longer stroke length.


• Quick and easy blade changing

• High portability due to weight, size, and power source

• Short stroke length for better precision

• Offers variable speed control


• Vibrations lack cushioning which can lead to fatigue

• Battery life is too short for some users

Porter Cable PCE360 Reciprocating Saw

Porter Cable is one of the big brands out there and this reciprocating saw packs a real punch. It features a 7.5-amp motor to provide quick and efficient cutting of wood, metal, and everything in between. It also has variable speed settings, so your cutting options are amplified, and you can be sure to have the right power for each project and its needs. The reciprocating saw has a toolless blade change system, so you can easily swap between blades depending on what you need to do next.

The PCE360 has a pivot shoe which provides the ultimate maneuverability around materials while cutting. There is also the option for shoe realignment to keep the blade life going longer than you might expect. It’s additionally lightweight at only six pounds and is made to be a portable option for moving between locations. On top of that, Porter Cable offers a design that cuts down the feeling of vibrations from the device. This makes it easier to use for extended periods of time.

This particular reciprocating saw is made for serious performance and should stand up to home projects, contracting jobs, and professional work on a day to day basis. However, when buying this power tool, you will need to consider whether you own the charger and batteries that work with it. If not, this will add to the initial investment made when purchasing the saw. It does, however, come with a wood cutting blade for immediate use.

The speed on this saw maxes out at 3200, which is higher than even some more top-end models on the market. It has a great value for all that it brings to the table and is likely inexpensive enough for even the budget buyer. It also comes with a three-year limited warranty, so you can be sure you will be using it well into the future.


• Offers an impressive power with 7.5-amp motor

• Lightweight for easy transport and use

• Provides a variable speed of up to 3200 SPM

• Vibration free design for the best comfort


• Requires the purchase of batteries for use

• Could benefit from a LED light

Dewalt DCS387B Compact Reciprocating Saw

The DCS387B from Dewalt is a compact reciprocating saw with a design that places the motor in a diagonal location from the front side of the trigger. It’s quite small with a length that only reaches 14.5 inches. It’s also one of the most lightweight saws on the market and weighs in at 4.9 pounds. The lightness of the design makes it more comfortable to do your work. This is especially true when working on surfaces like scaffolding and ladders. It also has a soft grip handle so grabbing the saw is easy. The handles also give you the precision and control you need while doing your work.

The blade clamp on this reciprocating saw has four different positions, which allows for exceptional flush cutting. It also gives the option for toolless blade changing. An additional perk is that the clamp release is on the upper handle outside, so it doesn’t matter where the clamp is when you install a new blade. The four positions available are at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees relative to the trigger or handle, which adds to the safety of the saw.

As far as the variable speed goes, it can range from zero all the way up to 2900 SPM, which is more than sufficient for cutting through various materials depending on your project needs. The speed trigger also gives you better control of the blade, so you can expect precise cuts. This offers a boost to speed, but also increases the efficiency and versatility of the power tool.

One of the other things that this tool brings to the table is an LED light. This is common on other power tools but not seen often on reciprocating saws. The light will ensure you can properly visualize your work area and cut line, regardless of where you are doing work. It does what it is supposed to do to perfection, but the purchase of the tool does require batteries and a charger which bumps the price slightly.


• Comes equipped with an LED guide light

• Compact design allows easy transport

• Variable speed options

• Cordless for convenience


• More vibration than other models

• Requires the purchase of a charger and batteries

Worx WX550L Axis 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw

This option on our list is different from all the others in a huge way. It is a reciprocating saw that is capable of high performance and efficiency. However, it also is a jigsaw when transformed. The tool is a two-in-one which means that it will take up less space, do more versatile jobs, and offer a fantastic value for someone who is on a budget. It is an excellent choice for a beginner or someone with a home workshop but may not stand up to professional use.

Despite having the capabilities of two distinct saws, this tool weighs only a bit over 4.5 pounds. It is well-equipped to assist you with all of your cutting needs. It is cordless and powered by a battery pack. The battery is compatible with other 20-volt Worx tools, so if you already own one, there is no need to invest in another. As a reciprocating saw, it can handle 3000 SPM and has a ¾ inch stroke length. It can also accept both traditional reciprocating saw blades and T-shank jigsaw blades.

There is a visible switch on the top or front of the saw, depending on whether it’s in jigsaw or reciprocating mode. Flipping the switch will switch from orbital to reciprocating or vice versa. However, the trigger is a simple on and off switch and has no variable speed. It does incorporate a lock off button, though. The4 motor is on the side which can make the tool a bit wider than expected. However, it adds to the convenience when switching between the tool types.

In reciprocating mode, there is an LED light which shines down to offer better visibility. There is also a dust blower, but it is on the base which makes it less useful than a different position might. The tool itself comes complete with the tool, battery back, charger, and saw blades for different cutting requirements.


• Get the benefit of two saws in one power tool

• Compatible with both standard and T-bar saw blades

• Extremely light and comfortable

• Offers built-in fan for convenience


• Could use more room to observe cuts being made

• Safety switch is not in the best position

Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 Fuel Reciprocating Saw Kit

Milwaukee has been putting out various reciprocating saws for their Fuel Line. This one is a true innovator that has pushed past the boundaries of the average saw. As far as the class goes, this 2720-21 M18 is the fastest available. It also can offer up to two hours of runtime for serious projects. On top of that, the tool is expected to last five times longer than the competitors with 30% faster cutting on top of it all. This saw is one of the first to offer a brushless motor, which allows for running cooler and going longer.

Another feature that is exciting from the saw is the Redlink Plus Intelligence. This is offered to ensure the tool is always providing the highest performance. It also includes protection from overload through the system communication. It’s impressive to see so many features when considering the small size of the reciprocating saw. It measures only 18 ½ inches in length so it will fit into small and cramped areas without a lot of trouble.

This is one of the few reciprocating saws on our list that comes with an LED light for illumination. This adds to the ability to use the power tool in those small areas without a ton of light. Rather than needing extra overhead light or a flashlight, you can just use the light on the tool to make sure you are visually accurate as you cute. This will save you both effort and time when in the middle of a project.

This Milwaukee tool also has toolless blade changing technology, so you don’t need to carry around a bunch of tools to make changes when needed. It only takes a few minutes to go from one blade to another, so you can continue your work. It also has an adjustable shoe to ensure the longest life of your blade, and a gear protecting clutch. All in all, it’s hard to find much wrong with this option.


• Included LED light for the best visibility

• Small size is excellent for tight spaces

• Composed of high-quality materials for durability

• High power options for various materials


• Blades are not the highest quality

• One of the heavier options on the list

Ryobi P514 Reciprocating Saw

The P514 from Ryobi is part of the popular One+ line and offers great flexibility and movement. It comes with the reciprocating saw and three blades, although the battery and charger must be purchased separately. It’s a bit larger than you might expect looking at other options in this range and may require the use of both hands to handle correctly. That can drop the versatility a small amount, but it fully makes up for that with great power of up to 3100 SPM. This means that no matter what you need to cut through, it’s going to handle the job well.

The extra blades that come with the reciprocating saw are a nice bonus and add value to the package. These blades are also easy to swap between with the toolless blade change system. All it takes is the touch of a button to switch them out and put in a new, fresh blade. New blades are relatively inexpensive and most find them straightforward to use. This saw also offers an adjustable shoe which can increase the lifespan of your blades by rotating to unused areas and keeping the worn sections away. It also comes with a hex key to install the shoe.

This isn’t a tool that is made for a professional, but it does have plenty of power and speed for DIY and home users. It even comes with a two-year warranty, which is reasonable for a budget reciprocating saw as they often do not offer a warranty. For someone who expects to do small or medium sized tasks but won’t be using the saw for hours a day will find that it fits their needs quite well. It has more power than you might expect. It’s a great option for carrying around as needed and weight next to nothing at four pounds.


• Variable speed trigger of up to 3100 SPM

• Comes with a total of three blades

• Toolless blade changes for convenience

• Excellent value for performance


• Does not come with charger and battery

• Battery runtime may be lacking

Makita JR3070CT AVT Reciprocating Saw

Makita is a brand that is well-known in the power tool arena for offering powerful and high-quality tools. The JR3070CT is a reciprocating saw that is manufactured and designed to handle even the most difficult cutting jobs. It’s capable of demolition work as well as standard cutting. The saw includes anti-vibration technology, so the power and performance don’t lead to hand fatigue. In addition, it has a counterbalance system inside for better efficiency while cutting.

The motor on this saw is 15-amp and has electronic speed control. This allows the saw to keep a consistent speed, no matter what is being cut. The stroke on the JR3070CT is 1 ½ inches which allows for faster cutting. It can reach a maximum of 2800 SPM, which is reasonable for cutting all sorts of materials. Controlling the speed is done by use of a variable speed dial. There are six speed presets, so the user can choose the one that best fits their needs. The clutch system is untraditional, as well. The gears of the blade are protected at all times when in use. There is also an orbital action feature with a total of four settings to choose from.

You can expect this reciprocating saw so easily cut through wood, drywall, metal, and plaster. It works well when remodeling, doing demolition, or simply working on small projects around the home. It is used by various professionals including general contractors, metal fabricators, builders, roofers, and remodelers who want great power for a decent price.

This saw is fairly heavy compared to the others on this list, but it continues to provide power and control. Part of the reason the weight is higher than usual is due to the use of a powerful high-quality blade and a metal case. This is what makes the tool capable of cutting through whatever is needed.


• Long blade stroke compared to others

• Provides a design for anti-vibration

• High level of power for efficiency

• Protected motor through blade clutch


• Extremely heavy at over 16 pounds

• Not the best option for precision work

Bosch PS60-102 Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw Kit

For someone who appreciates doing some DIY work from time to time, this Bosch reciprocating saw is an option that will likely check all of the boxes for you. It has excellent handling and the size that allows you to reach small spaces. It can handle cutting wood, but it also has the ability to cut through things like copper and conduit. It even comes with an LED light, so you can illuminate areas that are harder to reach and may not have as much light available. The saw is made to use with a single hand and is light enough for above the head use.

Safety and protection are important when purchasing and using any sort of power tool and Bosch has taken that into consideration with this saw. It offers an entire protection system to ensure you are safe at all times during use. It protects against both high temperatures and current overload when you are cutting. It also has toolless blade changes, which can save time when cutting hard materials. There’s no need to drag out a bunch of tools to get things going again.

Most people will appreciate the anti-vibration technology associated with this reciprocating saw. It lets you spend as long as you need to work with the device without getting numb or fatigued hands. This is a huge benefit for those who plan to use the saw for long periods of time. Your hands will be safe and experience no tingling. Adding on a pair of gloves will make this feature even better.

As far as mid-range reciprocating saws go, the PS60-102 is one of the top choices out there. It stands against the competitors well and can help you cut all sorts of materials. The addition of multiple grip options helps ensure great handling and lack of fatigue while working. It’s also available at a reasonable price and will make a great addition to any workshop or job site.


• Compact size for easy travel and storage

• Offers various grip positions

• Power to weight ratio is excellent

• Provides LED illumination


• Power too low for professional jobs

• Does not offer orbital options

Reciprocating Saw Buying Tips

Now that you understand the basics of what makes the best reciprocating saw and know which tools are on our top ten list, you can start to make decisions about which one is best for you to purchase. There are several factors that are important to consider, and we will go over each of them to give you the information you need. Remember to take your time to check out all of your options and get an idea of which fits your needs. This will ensure you get the best saw for your budget and will be happy with the end result.

Reciprocating Saw Blades

If you are familiar with the blades for a jigsaw, reciprocating blades are similar in that there are tons of different options available to you. If you need to cut through wood, most of them will work just fine. However, there are also blades that are made to get through metal, plastic, brick, and other materials. This is part of what makes a reciprocating saw versatile. You can use it to cut down some branches from a tree one day, then put in a different blade the next for a completely different task. That said, the blades will need to be changed out regularly so choosing a saw with a toolless blade switching system is often a fantastic idea.

Length of Stroke Per Saw

As a rule of thumb, the quicker cuts are made with longer stroke. In most cases, a reciprocating saw is capable of cutting somewhere from ¾ of an inch to 1 ½ inches for stroke length. Some saws offer only a single stroke length while others are adjustable for more versatility. If you already have a fairly good idea of what types of cuts you will be making, choosing a stroke length that fits that need should be straightforward in most cases. For those who aren’t sure which length to choose, going with something in the middle or selecting an adjustable model is the best option for you.

Amperage and Power

When you take a look at amperage for reciprocating saws, you’ll notice that it varies quite a lot. However, all you really need to know is that the higher the amperage level is, the more powerful you will find the new saw to be. In most cases, the range is somewhere between eight and 15 amps, but there are outliers available. If you plan to do mostly small home projects, 10 amps or so should be reasonable for your needs. Those who are planning to do more frequent work or who will be using a saw in a commercial environment will want to look for the most powerful saws. Consider what performance needs you have and decide on your purchase based on that knowledge.

Option for Shoe Adjustment

Not every reciprocating saw has the option for adjusting the shoe, but it is a perk when it is available. Essentially, this option gives you a higher degree of control with your projects. You may want to do some research to ensure that the adjustment options work accurately and smoothly. If they do, you will find that you can use multiple positions. It also gives you better functionality without the requirements for buying or using additional tools. You’ll be able to appreciate a better visibility of the blade while cutting in unusual positions.

Strokes Per Minute

When we talk about strokes per minute, this relates to how fast your reciprocating saw can go. It measures the numbers of strokes done in a minute, which allows you to easily compare various saws. In the majority of cases, saws that are higher amp are also going to have quicker cutting capabilities. As you cut material, when the blade goes faster, that means the cut is going to be better and more precise. You can get work done more speedily while having the best possible control of the blade as it does its work.

Variable Speed Control Systems

This is another feature that is present on many reciprocating saws but not on all of them. This isn’t a required feature, but if the option is available, it’s recommended that you go for it. When you have a better control over the speed of your saw, you can manipulate its precision to a much higher degree. Since this type of saw isn’t known for high precision, this can add a layer to its uses. If you are someone who wants a reciprocating saw to use only from time to time, it may not be something you need. However, as you move up in terms of using the saw more often, it becomes more mandatory since it adds to the saw’s flexibility.

Weight of the Saw

In many cases, the jobs that require the use of a reciprocating saw are also those that will require you to use the saw for a significant amount of time. Having a reasonable weight and being comfortable are two factors that should always be considered with a new purchase. If you expect to use the saw above your head at any point, this become even more crucial. A reciprocating saw that is too heavy and strain your body as you work. Be honest about your limitations when choosing the weight of your saw to ensure it isn’t too heavy. Saws that are designed to be highly balanced can take some of the weight away from you, but you still want to ensure you are comfortable while working for long periods of time.


Straight and Orbital Movement

When choosing a reciprocating saw with a standard saw blade, it is going to move up and down while you are operating it. On the other hand, an orbital version will operate in a shape that is more elliptical. This offers the ability to cut material much more quickly while also more aggressively cutting the project. Some saws have both options, which can go a long way if you are working on various projects of different sizes and scopes. You’ll want to consider what work will be common for you and whether an orbital saw is something you require.

Types of Blades

We mentioned that there are many different blades for use in a reciprocating saw. There are three types that line up with all of those blades. Some are made for wood, others for metal, and some are hybrid blades intended for use on various materials. Even knowing that, there are other options to consider. Some blades have carbide or diamond chips, some are for more aggressive cutting, and so on. When you are buying blades for your reciprocating saw, you want to be sure you choose a product from a well-known manufacturer. Every company that makes power tools will also produce their own blades. Some individuals are going to find a certain blade most efficient and useful for their personal needs, so don’t be afraid to do some experimentation.

Need for Automatic Stop Brushes

It isn’t required to choose an auto-stop brush, but when you do, you can expect for it to make your reciprocating saw last longer. It will also offer an extra layer of safety when in use. As soon as you shut off the power, these brushes cause the blade to stop moving immediately. This means you aren’t going to end up accidentally brushing over a blade with your fingers after switching off the tool. In addition to that, when the brushes finally wear out, this will also stop the saw from moving. This helps to prevent any potential damage to your saw’s motor. It may not be required but it is a great feature to watch for.

Ergonomics and Vibration

Since a reciprocating saw moves back and forth quite quickly, it’s no surprise that there can be some vibration when using one. Pushing the shoe against the material can help with this, as can ensuring you have excellent control of the saw in your hand. However, that won’t remove all vibration and over time you may experience fatigue or numbness. This is why many manufacturers are now offering features to drop the vibration level further. This might be offered through something as simple as separating the handle from the body of the saw. In other cases, it may involve counterbalancing weights inside of the tool’s body.

Corded vs. Cordless Power Options

There are both corded power saws that plug into the wall and cordless saws which typically make use of a lithium-ion battery. The batteries for different devices can range in voltage level from 12 to 20 and 28 to 36. Sometimes this is just a means of marketing, but it can also give an idea of how well the reciprocating saw will perform. However, this isn’t the entire story either. What you need to know is the watt hours, which is a common way to review power among various batteries. If you can’t find information about the watt hours, all you need to do is take the amp hours and multiply them by the nominal voltage. Then you can compare batteries to get an idea of the power you can expect. If you choose a corded model, a detachable cord is typically the best option available.

Accessories for Your Reciprocating Saw

One of the unique accessories available for this type of saw is a pipe clamp, for doing jobs without clamps, and limiting chocks. In addition, those who do gardening or landscaping may benefit from purchasing specialized bumpers that attach onto a branch for easy trimming and others work. When it comes to required accessories, having replacement blades is a must. Some saws will come with a few extra, but for others, you may want to purchase a few at the same time as buying the saw itself.

Other Features to Consider

While the features we have mentioned so far are some of the most important to think about, there are a few other things that you may want to at least be aware of. For instance, some tools come complete with a storage case which might be useful if you plan to store or transport the saw on a regular basis. The material used for the housing of the reciprocating saw can also be important if you are doing medium or heavy-duty work. A housing made of metal is going to offer the most protection for your motor which will extend the durability of the tool. It can also help prevent the motor from burning out during extended heavy-duty use. You may also want to think about whether the saw has speed regulation. This helps the saw stay at a specific speed the entire time it is in use. It can speed up your work and help you get through more dense materials.

The Wrap Up

At this point you have information on our top 10 favorite reciprocating saws, along with the pros and cons of each. We’ve given you some information on the basics of these saws, along with the things to look at when purchasing a new reciprocating saw. You should be well-equipped to determine what your options are and choose the saw that best fits your need. Don’t be afraid to take your time and look through additional reviews to ensure your purchase is right for you. There are plenty of excellent options and you’re sure to find the saw that fits your unique needs. Go over your options, consider the factors that matter most to the work you do, and compare them against each other. Good luck out there!

Top 10 Best Jigsaws of 2019

best jigsaw

One of the most powerful and versatile power tools on the market is the jigsaw. This tool is essential in many different industries and has the versatility to offer curved cuts, straight cuts, plunge cuts, bevels, and rips. The versatility is one of the reasons that choosing a premium jigsaw is extremely important. When you select a quality jigsaw, you can do nearly any sort of cutting you want while you build the rest of your power tool collection.

Whether you are in a shop or your home garage, there are numerous cutting applications that a jigsaw can help with. On the other hand, a circular saw is best for simple straight cuts. It’s also heavy and bulky to use. A jigsaw is light and simple to use and offers all the cuts you could want, no matter what projects you decide to pick up. For a massive project, you can choose a hacksaw or handsaw, but both make a lot of effort and time. A jigsaw gets it done in a sliver of the time and does it well.

While having an assortment of saws including a circular saw, scroll saw, band saw, and router is something that many woodworkers desire, the jigsaw is a great place to start with much of the functionality of the other tools. This sort of saw is also optimal for contractors who need a portable saw to lug in and out of work areas. In this article, we’ll look at the best of the best jigsaws available in 2019 and explain what sets each apart.

Here Are The 10 Best Jigsaws

Dewalt DCS331B Max Jigsaw20-Volt5.86 PoundsCheck on Amazon!
Porter Cable PCE345 6-Amp Orbital Jigsaw6.0-Amp6 PoundsCheck on Amazon!
Black & Decker BDEJS600S Smart Select Jigsaw5.0-Amp5.2 PoundsCheck on Amazon!
Makita 4350FCT Top-Handle Jigsaw6.3-Amp4.07 PoundsCheck on Amazon!
Bosch JS470E Variable Speed Top-Handle Jigsaw7.0-Amp10.1 PoundsCheck on Amazon!
DEWALT DW331K Top Handle Jigsaw6.5-Amp9.85 PoundsCheck on Amazon!
Makita 4329K Variable-Speed Top-Handle Jig Saw3.9-Amp4.19 PoundsCheck on Amazon!
SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw6.0-Amp5 PoundsCheck on Amazon!
Bosch JS470ED Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jigsaw7.0-Amp10 PoundsCheck on Amazon!
Black & Decker Smart Select Orbital Jigsaw5.0-Amp5.75 PoundsCheck on Amazon!

Dewalt DCS331B Max Jigsaw

If you aren’t familiar with Dewalt, the company is well-known for making high-quality tools. The DCS331B Max is just another example of that excellence. This jigsaw is battery operated and runs on a 20V lithium-ion battery, which offers robust power for home or professional use. If you are looking for a saw for use around your home, you’ll find that this one can handle pretty much anything that you throw at it.

Due to being cordless, there’s no need to search for an extension cord whenever you need to use it. However, you do need to consider that the battery will only have a certain amount of charge. The weight of the battery will add a little heft to the tool, but it still is only in the mid-range as far as weight among the average jigsaw. The jigsaw is still well-balanced and easy to use for all potential applications.

This jigsaw has variable speed that maxes out at 3,000 SPM along with four orbital-action settings. It also offers a dust blower, so you can modify the amount of air being pushed out and incorporates toolless blade changes.

Buying this Dewalt won’t set you back too much considering the quality and brand recognition. However, if you buy the model without a battery, that will be another needed investment. Those who already own a charger and battery can drop the price a fair amount, though. In addition, the DCS331B comes with a three-year warranty.


  • Extremely high-quality tool
  • Simple blade changes
  • Batteries integrate with other Dewalt 20V range
  • Instant blade brake for safety
  • Easy to control


  • Offered as bare bones jigsaw
  • Expensive with battery and charger purchase
  • Requires awareness of battery charge

This tool is available either as a bare bones tool without accessories or as a kit that includes the charger, battery, and case that you may need. It’s a fantastic option for those who need to carry around their power tools from site to site.

Porter Cable PCE345 Orbital Jigsaw

The first thing to note about the PCE345 by Porter Cable is that it is quite inexpensive. It has a clear focus on performance, rather than being kitted out with dozens of features. The motor is a 6.0-amp and it can reach a max of 3,200 SPM. While there are jigsaws out there which break that level, it’s fairly uncommon. It’s also likely only to be available for high-end jigsaws that require a substantial investment. For the budget conscious, this is a tool that will blow you away.

This is a corded model and it includes four orbital action settings. It does include variable speed settings, but it is a little touchier than other jigsaws might be. Changing between the seven speeds is done by manipulating a dial that is on the bottom of the tool instead of being driven only by trigger pressure, like other jigsaws tend to be. However, it has extreme cutting performance no matter what you need to hack through, so you can use it on whatever tasks you have available.

The PCE345 allows for toolless blade changes and can accommodate both T-Shank and U-Shank blades. It is also fantastic for long work periods as it includes protracted grips on the handles for comfort. It also includes an LED light which can be used to guide your operation while working on projects.


• Seven speed dial for various materials

• Lock-on button for easy operation during long projects

• Simple blade changes

• Comfortable rubber grip


• Has few extra features

• Comes without a case

• Is not equipped with a dust blower

• Potential alignment issues

All in all, this offering from Porter Cable is capable of extreme performance and is priced for those on a budget. It’s a reliable power tool that is durable and capable of most home and professional projects. If you don’t care about all the extras, it’s likely to be the optimal purchase option.

Black & Decker BDEJS600C Smart Select Jigsaw

Our next jigsaw on the list is the BDESJS600C from Black & Decker. This power tool is extremely inexpensive despite being from a top-quality brand. You might think that a jigsaw with this sort of price tag you’d have to give up both features and power, but that, fortunately, is not the case. The price is nearly half that of the Porter Cable above and only a fraction of the Dewalt. On top of that, it comes with a two-year warranty.

Due to being less expensive, you can’t expect the exact quality of the two jigsaws above. This is a corded model that is fairly lightweight and offers easy use. The motor is only 4.5-amps, which may make it better tasked for home use than professional level work. However, light woodworking and home projects will be well-suited to this Black & Decker.

As far as extra features go, this little jigsaw has plenty to offer. It includes variable speeds that can reach 3,000 SPM and a 45-degree bevel. It also has an adjustable shoe for stability, toolless blade changes, and a wire guard sightline channel for the best possible accuracy. Considering the price of the jigsaw, it offers a large amount of features you would usually find on higher priced models.

There aren’t many complaints about this power tool, but it does seem that some people find the trigger to be in an awkward position. This means being cautious when picking the jigsaw up by the handle is a requirement. However, once you get used to the tool, it isn’t anything to worry about.


• Extremely inexpensive

• Lightweight and compact

• Improved visibility via wire guard sightline channel

• Simple to maneuver


• Not made for professional use

• Not as good at straight cuts as curves

• Comes without a case

• Length of stroke is short

This is an extremely budget-friendly model that will fit the needs of a homeowner. However, it is not capable of professional quality work. For someone looking to buy a first jigsaw, this is a great choice when on a budget. It’s likely to last a reasonable amount of time and do well with small and medium sized projects.

Makita 4350FCT Top-Handle Jigsaw

With the Makita 4350FCT, you can expect a dependable jigsaw, but the price is a bit higher than the three jigsaws we have already talked about above. One of the nicest features of the jigsaw is the LED guide to prevent going out of alignment while cutting, which is especially useful when doing contoured cuts. It also has astounding straight cutting ability, which is something most jigsaws cannot promise. It also has speed control offering anywhere from 800 to 2,800 SPM.

This tool is known for offering consistent speed no matter what applications you use it for. It offers largely smooth contour cuts and accurate straight cuts. This is partially due to the tool having a lower level of vibration than other jigsaws. It also is less shaky and tends to be less noisy than the competing jigsaws. It also offers the maximum stroke length at one inch.

When it comes to steel cutting, the jigsaw has a capacity of 3/8 inches at 90 degrees, while wood cutting capacity is 5.3125 inches at 90 degrees. These are high marks that promise precise cuts whether contoured or straight. For those who are new to jigsaws, this Makita is a great option since it’s straightforward to use. It’s fairly lightweight, includes a dust blower, and has the LED guide to help.


• LED light for extreme accuracy

• High performance for all applications

• Precision contoured cuts possible

• Versatility through straight cutting and three orbital settings


• Accuracy lower than some other models

• May be wobbly which leads to need for adjustments

• More expensive than some jigsaws available

There are plenty of features to appreciate with this jigsaw and it has the power for nearly anything you need. It also offers toolless blade changing for additional convenience. While it runs a bit more expensive than some of the other jigsaws on the list, it has the quality to warrant that.

Bosch JS470E Variable Speed Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch is well-known in the world of power tools and consistently offers high-quality products that you can trust. With the JS470E, you can expect those same qualities for a decent price. This is a durable jigsaw with a footplate arm that can handle nearly 550 pounds of load. It also has tons of power and an SPM that tops out at 3,100. Beyond that, the jigsaw can make cuts through wood that is up to 5 7/8 inches thick. It also bevels up to 45 degrees.

Many people cite this Bosch jigsaw as the best made by the company and there are plenty of reasons for that. It has a powerful motor that can get through light steel, aluminum, and wood. It also features a constant speed for exceptional precision control. That means you’ll get an event cut no matter what you are working on. It also features a toolless blade change system so there’s no reason to worry about waiting for the motor to cool down to swap out blades.

One of the perks of the JS470E is that it comes with a handful of great accessories. It comes with a hard carrying case, along with a blade, plastic overshoe, bevel wrench, and anti-splinter insert. For someone who is picking up their first jigsaw, the extras here will get you going right out of the box. While the price is higher than some other jigsaws, you get the accessories along with a tool that is precise and powerful.


• Comes with various accessories

• Toolless blade change system

• Safety lock is ambidextrous

• Include ergonomic handle

• Includes hard carrying case


• Has no laser cutting guide or LED light

• Heavier than other jigsaws

• Has slight undercut

Whether you are just starting to purchase power tools for woodworking or you are a professional, this jigsaw is a tool that will give you exactly what you need. You could do a lot worse than picking up this jigsaw if you don’t mind paying a little extra for all that it offers.

Dewalt DW331K Top-Handle Jigsaw

As price goes, the DW331K is in the middle, making it a smart buy for many. It’s a reasonable choice for someone with a budget who prefers to stay away from the entry level models. This Dewalt jigsaw offers durability, power, and speed, so it is bound to appeal to newcomers to woodworking and experts as well. It features a 6.5-amp motor, a top SPM of 3,100, and three position orbital action. This leads to a powerful and quick jigsaw, no matter where you use it.

The durability with this jigsaw is evident in the large amounts of metal that make up its design. Even the plastic components are made of high-quality materials and don’t rattle or have give when being operated. This jigsaw has a variable speed trigger that is quite precise but can take some time to get used to. There is also a lock-on button that is quickly reached by the right thumb when you want to operate the jigsaw as constantly on.

While a lot of jigsaws offer quick changing blades, the operation on the DW331K does it better than most. The blade isn’t going to come loose while cutting as it moves laterally. There is also a lever on the back of the saw for bevel, allowing the saw to rotate 45 degrees in each direction. However, some individuals have experienced this cut being less than precise. This Dewalt also comes with a dust blower, but a vacuum port and dust shroud must be purchased separately.


• Quick and easy cutting with orbital motion

• Includes a plastic carry case

• Simple blade change options

• Comes with configurable dust blower


• Requires adjustment for dust management

• Angle presets may be inaccurate

• Insert for tear out not the best quality

If you are looking for a robust jigsaw that can be used on a serious job site, this tool will fit your needs. It’s powerful and quick, but not the most accurate saw on the market. That said, it’s a fantastic jigsaw for those whose work doesn’t rely on complete accuracy.

Makita 4329K Variable Speed Top-Handle Jigsaw

The Makita 4329K is a corded jigsaw that boasts 3.9-amps of power. As with all Makita products, this one is high-quality and has a purchase guarantee. This jigsaw is powerful but also quick and well-made, meaning that it will last you a good long while. It weighs in at only 4.2 pounds and is a fairly compact size. The size and weight ensure that it can take the abuse it has thrown at it but isn’t heavy enough to give arm fatigue when used on a regular basis.

The jigsaw offers three orbital settlings along with straight cutting for plenty of versatility. If you are buying a jigsaw for the option of cutting various shapes, it will excel in that environment. It does bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees on either side, which will make doing edges a breeze. The adjustment for bevel cuts is located on the base of the saw for simple use. As far as speed goes, the Makita 4329K can offer between 500 and 3,100 SPM.

This jigsaw is one of the best top handle tools out there and offers a large trigger that is comfortable and straightforward to use. It has some vibration, as any jigsaw does, but it is less than average. It also has a lock button so it can be kept on for continuous work.


• Comes with blade, case, and wrench

• 30-day guarantee and one-year warranty

• High performance and three orbital settings

• Variable speed for great control and options


• Requires a wrench for blade change

• Does not offer an LED light

• Best for small and medium sized projects

Other than not offering quick blade change, this jigsaw has all the features that matter. It has a 30-day guarantee which allows users to give it a shot and decide it fits their needs. It also has a year long warranty after purchase. It’s powerful and capable of most work, professional or hobbyist.

Skil 4495-02 Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

This orbital laser jigsaw from Skil is simple to control and use without fatigue due to the special ergonomic handle. It also offers convenience through toolless blade changes, so you can switch things up on the fly. In addition to that, it features a foot stabilizing system which allows the footplate to shift and makes the start more controlled. It is a lightweight five pounds and features a bevel of up to 45 degrees.

The price for this jigsaw is reasonable, especially considering how reliable and effective it is in use. It even offers a few extra features that make it more of a bargain, such as blade storage on-board and a laser guide. It’s a durable, sturdy tool that can be maneuvered easily with the guide to get the most precise cuts possible. However, it does feature lighter blades and is best used at home or for other DIY jobs.

This jigsaw has 6-amps of power in the motor and speeds from 800 to 3,200 SPM. The orbital control options allow for the precise setting for each project, whether you want something smooth and precise or quick and aggressive. The foot is created with a custom molded rest feature which can help avoid damaging whatever material you are working on. On top of that, it accepts both T-Shank and U-Shank blades for the utmost versatility.


• Built-in laser guide

• Toolless blade changes

• Four position orbital cut options

• Comfort via ergonomic handles


• Does not come with dust blower

• Not great for professional use

• Laser can become off-centered

This is an inexpensive jigsaw with an impressive motor and high speed. It outpowers some of the most expensive jigsaws available on the market. It is exceptional for small or medium projects with clean, smooth cuts. This is a great power tool for someone who is stocking a home shop or garage who wants great features for a cheap cost.

Bosch JS470EB Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jigsaw

If you are looking for a powerful jigsaw, this Bosch model is sure to please. It’s rated at 7-oamps, which is likely to cut through anything you need, including thin sheets of steel. The cutting capacity is also quite large at 5 7/8 inches for softwood, 0.875 inches for aluminum, and .375 inches for steel. This is more than enough for those who use commercial materials. It also allows you to stack materials and cut all at once for the highest productivity and speed.

The electric circuitry used in this Bosch is known as Constant Response and ensures that the blades receive a steady amount of torque from the motor. This helps prevent the jigsaw from stalling during work. This is a feature that is usually seen only on the most expensive jigsaws on the market. So, there’s no need to spend tons of money to get these enticing features and the high performance that comes with it.

This Bosch jigsaw also comes with a dust blower to remove sawdust and other debris away from your cut line for precise cutting. It isn’t overwhelming, but it gets the job done. The saw itself only accepts T-Shank blades, which are known for a high degree of accuracy and a better grip. It’s also highly popular and you can find blades at any hardware store.


• Heavy-duty motor for various materials

• Four orbital settings offer aggressiveness adjustments

• Torque adjusts automatically

• Variable speed controller adapts to material


• Does not have LED light

• Features only 45-degree bevel cuts

This is a great jigsaw for anyone from the beginner to professional. It has fantastic performance and the highest number of amps on the list, tying with the other Bosch on the list. It also comes with a set of accessories, so you can get started right away.

Black & Decker Smart Select Orbital Jigsaw

If you need a reliable and versatile jigsaw that can cut through metal, plastic, and wood, the Smart Select is a fantastic option for the home woodworker. It comes with on-board blade storage for convenience, as well as a toolless blade change system so you don’t need to stop what you’re doing to change things up.

What makes this unique from other jigsaws is the presence of a Smart Select dial. It has seven distinct orbital settings that are easy to adjust to and choose from. Also included for convenience sake is an Accu-bevel lever. This allows you to change the bevel quickly and accurately select the right setting. While this jigsaw has a lot of great features you might expect on expensive tools, it has a price tag that is hard to beat.

This isn’t a professional model jigsaw, but it is powerful and accurate for home use. For the beginner, it has all the bells and whistles needed to complete a project without a lot of trouble. It also has a reasonable 5-amp motor that can hit up to 3,000 SPM. This makes it a great option for multiple cutting situations. However, it does sometimes need plate adjustment and the trigger can be quick to engage in certain situations.


• Quick adjustments through Accu-Bevel lever

• Toolless blade change and blade storage on the saw

• Smart Select dial with seven orbital settings


• Not appropriate for professional work

• Occasional adjustment needed

• Trigger easy to accidently engage

For a beginner, this jigsaw is an inexpensive and powerful power tool with features that make operation a dream. It has precise curved cuts, accurate adjustment options, and more orbital settings that most other jigsaws available on the market today.

What to Know When Purchasing a Jigsaw

There are a few things that are important than choosing a jigsaw for purchase. The power of the motor is a huge part of it, as is the stroke rate. However, things like the handle type and extra features offered are also important to think about. We’ll take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind while you peruse your options, so you can make the best choice for your specific needs.

Power Options

The power of the motor on a jigsaw is essential because it affects speed of sawing, as well as what thickness the saw can get through adequately. As with other power tools, jigsaws come in professional and domestic types. However, power isn’t the only thing important. While looking at power is important, you should also consider what the maximum depth of cutting is. The most powerful household options can cut a board that is 2.7 inches while a professional model might go up to 5.5 inches. In addition, if you choose the most powerful model, be aware that it will often be heavier than the alternative.

Strokes Per Minute

Any good jigsaw will have the option for switching the stroke rate (SPM). While those who rarely use a jigsaw might be okay choosing a single stroke rate, it isn’t optimal when doing projects of different size and scale. When looking at the jigsaws on the market today, you’ll see stroke rates that can all the way up to 3,500 SPM. When using a jigsaw at such speeds, saws with protective covers are recommended for safety reasons.

Depending on the saw, you may find that the stroke rate can be changed smoothly of fixed. With a fixed rate, you set it by using a switch on the casing and the speed stays at that rate the entire time. With smooth rate, adjustments can be made while the saw is in use. The best jigsaw will have a large adjustment rate, so different projects can use different speeds.

Orbital Setting Number

This is yet another crucial aspect of a jigsaw. With a normal jigsaw sans orbital setting, it moves only up and down. However, orbital settings allow you to move the saw backward, forward, or sideways using a circular movement. This is needed for extra speed and precision but can also help remove chips. While you don’t need the maximum number of settings for basic use, the more available on a jigsaw, the better. This allows you to saw distinct types of materials depending on your current needs.

Need for Bevel Cuts

Most of the time, the blade of your jigsaw is going to be square to the base. However, many of the best jigsaws allow you to tilt the blade for a bevel cut. In most cases, this is done by loosening a screw which provides a 45-degree angle in whichever direction you prefer. With some jigsaws, there is a lever that does this loosening to add convenience to this type of cutting. This can also allow someone to lock the base and saw a vertical surface, such as a closet. Many saws have one bevel setting, but others might have multiple for different uses.

Handle Types

There are two types of jigsaw handles, top handle and barrel grip. The most common is the top handle, which means you can hold the jigsaw with a single hand. This type of saw can be used either on a workbench or in the field without one. With a barrel grip handle, the saw has to be held with both hands. One is on the top and one is at the body. It is best used for sawing items on an incline. It also is recommended for beginners in some cases since it prevents placing a hand near the blade of the saw. However, it also means the material being sawed needs to be secured to a table or workbench as there is no spare hand to hold it steady.

Sole Plate Concerns

The jigsaw base plate (also called a platform or sole plate) is something else that should be considered. You want one that is solid, since it is going to be pressed against when cutting thick materials. If the plate is skewed or deformed, it will affect the accuracy of the saw. In most cases, a metal material is the best option rather than plastic. You should also look for a plate that is smooth, so it will not scratch the project you are working on. There are also casings that can be used to cover the plate and make it smoother. If an anti-slip liner is included, this is even better, especially when cutting laminated materials.

woodworking jigjaw

Cord Options

Some jigsaws are battery operated and require no cord at all, while others have short and long cord length. The shorter options are generally considered less appealing, since you aren’t able to move around with the saw while doing your work unless you attach an extension cord. The best length is considered around 120 to 160 inches. If you choose a cordless option, you have no need to stress about length of the cord, but you do need to consider the battery life. In many cases, these jigsaws are also less powerful, and the charging time is long. However, it can be useful for home projects, especially in tight spaces.

Jigsaw Saw Blade Materials

The first thing to know is that the accuracy of your cuts with a jigsaw depend on the size of the tooth. The larger tooth is going to be associated with a rougher cut than a small tooth. However, looking at width, the wider blade is going to be better at straight cuts. It’s also important to consider the material the blade is made of. The most common are described below:

  • BIM – This is a mix of flexible carbon steel and harder steel, which results in a blade that has a longer life and better elasticity.
  • DIA – This is a steel blade with diamond spraying that is used for sawing ceramics and porcelain.
  • HCS – This is a flexible carbon steel which is commonly used for sawing softwood, chipboard, and other soft items. Reverse tooth versions may be used for laminated chipboard.
  • HM – This is a solid steel blade that can be used for cutting fiberglass, ceramic tiles, and aerated concrete.
  • HSS – This is a harder steel blade that cuts through copper, hard plastics, steel, and aluminum.

Other Considerations

There are a few other things that may be worth considering when all other things are even. One of those is how easy it is to switch out blades. Most of the above jigsaws are capable of fast and easy swapping, but that isn’t true for all of them. That said, it’s much easier to pull a lever or press a button than to use tools to switch out blades.

Another consideration is whether the saw comes with an LED light. This can make finding the cutting line a lot less stressful. Along with that is the option of being a dust blower. This can also help see where you are cutting at all times. Not all jigsaws have both of these things, and some don’t have either. You may not care about either if you don’t plan to use the power tool on a regular basis, but having the option is often worth a small markup in price.

The Wrap-Up

These ten jigsaws are a high-quality selection of available power tools in 2019. Any of them will likely meet the needs of a home hobbyist or beginner to power tools. Those who are looking for something more powerful will also find fantastic options here by homing in on the speed and power needed, as well as what materials are most commonly used. By browsing the important features to consider, you can easily find the right jigsaw for your specific needs.

How to Start Woodworking

how to start woodworking

Have you always wanted to work with wood? Getting started in woodworking can certainly be intimidating for those who have little to no experience in the field. There are many different types of tools to consider, techniques, and even types of wood to learn, and it can sometimes seem impossible to know just where to start. Fortunately, just about anyone can get involved with woodworking and when you have the essential woodworking tools and good woodworking tips, it can become much easier.

Woodworking for beginners doesn’t have to be a complex affair. When you are just starting out, it tends to be best to start simple and work your way up from there. Let’s start with some of the basics.

Beginner Woodworking Tips to Keep in Mind

As mentioned, it is fine if you start out simply with your woodworking setup. You do not need to have a massive shop. You can begin small, and it can even be a temporary location if space is limited. You simply need to make sure you have enough space to complete the project and to remain safe while you do. A small setup can work well. It just means that you might have to stop and clean/prep the area for the next step in the project rather than just going to a different workstation.

Keep your expectations in check when you are starting out. Woodworking for beginners can feel frustrating when you aren’t able to produce the same level of quality in your projects that you see from others. It’s not a reflection of you. Rather, it is a reflection of the amount of time you have spent learning the craft. As you continue to practice the trade and get to know your tools and lumber better, your skills will improve. Do not get frustrated if you don’t have perfect projects when you are beginning.

By taking some time to learn more about lumber, you will find that it can improve the quality of your projects even when you are still learning. Choosing the wrong lumber is one of the biggest issues that plague those who are new to woodworking. There are many types of wood that fall into the hardwood and softwood category. For example, pine and cedar are softwood, whereas oak, walnut, mahogany, and cherry are hardwood. They have different characteristics and feel different when you are working with them.

When you are first starting out, follow guidelines on the projects you are working on. If they say that you should be using a hardwood for the project, choose a nice hardwood. Once you have more experience with different types of woods, which comes in time, you will be able to experiment more freely. For many beginners, though, it is a good idea to begin with pine, as it is a relatively inexpensive wood. It’s better to practice on inexpensive lumber than it is to spend a lot on something like mahogany only to find out that you have to scrap the project because of mistakes.

Understand how to take measurements. You have probably heard the adage that you should measure twice and cut once. It’s very true when it comes to woodworking, and this is an area where many newbies have a problem. They are excited to get started and they do not take proper measurements. When they cut too much from a piece of wood, it’s not exactly easy to fix that mistake without getting an entire new piece of lumber. Take time with your measurements and measure at least twice.

Safety Is Not an Afterthought

Woodworking is a lot of fun, but it has the potential to be very dangerous, as well. Even when you are careful, there is the risk of injury, so you need to pay close attention to your safety and what you are doing at each step of the project. Wear protection for your eyes and your hands. Be sure to wear hearing protection when you are working with power tools such as circular saws. Follow basic safety rules each and every time you step into your workspace and instill those safety habits.

The Essential Woodworking Tools

When it comes to the tools that you will be using for woodworking, they can be broken down into two broad categories – hand tools and power tools. While you may not need to go out and buy all of these items right now, you will want to start with a few of the most important. When you are choosing which tools to start with, in addition to the basics, you will want to consider the project you are doing. Consider the tools that you will need for the project and then add those to your setup.

Let’s start by considering some of the most important hand tools that should be in every woodworker’s toolbox.

Hand Tools Every Woodworker Should Own

  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers – flathead and Phillips
  • Utility knife and extra blades
  • Square
  • Level
  • Handsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Sawhorses
  • Block plane
  • Chisels

There is a good chance that you already have some or all of the tools mentioned above. If there are any of these that you don’t have, you might want to make them some of your first purchases. This is because you will likely be using these tools quite often regardless of the project.

In addition to the tape measure and level, you might want to consider some of the more interesting technological options that can replace these tools, such as laser measuring devices and levels. They can be nice to have, and they can make many projects faster and easier. However, they are not necessarily essential woodworking tools. They are luxuries that you might want to get. It is still a good idea to have the analog equivalents of these tools in your toolbox for those times when the batteries are low on your power tools.

Now, let’s move on to some essential woodworking tools that fall into the power tool category These types of tools will make your job far easier and more efficient, even though it might be possible to get some similar results working only with hand tools. After all, master craftspeople from a hundred years ago were able to create beautiful woodwork with only hand tools and time.

woodworking tools

However, hand tools will make things much easier. The following are some of the tools that you will eventually want to bring into your setup.

Power Tools Every Woodworker Should Own

These are only some of the various power tools available. The ones listed above should help you immensely in your woodworking projects, but you can always add others as time, finances, and space allows.

When You Buy Tools, Choose Quality Over Price

One of the mistakes that many people make when they are buying their essential woodworking tools is trying to find the cheapest options available. They figure that if they spend less on each of the tools, they can buy more tools overall and have a better and more complete setup faster. However, buying low-quality tools is going to become a problem sooner or later. These tools are not going to last as long, they won’t be as reliable or as powerful, and your projects are going to suffer.

It is far better to buy the best quality tools that you can afford, even if you are buying fewer of them at the start. This way, you can be sure that they are going to last longer and that they will do a good job when you are using them. Even if you are building your set of tools slowly, this is the better choice.

Take the plunge now. Woodworking for beginners should be fun and not intimidating. Find a nice and simple project that appeals to you, get the tools you need, follow the safety guidelines and create something!

10 Must Have Power Tools Everyone Should Own

must have power tools

A beginner who is interested in getting involved with woodworking will quickly find that getting every power tool you want might be financially prohibitive. The plus to this is that most people do not need every tool on the market. There are no more than ten tools that are a must for someone who is beginning. Thankfully, most of these tools aren’t overly expensive and you can tackle all sorts of project with them. Let’s take a look at the list and what you need to know about each of these tools.

Miter Saw and/or Table Saw

Our first suggestion is to make sure you have access to a miter saw or a table saw. The reason we recommend one or the other is because buying both might kill your budget when you’re just beginning to build a collection of tools. A table saw can do almost everything that a miter saw can, but the miter saw is typically capable of doing those things more quickly. It is also capable of doing more precise angled cuts. This isn’t to say that that a table saw can’t do these things, but it may not be done as precisely.

If you know what you plan to do with your miter or table saw, that can help you decide which tool is best for you. Plan to rip a lot of long boards? You want a table saw for that. Will you be cutting small sheets or crosscutting small pieces? The table saw is pretty excellent for that too. However, if you plan to crosscut longer boards, the miter saw will do a better job of it. If you still aren’t sure which is right for you, it’s not a bad idea to go with a table saw first. It will be more versatile and capable of all your boarding cutting requirements.

Cordless Drill/Driver

It’s no real surprise that a drill is on the list, and we recommend one that is cordless. This could end up being one of the most versatile tools in your garage or workshop. You already know that you can drill holes with it, but you can also turn screws and bolts. Even if that doesn’t sound that exciting, it can be very useful. Think about how often you have to put up a shelf, remove a cover from an appliance, or hand up a painting. Your cordless drill is what will facilitate that. You will likely use it a whole lot more than you ever expected to.

When purchasing a cordless drill or driver, keep in mind that there are two major types. One is a hammer drill and the other is a brushless drill or driver. A hammer drill is characterized by being able to spin but also hammer. This type of drill is excellent for situations where you need to drill into masonry or bricks. That said, the brushless drill works well when you need to drill into drywall, wood, or other soft materials. This type of drill is less expensive and works just as well for those types of needs.

Reciprocating Saw (aka Sawzall)

A reciprocating saw is one of the most powerful tools that you can have in your arsenal. This type of saw can cut through wood or even some metals in seconds. Those who are going to be doing demolishing, plumbing, electrical work, or remodeling, will quickly find a use for a reciprocating saw. This tool can saw through tons of material in no time and it’s also a lot of fun to use. It removes the need for hacksaws and crowbars and makes the process of teardown efficient and straightforward. As a plus, there are plenty of budget priced reciprocating saws to purchase when starting out.

Your reciprocating saw will help with cutting through nails and metal pipe, cutting through thick wood, hacking through plastic, and even for cutting ceramic tile, stone, and cast iron. However, the type of blade matters. The good thing is that these blades are disposable, so you can have different blade types for whatever your next project is. Pop on a fine-tooth blade for metals, a coarse one for wood, and a tungsten grit for stone. It’s an excellent tool in terms of sheer ability and versatility. It’s also something that every woodworker should have on hand for various applications.

Circular Saw

While someone who only needs to cut a board once or twice a year might be capable of dealing with a handsaw, having a circular saw is essential for anything more than that. Rather than putting time and muscle into your handsaw, a circular saw is easily able to cut through a large stack of wood in only a few minutes. However, be aware that the large amounts of power mean the blade can also cut through skin and bone. Be safe at all times when using your power tools, but especially where your circular saw is concerned.

There are circular saws that are corded and cordless. A cordless saw might be okay if you are doing minor repairs and projects, but most people are going to prefer the corded option. If you do choose a corded saw, you can choose between a traditional or a heavy-duty model. However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you likely will be happy with a traditional saw and its level of power. The more heavy-duty model is often favored in specialized careers, such as that of a carpenter or framer. It is capable of cutting through anything, but it can also be heavier and more difficult to manage with a single hand.


Any workshop or garage housing tools needs to include a jigsaw. What a jigsaw does is offer you the chance to cut circular and curved patterns into wood and metal. This is the only power tool in a portable package that provides efficient cutting of curves. There are numerous blades available for jigsaws which can cut through things like fiberglass, steel, and drywall. A jigsaw is also capable of making bevel cuts and many of them offer the option to angle the jigsaw just for that purpose. This is a great way to handle angled cuts when getting access to a table saw is difficult or impossible due to needed portability.

The jigsaw comes in corded or cordless varieties and which is right for you will depend on your preference. There is certainly a level of convenience with the cordless jigsaw since you can turn and twist in any direction you like to make the perfect patterns without worrying about cutting your cord. This adds a new life to a tool that was once considered unwieldy. Nowadays, many jigsaws are slim, lightweight, and simple to use. All you have to do is put in a battery or plug it in and you can start cutting immediately.

Random Orbital Sander

With a random orbital sander, you get a sander that does not cause a pattern to form on the surface of whatever you are sanding. This means that there is no need to worry about the direction of the grain. Compared to a traditional orbital sander using the same sandpaper, the random orbital is going to remove more than the orbital sander would. This is a must-have in terms of power tools that was first common in the automotive field. However, it has now become common in woodworking as well. Rather than having a single axis to spin on, the shaft of the device spins and moves in order to provide a scratch pattern that is unique.

There are tons of reasons to add a random orbital sander to your toolbox. For one, the constantly moving pattern builds a design that has less cross-grain scratching visually available. It is also capable of removing more material than the orbital sander. In fact, many of the major companies offering random orbital sanders offer various speeds so you can select how aggressively you want the sanding to be done. On top of that, rather than the quarter sheets needed for regular orbital sanders, the random orbital usually uses a small disk that is straightforward and quick to install.

Paint Sprayer

Everyone who does woodworking or other tasks in their workshop can benefit from having a paint sprayer. Sure, you can do painting by hand with a brush or roller, but that can eat up a ton of time. With a paint sprayer, you have an easy option to apply stains, paints, and finishes very quickly. But what really sets the paint sprayer apart is the ability to coat uneven surfaces such as shutters or stair balusters. In addition, a sprayer is capable of providing a fine mist, which is aesthetically appealing on cabinets or other furniture where brush marks aren’t acceptable.

There are various types of paint sprayers available including the inexpensive cup gun, diaphragm pump, piston pump, air compressor gun, and high volume/low volume. What is the best choice for you will depend on your needs. The cup gun is inexpensive but may not have the power for a large job. The diaphragm is a bit more expensive and handles large areas but can cause overspray. With the piston pump, the price goes up quite a bit, but you can expect to be able to spray large amount of nearly any coating. With the air compressor, the price is relatively low, and you can use your existing air compressor to operate it. The high volume/low volume is a priced somewhere in the middle and is great for all applications other than extremely thick paints.

Air Compressor

Maybe you’re wondering why an air compressor is on the list of ten essential power tools. If that is the case, you may be surprised to find out exactly what tasks the compressor is able to help with. An air compressor can power a spray gun, so you can paint cabinets, furniture, and any small projects you do. It can also work as a nail gun combination. This makes tasks like framing doorways, installing baseboards, and placing crown molding much simpler and easier than they would with a hammer and nails. You’ll be impressed by how much time you save using an air compressor and nail gun for simple and more complex project needs.

An air compressor is a versatile tool that is cost-effective to boot. It can help with many tiny tasks you may not immediately think of. This ranges from cleaning up sawdust on the floor to repainting an old bicycle for your kids or installing new baseboards. What makes this an even better option is the fact that air tools are known for being long-lasting and durable. There are fewer moving parts to worry about so these tools often last longer than you would think.

Hammer Drill

The hammer drill is the right tool for nearly everything your traditional drill cannot handle. You can buy a drill that is specifically a hammer drill or go with a corded or cordless drill with a hammer setting available. The most common use of the specialty hammer drill is for masonry drilling jobs. The hammer action makes it easy to bust up concrete and your bit will have better success driving into the harder material. When the lever on the drill is disengaged, it can also work as a traditional drill. When you use it and it is engaged, it feels similar to a hammer that is quickly beating down on hard material.

While both corded and cordless options exist, the cordless is the best option for most people out there. The first reason for that is because this sort of drill tends to weight less. It’s also simple to take from place to place and use anywhere it is needed. There’s no searching for an electrical outlet or moving a project into a new space to facilitate the cord. There is also the fact that with a cordless hammer drill, no cord is able to get in the way while you are working. Be sure to look at how powerful the drill is before purchase, as some cordless drills are not as powerful as others.

Wood Router

While this is the final tool on the list, it’s still one that should be considered important. A wood router is a tool that comes in various types, but the two basic bases are a plunge or a stationary. If you are a beginner with woodworking, the stationary will likely handle all of the tasks you can throw at it. This type of router is exceptional as an all-purpose router and is considered simple to maneuver for any edge shaping needs you might have. A plunge router, on the other hand, is best at making deep grooves, through cuts, and patterns. It also allows for vertical movement that is largely controlled to avoid mistakes.

There are a few routers which offers the option to swap between stationary and plunge bases, which may be worth considering depending on your budget. However, even if you go with a stationery model, you can mount it on a table later on. When purchasing a router, look for one that has at least two horsepower and speed controls for easy use. It’s also worth looking into ability to change out bits quickly and choosing a model that offers a soft start.

And there you have it, the top 10 most essential power tools on the market today. If you’re looking to outfit your workshop ASAP, you can take the list and go for it. Even if you plan to take it slow, you can prioritize the tools that you will use the most often and go from there. Either way, once you have all ten of these power tools available, you’ll have the means to do nearly any project you would like.

Top 10 Best Table Saws for 2019

best table saw

So, you are in the market for a new table saw, or perhaps it is your very first table saw. You are doing the right thing by researching the best table saws available before you decide to buy. You want to be sure that you are truly happy with the choice that you make, and that is only going to be possible when you know exactly what you are getting and just why it is a good choice.

This article is going to help you narrow your selection by presenting you with 10 of the very best table saws available. We will learn more about each of these saws in the table below, and in the detailed descriptions of each of those saws that follow. We will also go over some tips on what types of features you might want to look for in your table saws to understand what’s right for you, and we will cover how to take care of your table saw so it will last. Let’s get started.

The Best Table Saws of 2019: Reviews and Comparisons

 NamePower SourceWeight 
DEWALT DWE7490X Job Site Table SawCorded-Electric83lbsCheck on Amazon!
Bosch 10” Worksite Table Saw 4100-10Corded-Electric60lbsCheck on Amazon!
DEWALT DW745 Job Site Table SawCorded-Electric54lbsCheck on Amazon!
Craftsman Evolv Table Saw 28461AC50.4lbsCheck on Amazon!
SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw With Folding StandCorded-Electric67lbsCheck on Amazon!
DEWALT DWE7480 Compact Job Site Table Saw With Site Pro Modular Guarding SystemCorded-Electric48lbsCheck on Amazon!
Bosch 10” Portable Job Site Table Saw GTS1031Corded-Electric52lbsCheck on Amazon!
SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table SawCorded-Electric49lbsCheck on Amazon!
Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw With LaserCorded-Electric73.7lbsCheck on Amazon!
Craftsman Portable Table Saw With Mobile Wheeled StandAC57lbsCheck on Amazon!

Best Contractor Table Saw

DEWALT DWE7490X Job Site Table Saw

This DEWALT table saw is going to be a welcome addition to your collection of tools, as it can provide you with portability and flexibility. This makes it a nice choice for those who need to take the table saw with them to the job site. It utilizes a 10” blade and it has a scissor stand. This makes setup and takedown easy.

This saw has a 15-amp high torque motor that can easily cut through all sorts of wood, including hardwood and lumber that has been pressure-treated. This model can provide a 3 1/8” depth of cut at 90 degrees and 2 ¼” cut at 45-degrees. It is easy to adjust the table saw even without tools, and this particular saw even features a 2” dust collection port that will make it easier for you to take care of all of the dust that ends up getting created during your work.

DEWALT is a trusted name in this field, and this could be just the table saw that you need for your projects at home, or that you can take with you to the work site. At 83lbs, it is heavier than some other options, but it should still be relatively easy to transport.

Bosch 10” Worksite Table Saw 4100-09

Here is another fantastic option for those who want to have an easily portable table saw for the garage or for work. Even though this table saw only weights 60lbs it has a powerful 15-amp motor. This allows you to be more productive. The collapsible stand can be adjusted to the height that meets your needs, and the durable wheels will allow for easy mobility between job sites.

This table saw has a large cutting table surface area and ripping capacity. It can handle items that are up to 25 inches wide. There are plenty of other features that will help to make this a real standout option among the table saws you may have been considering. Some of the features include a miter gauge that you can lock at varying positions, a stable surface and a smart guard system. It features a rip fence, elevation wheel to elevate and lower the blade, and a wheeled base.

There are plenty of reasons to consider this table saw, including the name Bosch. They are a trusted brand, and that means you can trust the quality when it comes to the table saws they produce.

Best Portable Table Saw

DEWALT DW745 Job Site Table Saw

This is a high-quality compact table saw for the job site that features the Site-Pro modular guarding system. Thanks to the 15-amp high-torque motor, you are going to find that the table saw is capable of providing you with the power that you need to cut through hardwood and pressure-treated lumber, as is the case with the other DEWALT options on this list. It has 20” of rip capacity, a 10” blade that provides you with clean cuts, and more.

Naturally, one of the features that helps to make this a popular table saw is the portability that it offers. This saw weighs only 54lbs, which means it is going to be very easy to move around the job site or the garage as needed. You could even haul it out to the back yard if you need. Like the DWE7490X, this saw has a 3 1/8” depth of cut at 90 degrees and 2 ¼” cut at 45-degrees.

This is a stable saw that is easy to use, and that can provide you with the cutting power that you need. It offers fast tool-free adjustments, a dust collection feature to make cleanup easier, and a three-year limited warranty. It could be the saw for you.

Best Table Saw for Beginners

Craftsman Evolv Table Saw 28461

The Craftsman Evolv table saw has a 15-amp motor and a 5,000 rpm blade speed. It is a lightweight tool that can be a good choice for those who are in need of a low-maintenance product that is easy to move around when needed and that is easy to use. It also comes with the Craftsman Evolv Safety Key System. This means that you do not have to worry about the table saw turning on if the safety key is not inserted into the saw.

Those who are looking for a tool that they can keep in their workspace and that can provide them with a simple way to make the cuts they need are going to like this tool. The table does not have any wheels, but it is lightweight enough that it should be easy to move since it is only around 50lbs.

Best Table Saw for Small Shop

SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw With Folding Stand

SKIL is a popular name among power tools, and it is often synonymous with saws. This SKILSAW has a 15-amp motor, which is going to provide you with plenty of power. It is also going to include an EZ view measurement system, which is going to make for more accurate settings.

The stand is made from steel, and it is heavy-duty. You will love how easy it is to set up and assemble, and how simple it will be to transport. While it is 67lbs, most people should not have any trouble, making this a relatively easy saw to transport when needed.

The saw offers a 3.5” cut height capacity that can cut through a range of wood materials. The cast aluminum tables, which measures 20” x 26” can extent to 20” x 32” when you need to work on longer pieces of wood.

This table is very popular with DIYers who want to work on some large projects around the home. It is possible to crosscut smaller pieces, rip longer boards, miter, bevel, and more. The control system is also easy to use, so you should not have trouble getting accustomed to working with the saw.

DEWALT DWE7480 Compact Job Site Table Saw With Site Pro Modular Guarding System

Here’s another option from DEWALT that could work well for your needs whether you want a saw for a job site or a saw for home use. This saw features the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System, and a 15-amp motor, so you should not have any trouble when you are ripping through hardwood. The unit also features a 2 ¼” dust collection port that can connect to a shop vac. It will help to make your cleanup even easier.

This saw can be a real workhorse thanks to the durable design. While it is a sturdy table saw, you will find that it is also quite compact and lightweight. It only weighs 45lbs, which means that you should be able to move the saw where you need with little trouble.

The saw offers 24.5” of rip and it can cut shelving and trim materials without any issue. If you need to create a bevel, you will be happy to know that the blade can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees. The table also has rear feet that are easy to adjust. This can help to make it possible for you to work on surfaces that are uneven without worry.

Bosch 10” Portable Job Site Table Saw GTS1031

This Bosch portable table saw is lightweight and easy to move, as is the case with most of the other options on this list. This one even has a one-handed carry handle. The table has a wealth of features that help to make it a real standout, including the under table storage area for your accessories.

The design of the base is all-steel, which means it is going to be highly durable. This is a saw that is built to last even though it might be lightweight. The GTS1031 includes the SquareLockRip fence, which helps to ensure that the fence glides easily along the rail. This saw also features the Smart Guard System including the modular blade guard, antikickback pawls, and riving knife system. Ultimately, this is going to provide you with more control.

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

This is branded as the first Worm Drive table saw. It can provide you with a large amount of torque and power that can allow you to rip through materials without slowing down. This saw features a 15-amp dual field motor to help with this. The motor can stay cool through continuous cuts, so you are not going to have to worry as much about the unit getting too hot.

It is possible to easily rip through 4x4s and through full sheets of plywood. This saw offers a 25” rip capacity, and a 3.5” depth of cut. It is possible to adjust the bevel on the saw from -1 degree to 46 degrees, which can provide you with precise cutting. This is a highly durable saw, it features an all-steel roll cage and die cast aluminum top. It is even possible to connect the saw to a vacuum through the back port, which should help to keep things cleaner. Even with all of these great features and more, you will be happy to know that it weighs only 49lbs. This is going to make it possible to maneuver and transport the saw without too much trouble.

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw With Laser

There are quite a few things to like about this table saw. Not only does it feature a laser indicator that is going to show the exact location where the material is going to be cut, but it also has a fold out fence that will allow you to have extra wide cuts. This table saw from Rockwell has a powerful motor that makes it possible to cut through 4x4s in a single pass, as well.

The saw is rugged and highly capable, and it even has a depth of cut that is 3 9/16”, which is more than what you are going to find with many of the other table saws out there today. The cuts that are made with this saw are going to be very accurate thanks to the laser cut line indicator.

Although this table saw might be heavier than the other portable options on this list, you will find that it is still possible to maneuver the table without much trouble. That is because of the trolley stand that is included.

Craftsman Portable Table Saw With Mobile Wheeled Stand

Last but not least, there is this option from Craftsman. This is a highly portable table saw that is easy to use. It features a folding stand that can help you to save a lot of space, along with a right side extension table. The unit even has onboard storage for your fence/miter. The table saw offers a powerful 15-amp motor, along with easy mobility thanks to the wheeled stand.

The telescoping extension can provide you with up to a 24.5” rip. This is very helpful if you have to use longer boards. The rip fence offers easy adjustments to ensure that all of the cuts are lined up properly and are even. It is a quality option that might be a good choice to bring into your garage or to the job site.

What to Look for When Choosing a Table Saw

Before you choose a table saw, it is essential that you take some time to think about how you are going to be using the saw. In what capacity is it going to be used – hobby or professional? What type of cuts are you going to need to make? How powerful do you need the saw to be? What do you need from the fence and the miter gauge? What about the motor and power? Once you have a better idea of how you are going to be using the table saw, you are going to find that it is easier to sort through the options above.

Of course, you also want to think about the reputation of the company and brand. Choosing a quality company that has a good reputation for making quality tools, and for backing up their claims, is a good idea. It will give you the peace of mind you need when you make your purchase.

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Maintain Your Table Saw Properly for the Best Results

If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on a table saw, you want to make sure that the saw is going to last, right? Choosing one of the high-quality options on this list is just the beginning, though. You also need to make sure that you are taking good care of the saw if you want it to last for a long time.

Check your manufacturer’s handbook for the saw to ensure you understand how to properly clean and maintain the various parts of the table saw. You never want the saw to get too full of dust. Cleaning it after each use, or at the end of the day, ensures that you don’t end up having sawdust problems. You will also want to check the bolts and the screws on the saw regularly, as the vibration of the saw can cause them to loosen. If you find anything loose, be sure to tighten it up. The blade is also important, and we will discuss this more in the next section.

Safety Tips for Your Table Saw

Getting a new table saw can certainly be fun, as it is going to allow you to take care of jobs around the house or for work. It’s exciting because everyone loves power tools. However, you do need to be careful, as any power tool has the potential to be dangerous. Therefore, before we close out this article, it’s important to go over some simple yet essential safety tips for working with table saws. Make sure that these are ingrained in your mind every time you work with the saw.

First, you need to be sure that you are always wearing your safety equipment. You need to make sure that you have on safety glasses, along with hearing protection. Think about the clothing that you are wearing, as well. You do not want to have any loose fitting clothing that could become a hazard.

Next, you need to make sure that you are checking the safety features of your table saw to ensure that they are working properly. Do not ever just assume that they are working correctly and are in place. Check elements like the saw blade guard, the riving knife, and the anti-kickback pawls.

Be sure that the area is kept clean, as well. If there is too much sawdust and debris in the area, you are going to find that it will be more difficult to make clean cuts. It can lead to you making mistakes and doing things that could be dangerous. Keeping your workspace clean is always in your best interest.

You also need to make sure that your blade is in good shape. Don’t overuse a blade to the point where it can no longer cut easily. If the blade is dull and old, change it out. When you change out the blade on the table saw, make sure that you disconnect the power – not just turn it off – before you change it.

Know how to use the saw properly and never become complacent. Accidents happen when people are complacent. This is a tool, but it is a dangerous one. Give the table saw the respect that it deserves, and always be sure you are following the proper protocol for using the machine. You and your hands are going to be much happier that you did.

Get Your Own Table Saw Now

You should have a better understanding of the top table saws on the market today, and you should have a better idea of what saw is going to be right for you. Take the time to narrow your selection and bring home a table saw for yourself soon! Whether you need it for work, for woodworking projects you are doing at home, or both, it is going to be a fantastic tool to have available.

Miter Saw Vs. Table Saw – Which is Right for Your Needs?

guy using table saw cutting woodworking

If you are going to use utilizing a miter saw or a table saw for a project, it is crucial to understand the difference between the two. Those who do not have access to both types of saws but plan to take on a DIY project may be curious which is the best option for them, both now and in the future. Building up a toolkit of useful tools is something that often takes time but is important for completing projects in the best way possible.

In this article, we are going to look at the miter saw and the table saw so you have the information you need to choose which is the right tool for your needs. Not every project will have the same requirements so it’s important to choose the right option to ensure the accuracy of your project and determine how long the project will take in sum.

The Miter Saw

The miter saw is a specific tool that allows you to make cuts of various angles. The saw consists of a blade which is mounted on a swing, which allows for cuts that run left or right. A miter saw is often used for items like photo frames, door frames, and crown molding which require that more precise angled cut.

One of the most popular saws on the market today is the miter saw. This is also why many people question whether they also need a table saw if a miter saw is present. The name of the saw comes from the fact that it is traditionally used to cut miters. Remodelers, carpenters, and contractors often make use of this precision tool. It is capable of cutting plastics, aluminum, and concrete and can easily provide 45-degree angle cuts. There are multiple types of miter saws, which we will cover later in this article.


  • Capable of producing accurate trim work in a limited amount of time.
  • Often considered to be a safe option than the table saw.
  • Miter saws are often more affordable than the alternative.
  • Kickback is traditionally not a problem.
  • Many offer a brake system to cut the power immediately.
  • Are a portable option that can be used or stored nearly anywhere.
  • Offers the best miter and bevel cuts possible.
  • Safer in operation than a table saw is.


  • Less accurate for ripping or making longer cuts.
  • Many models have less power than the table saw.
  • May not hold up as well as the alternatives.
  • Does not cut large stock as well as the table saw.
  • Less than ideal for rip or lengthwise cuts.

The Table Saw

As for the table saw, it is also an extremely popular saw for many projects. Those who are do-it-yourselfers often own this saw because it is seen as being versatile and appropriate for many tasks. Just like with the miter saw, the table saw also comes in many different designs. The table saw is able to be used for many woodworking projects and is a versatile tool for those tasks.

You can expect to see a table saw as a common item in any work room and can be one of the largest purchases made by a homeowner or DIY participant. It makes a great option for many, but it is critical to understand the different types of table saws before purchase. Some will likely fit your needs better than others. As far as the options out there, you can expect to find hundreds of brands and types out there so there is truly something for everyone.


  • Versatile tool that can do almost anything adequately.
  • Can work with long and thick wood with no issues whatsoever.
  • Ideal for nearly any sort of project due to higher power and larger range of options.
  • Can handle angles with a miter gauge and a dose of practice.
  • Does better with sheet materials than a miter saw is able to.


  • Can cause you to experience kickback due to large range of wood that can be used.
  • Does not offer a large selection of guards.
  • Requires an extra tool in order to handle angled cuts well.
  • Significantly more expensive than a miter saw.
  • More dangerous than the alternative in most cases.
  • Requires a much larger workshop space.

Differences Between the Miter and Table Saw

Both of these saws are popular and useful, which may be part of why people become confused about which saw they should rent or buy. Knowing the differences between the two can offer you better insight into which fits your specific needs.

With the miter saw, only crosscuts can be done. It offers an accurate cut on boards of up to about 6 inches with a 10 inch saw and 8 inches with a 12 inch saw. This type of saw can be ideal for someone who is doing things like building decking or handling home renovations. The process itself will often take less time, which is a perk. However, it may not be the right option for other types of jobs.

When looking at the table saw, it has a higher level of versatility than the miter does. It can not only rip boards but also crosscut them. It is also useful for cutting panels. That said, where it has more versatility, it doesn’t always have the highest quality. It is the best option for someone who needs to do many different types of cuts and doesn’t mind if the cuts aren’t perfect.

The Tool for the Job

If you have a specific job that you need done, there may be a better tool for it between the miter and the table saw. Here are a few examples:

  • Ripping Lengthy Boards: Table Saw
  • Crosscutting Lengthy Boards: Miter Saw
  • Cutting Small Sheets or Crosscutting Small Pieces: Table Saw
  • Ripping Large Sheets: Table Saw
  • Making Precise Angled Cuts: Miter Saw

How to Use a Miter Saw

guy using miter saw

For very accurate molding and lumbar cuts, a miter saw is the right saw for the job. It is an essential tool for anyone who is involved in carpentry. Bearing that in mind, a miter saw needs caution to use. When you first power it on, you should not be surprised if it makes noises and jerks while it gets to the right speed. After using the saw, make sure you wait for the blade to discontinue spinning or you may experience spitting wood. It’s also important not to force the blade and instead let the saw do the work for the most precise results.

There are numerous types of miter saws on the market today for you to consider. A basic miter saw will crosscut and do miter cuts. There are also lighter models with inexpensive price tags that tend to be more comfortable to work with. You can also select to purchase or rent a compound miter saw which offers a large number of cuts, including the bevel cut. It also makes it simple to do cuts in various directions without any need to flip your project. In addition to those types of miter saws, there are also sliding compound miter saws and cordless models that may meet your specific needs.

Proper maintenance to a miter saw is crucial if you wish to get the most use out of your saw for many years to come.

How to Use a Table Saw

The table saw is seen as one of the most versatile tools to be found in a woodshop. It’s also a tool that has many productive uses. It can be used to square, rip, cross cut, miter cut, rabbet, dado, and add shapes to the edges of your wood. However, the table saw is also one of the most dangerous tools out there so being constantly conscious of what is going on when using it is a must. If your table saw is maintained regularly, it can be safer and more accurate for all of your woodworking projects.

Maintaining your saw begins with a proper tune-up, which will lead to smooth and easy cutting. If the saw is ill maintained, it can be more dangerous. One of the maintenance tasks that is of supreme importance is keeping the saw free of any rust. Every time you plan to use your table saw, you want to inspect it to be sure there are no issues or rust. Not doing so could lead to a poorly cut piece of wood or even an injury. Those who use the saw regularly will want to do maintenance after each use. If you use it less often, storing it correctly is extremely important to avoid rust buildup.

The humble table saw is best used for situations where you need to make numerous cuts that are all of the same length. This can be difficult to do by hand, but simple when you have the use of a table saw. In addition, it can prevent you from making errors after making dozens of cuts, which may not be realized until you have completed your cutting.

If you want a more portable option, the contractor’s saw is a great solution. It can be used both outdoors and indoors and has various safety features. There is also a benchtop saw which is even smaller. However, it needs the most care to ensure you are safe while using it. That said, the benchtop is not the least expensive just because it is the smallest. As such, it’s best to base your purchase on the features and size that fits your needs the best.

When to Use Each Type of Saw

If you are going to be cutting wood at a certain angle or a precise length, you may be better suited by the miter saw. Many carpentry projects benefit from the use of a miter saw over a table saw. This is especially true for molding and trim projects. In addition, the miter saw is fantastic for craft projects such as building picture frames. It offers quick accurate cuts and is best when time is of the essence.

A table saw may not be the optimal option for angled cuts, however it can do pretty much anything else. It is a versatile tool, which is impressive considering that it is stationary. A table saw can rip through large pieces of maple or oak in only seconds as long as you do not need special mortises or channels. It’s the best option for any large-scale products which require straight and long cuts. It also can accommodate a large selection of blades to add even more versatility into the mix.

What to Consider When Choosing a Saw

There are a few things that are important to be aware of before you select between a table and a miter saw. A person who is a hobbyist is likely going to have a much different set of needs than someone who is purchasing for a large shop. We’ll list the important aspects to think about below:

  • Power: Do you need professional grade tools or is power not a huge contributor in your projects?
  • Size of Project: Do you typically work with larger or smaller projects?
  • Versatility: Do you need the ability to make advanced cuts on a regular basis?
  • Workspace: How much space do you have to house your new saw?

If you have a smaller work space, you are going to need smaller tools, as well. For example, a contractor who is on the go from location to location every day isn’t going to want to have to store and transport a large table saw at all times if the cuts they make are typical rip cuts. Instead having a mobile option is more important to maximize the use of space available. However, someone in a large space may be happy to choose a large table saw which has significant power but also takes up a large amount of space in the workshop.

The same is applicable to miter saw usage. A homeowner who makes basic angle cuts may not want to worry about an expensive and complex tool. However, the woodworker might be the exact opposite. Part of what will determine the answer lies in the size of the blade required. If a miter saw comes with a large blade, that allows you to make longer cuts without taking up extra time. A smaller miter saw, on the other hand, will take up little space in general. The only way to know which is right for you is to think about your needs as far as your project and the size of the space you have available.

Which Saw is the One for You

miter saw vs table sawIf you are new to woodworking you may be forced to choose between the table saw and the miter saw. Which is best will depend upon what you are intending to do with the tool. Some people choose to first start with a miter saw as it is less expensive, takes up less space, and can carry out many cuts. However, a table saw can be more versatile and is often the first saw purchased for a new woodshop. For those who are carrying out projects at home, the added power and lack of needed mobility might make the table saw right. At the same time, the inexpensive nature of the miter saw might make it more attractive to some in the DIY crowd. It’s hard to say one is better than the other, when it really comes down to what your actual needs are.

In some cases, if your budget allows it, buying both gives you the best of both worlds. However, when you need to select on, think about the needed versatility and size of workspace available. In reality, the table saw can do everything that a miter saw can do, but it may not always do it quite as well. Those who need extra precision will want to consider the miter for that reason. In either case, you get a reliable saw that can help you complete projects with ease.

No matter which you choose, take some time to consider the different types and brands available. Look into which features are important to you and which saws those typically come on. This is the best way to ensure the tool you choose is right for the applications it will be used for.


When it comes down to it, the miter saw, and table saw are both fantastic options depending on your unique needs. Each tool is capable of doing many things well. The ultimate decision is going to boil down to an understanding of what you need and what each saw can provide to you. Think about budget, project versatility, and space to decide which is the right tool for you. In the end, the investment is your own and what matters isn’t which tool someone else needs, it’s which tool will best help you with your own projects. Take some time to consider the factors listed above and enjoy your new saw!